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Although The West Cornwall Pasty Company may seem smaller than many restaurant chains, the company retains a devoted following around England. The company already owns more than 80 restaurants, with aspirations to open new locations frequently. The West Cornwall Pastry Co. hopes to hire new team members at all present and future pasty shops. Shops across the country feature both part-time and full-time employment opportunities with The West Cornwall Pastry Co. First-time workers should apply with The West Cornwall Pastry Co. for great entry-level jobs, though the company also offers plenty of professional career opportunities.

West Cornwall Pasty Co. Positions and Salary Information
Job seekers looking for work with West Cornwall Pasty Company may apply for employment in several ways. Traditionally, applicants visit the nearest West Cornwall Pastry Co. shop to apply for available jobs. Candidates must provide personal information, contact numbers, work history, education, and professional references. Interested job seekers may apply online with The West Cornwall Pasty Company for open positions. The West Cornwall Pastry Co. website allows applicants to submit a CV with much of the same content as the company application form. Common jobs available in the West Cornwall Pastry Co. workforce include:

Colleague – Similar to team members in other restaurant chains, colleagues perform the day-to-day tasks for The West Cornwall Pasty Company. Most importantly, colleagues provide excellent customer service to shoppers. New hires mainly learn to make pasties and ring up customer orders. Colleagues primarily work in kitchens and dining areas and must keep the establishment clean and sanitary. West Cornwall Pastry Co. employees work a variety of shifts based on availability or need, and pay rates rest around £7.50 to £8.50 an hour, with the opportunity for bonuses and performance awards.

Shift Leader – Shift leader job responsibilities lie somewhere between entry-level colleagues and experienced store leaders with The West Cornwall Pastry Co. Associates in the position still provide great customer service, but at the same time hand out tasks and orders to subordinate employees. Shift leaders also follow orders handed down from West Cornwall Pastry Co. store leaders. Sometimes, shift leaders assume leadership responsibilities for the entire shop, such as opening and closing, balancing tills, and handling customer complaints. Typically, current high-performing colleagues earn the best chance of obtaining shift leader jobs. Wages for shift leaders with The West Cornwall Pasty Company generally rest between £9.00 and £10.00 per hour.

Store Leader – As expected, store leaders for West Cornwall Pasty Co. take on a number of essential job duties. Managers take responsibility for nearly every aspect of store operations, including financial performance, customer satisfaction, employee relations, and even corporate compliance. For managerial hiring consideration, West Cornwall Pastry Co. applicants must possess extensive business skills in areas like budgeting costs, marketing, administration, and human resources. Managers should expect to spend a great deal of time interviewing candidates for available jobs, eventually hiring the most qualified applicant. The West Cornwall Pasty Company offers extensive salary options to shop managers. Earnings largely depend on location, experience with the company, and general work history.

Benefits of Working at West Cornwall Pasty Co.
Even with a smaller workforce, The West Cornwall Pasty Company still offers several enticing job benefits to employees across Great Britain. In addition to providing discounts on products, West Cornwall Pastry Co. offers several employment benefits related to medical and financial security. The degree of work benefits available from The West Cornwall Pasty Company depends on several factors. Employment status, job title, and experience with the company help determine eligibility for employee benefits.

Each West Cornwall Pastry Co. crew member may enjoy a free meal during work hours. Associates visiting a shop during leisure time may purchase items at a discount. Like many fast food restaurants around Britain, The West Cornwall Pasty Company gives workers several Bank Holidays throughout the year. Additional vacation days increase for associates after each year on the job. Medical benefits mainly cover qualified full-time employees, such as managers and shift leaders. Financial benefits from West Cornwall Pastry Co. largely include direct deposit paychecks, savings accounts, and even corporate-sponsored credit unions.

More Information
Known for making fresh and award-winning pastries, The West Cornwall Pasty Company manages dozens of pasty shops and bakeries across Britain. The company primarily sells Cornish pasties, famous in the Cornwall county of Southwest England. Corporate headquarters for The West Cornwall Pastry Co. reside in Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire. However, the company still prepares baked pasties in Cornwall and distributes to shops throughout England.

West Cornwall Pasty Co. mainly specializes in Cornish pasties. Dishes feature a flat pasty circle wrapped around meat and vegetables. Customers may choose from meats like prime skirt beef, British chicken, bacon, pork, and lamb, or fresh vegetables that include potatoes, onions, and peppers. Apart from pasties, West Cornwall Pasty Co. features a selection of hot and cold drinks, including coffee, hot chocolate, tea, orange juice, spring water, and soft drinks.

The West Cornwall Pasty Company began in 1998, with the idea to sell Cornish-inspired pasties. Cornwall pasties originated with Cornish tin miners, as workers wanted a meal that proved easy and convenient to eat. Founder Ken Cockings operated West Cornwall Pastry Co. for nearly a decade before selling the pasty company in 2007. The West Cornwall Pasty Company maintains more than 80 shops throughout Britain, with locations in London, Cambridge, Reading, Winchester, and Birmingham, among other communities.

Products and Services
The West Cornwall Pasty Company features pasties made from hundreds of ingredients. Local favourites include the traditional Cornish Pasty, Cheese and Bacon, Sausage Rolls, and the Wheatmeal Vegetable Pasty. The company keeps frozen pasties available for purchase at every location. West Cornwall Pastry Co. products include complete instructions on properly reheating frozen pasties. In addition to in-store services, The West Cornwall Pasty Company caters certain events, such as weddings, business meetings, office parties, and graduation parties. West Cornwall Pastry Co. frequently offers promotions and giveaways for customers. Frequent patrons may sign up for a Cornwall Pasty loyalty card, with even more deals, promotions, and other advantages, such as in-store Wi-Fi access and free meal opportunities.

The West Cornwall Pasty Company employs more than 450 workers across the United Kingdom. Total annual revenue for the quick-service pastry company reaches more than £50 million a year. The head office for West Cornwall Pastry Co. remains located in Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, England.

Minimum age to work at West Cornwall Pasty Co.: 16

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