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YO! Sushi operates as one of the most popular and well-known sushi restaurants in the UK. The chain manages over 60 locations across the country and plans for further expansion in the years to come. An international chain, YO! Sushi also manages nearly a dozen locations in Ireland, Norway, The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and the United States. The large sushi restaurant chain serves more than 5 million customers each year and employs over 1,500 workers companywide.

YO! Sushi Job Titles and Salary Info
Anyone looking for a fun, fast paced job in the restaurant industry may consider a YO! Sushi job. Employment seekers may discover both part-time jobs and full-time careers throughout the restaurant. When starting out, associates receive training and orientation. Team members receive a week of paid training, and managers participate in a month-long training process. YO! Sushi also offers head office jobs in office support, finance, HR, and marketing. Anyone looking to begin work with YO! Sushi should meet the minimum age requirement of 16 years old. YO! Sushi regularly hires for the following restaurant positions:

Team Member –Team members uphold YO! Sushi’s high standards for food and service. Key duties include cleaning the facility, maintaining equipment, and monitoring food quality and amount of time on the line. Customer service represents one of the most important tasks for the job. Team members must read and address customer needs, answer questions, and walk customers through the menu. YO! Sushi often hires team members with no previous work experience. Team members typically earn between £6.00 and £7.00 an hour.

Sous Chef –Sous chefs with YO! Sushi carry responsibilities for kitchen operations and report to head chefs and general managers. The precursor to a manager job, sous chef entails coaching team members, monitoring profitability, and ensuring store cleanliness. Additional job duties include scheduling deliveries, managing belt production, and taking customer orders. A sous chef salary ranges from £12,000 and £20,000 per year.

Head Chef –A head chef controls all kitchen operations and reports to the general manager. During a shift, a head chef must supervise all team members and take responsibility for food served. YO! Sushi holds health and safety in high regard, and head chefs ensure associates follow company protocols. Head chefs carry administrative duties, like monitoring financial information for food costs, stock, and labour wages and setting budgets accordingly. On average, YO! Sushi head chefs earn between £20,000 and £40,000 a year.

Restaurant Manager – Restaurant managers deal with day to day YO! Sushi store operations and create future business plans. Reporting financial information serves as a key function of the job. Restaurant managers must analyses and record sales and labour and food costs. Restaurant managers also need to set store budgets. YO! Sushi typically hires managers with prior management experience, preferably in the hospitability or restaurant industry. Salary options for a restaurant manager with YO! Sushi fall between £26,000 and £60,000 per year.

Benefits of Working at Brand
Eligible employees at YO! Sushi enjoy health and dental plans as well as future savings programmes. YO! Sushi also offers great benefits for a work/life balance. Team members and cooks enjoy flexible work scheduling. Managers get a guaranteed two days of a week, and YO! Sushi often lets managers take weekends off. Full-time YO! Sushi team members earn 28 days paid holiday. Part-time team members may earn paid holiday depending on the amount of hours worked. Many part-time workers may reach up to 14 days paid holiday.

Dedicated to developing associates, YO! Sushi offers excellent employee growth programmes. Team members may access the “finishing school” program, which helps develop workers into managers. Sous chefs and assistant managers may take advantage of programmes that move team members into general manager and head chef rolls. While working, managers may wear their own clothes as long as the attire fits the smart casual-dress code. Team members may wear jeans and a provided YO! Sushi t-shirt. All associates receive free food while on the job. When off the clock, employees and up to three friends may enjoy 50% discounts.

More Information
YO! Sushi serves sushi in a fun and exciting environment with a futuristic aymosphere. Modeled after a Japanese ‘kaiten’ sushi bar, YO! Sushi uses a conveyor belt to deliver sushi to patrons. Customers simplify pick sushi containers off the belt then pay for the sushi at the end of the meal. With a comprehensive 80-item menu, YO! Sushi offers something for everyone. The restaurant believes in a healthy lifestyle and refuses to include trans-fat or monosodium glutamine (MSG) in any dishes. Catering to all customers, YO! Sushi offers gluten free and low sodium options.

Committed to freshness, YO! Sushi supplies fish, seafood, meat, fruit, and vegetables six days a week. The restaurant works tirelessly to attain the highest quality ingredients possible. For example, YO! Sushi only sources fresh British, barn-reared chicken, line caught yellowfin tuna, and premium Japanese grain grown in Italy. To ensure premium quality, YO! Sushi officials regularly visit suppliers to ensure food meets the restaurant’s strict standards. To maintain an authentic Japanese flair, YO! Sushi directly imports specialist Japanese ingredients, such as Yamasma Soy, green tea, and wasabi. Skilled chefs expertly craft sushi onsite and place the creations on a conveyor belt. Once on the belt, sushi remains out for no longer than two hours.

Simon Woodroffe founded YO! Sushi in 1997. The first location opened in Soho, London with a second opening soon after in Harvey Nichols. By 2001, YO! Sushi stood as the leading sushi restaurant in London. In 2003, YO! Sushi began offering franchise opportunities and opened franchise locations in Dublin, Dubai, and Moscow. Today, YO! Sushi manages a network of more than 70 locations worldwide.

YO! Sushi offers a wide array of sushi options. The menu includes sashimi, maki, iso, nigiri, gunkan and hand rolls. YO! Sushi offers both raw and seared fish options for sushi. In addition to sushi, the YO! Sushi menu includes hot classics, like soups and broths, rice and noodles, and katsu and tempura. The restaurant also offers entrees like vegetable yakisoba, salmon teriyaki, and chicken curry. YO! Sushi also serves salads and desserts. For beverage options, YO! Sushi serves soda, wine, sake, mixed drinks, and beer. A health-conscious restaurant, Yo! Sushi lists the calorie count for every menu item. The YO! Sushi menu changes once a year with an autumn and winter menu and spring and summer options. YO! Sushi also offers a special event menu, takeout menu, and airport menu.

Headquarters for YO! Sushi reside in London, England. Private equity firm Quilvest owns and operates YO! Sushi. A leading investment company, Quilvest owns over 80 companies and invests in more than 200 funds. In total, Quilvest owns approximately £20 billion in assets.

Minimum age to work at YO! Sushi: 16

Official Site: www.yorecruit.com/

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