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For job seekers looking for part-time work or careers in the restaurant industry, Zizzi may serve as the best place to apply. The pizza chain manages over 100 locations, and the chances of finding local restaurant employment remain high. Zizzi offers positions for just about every experience level. Workers may discover everything form entry-level jobs like host and server to experienced careers like chef and restaurant manager roles. Prospective hires need only apply online for one or multiple vacancies at the nearest Zizzi location.

Zizzi Job Opportunities and Salary Information
Zizzi maintains nearly a dozen unique job titles for the restaurant chain. Many vacancies may not require previous experience, while a few positions may only consider applicants with an extensive background in the restaurant industry. Employment hopefuls may search any region for available work and fill out online job applications. Portions of the Zizzi application form typically request contact information, such as phone numbers, address, email, etc. Applicants must list all previous employers, including job title, employment tenure, wages, and the reason for leaving. Zizzi also prefers to hire individuals with greater availability, more specifically nights and weekends. For the sake of character and reputation, Zizzi requires applicants to provide professional references, such as previous supervisors, coworkers, or instructors. After reviewing all the information on the Zizzi job application, hiring managers may consider candidates for some of the following positions:

Waiter – Responsible for satisfying every customer walking through the door, Zizzi waiters provide an excellent dining experience. Basic duties include taking food and drink orders, reciting daily specials, answering any questions regarding menu items, and fulfilling any unique requests. Wait staff members require excellent listening and communication skills to give each visitor a unique dining experience. Waiters and waitresses spend most of the time walking, standing, and carrying plates of food. Depending on the Zizzi locations, waiters and waitresses earn anywhere between £8.00 and £10.00 per hour. While not common in Britain, wait staff members may accept tips from customers for excellent service.

Chef – Chef and kitchen work with Zizzi may help cultivate a rewarding career with the Italian restaurant. Entry-level applicants looking for culinary employment with Zizzi typically start out as kitchen porters, assistants who help senior members and learn about cooking for a restaurant. Chefs work constantly, preparing everything on the Zizzi menu. Zizzi requires chefs to present food in accordance with guidelines set by the lead chef and restaurant manager. The head chef for any Zizzi restaurant reports directly to the general manager, and supervises every kitchen staff member, from the porters to the bussers to the cooks. Earnings for Zizzi chefs range from £10.00 to £18.00 an hour, contingent on expertise and experience with the company.

Management – Management jobs with Zizzi require impeccable leadership and decision-making skills. Supervisors, assistant managers, and general managers monitor many restaurant operations, such as employee relations, customer satisfaction, and interviewing and hiring new workers. Prospective managerial candidates should possess some previous restaurant experience, either with Zizzi or a similar restaurant chain. Administrative duties common amongst managers include scheduling, payroll, financing, marketing, and executing strategies set by Zizzi’s corporate office. Salary options for Zizzi managers range from £30,000 to £50,000 annually.

Benefits of Working at Zizzi
For the sake of employees, Zizzi restaurants offer dozens of employment benefits and rewards to workers. Associates may uncover information regarding job benefits during the Zizzi interview and hiring process. Rewards from Zizzi include several monetary and health rewards for applicants that meet certain requisites. For example, supervisors and managers with Zizzi may receive additional rewards over entry-level servers and team members. Zizzi offers vacation time and personal time that grows on an annual basis. Additionally, raises usually depend on service and performance. For many full-time and career-focused workers, Zizzi offers several medical benefits, with general health, vision, dental, and prescription drug coverage. Individuals must work a set amount of time before qualifying for medical job benefits.

More Information
Known for upscale atmosphere and service, Zizzi restaurants provide high-quality Italian cuisine. Across England and the rest of the United Kingdom, Zizzi operates nearly 130 full-service locations. Zizzi manages in a variety of communities, such as sprawling urban centers, shopping districts, and quaint suburbs. Each Zizzi restaurant borrows heavily from the surrounding communities, through the design, music, and food. The Gondola Group currently owns the Zizzi, along with several casual restaurants.

Zizzi restaurants specialize in a variety of Italian dishes, including pasta, pizza, salads, and appetizers. The restaurant chain operates in the highly competitive Italian restaurant industry. Additional popular Italian food from Zizzi include garlic bread, antipasti, calamari, and calzones. Zizzi restaurants use a rustic masonry oven to prepare classic pizzas with numerous ingredients. Classic pasta from Zizzi include rigatoni, linguine, spaghetti, lasagna, penne, and risotto.

Zizzi opened in early 1999, with a restaurant in the Chiswick neighborhood of West London. The company pronounces the name “Zeetzee,” meaning “stylish youth” in Sicilian. Such a title certainly holds true for Zizzi, with each restaurant adorned with unique art, sounds, and décor from local artists, known as the Fresh Talent Collective. Zizzi operates more than 120 restaurants across the United Kingdom, where artists may express themselves and customers may enjoy exquisite Italian cuisine.

Zizzi features many classic Italian dishes, including various pizzas and pastas. Zizzzi also features Italian gelato recipes for dessert. Customers may enjoy the atmosphere of Zizzi, as well as order fresh meals to go at many locations. Over the course of the year, Zizzi holds many offers and contests, such as Christmas parties, movie premieres, and other giveaways. For those interested in throwing a private party, Zizzi may accommodate with several private dining rooms and banquet halls.

The head office for Zizzi restaurants reside in Northwest London on Balcombe Street. Private restaurant operator Gondola Group currently manages the Italian chain. Gondola owns over 600 locations across the United Kingdom, including Zizzi. With the help from Zizzi and other casual dining owned by Gondola, the company produces more than £90,000,000 in annual revenue.

Minimum age to work at Zizzi: 16

Official Site: www.zizzi.co.uk/careers

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