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Large venues like Walkabout often require sizeable workforces made up of servers, cooks, bartenders, event crew members, and other associates. All employees work together to provide a comprehensive dining and entertainment experience to hundreds of customers every day. Luckily for job seekers across Britain, Walkabout frequently hires new workers for entry-level positions and advanced careers alike. Interested candidates may apply online to find job vacancies across the country, through the Walkabout website.

Popular Walkabout Positions and Salary Information
Walkabout job applicants must possess a fun and friendly attitude to provide an enjoyable dining experience to every customer. Full-time and part-time jobs exist in various departments, with kitchen staff, front of house, and promo staff among the most prominent. Each applicant must provide contact information, employment history, work skills, educational background, and personal or professional references. Schedule availability stands as one of the most important aspects of the Walkabout job application process. Frequently available jobs with Walkabout include:

Front of House – Front of House positions with Walkabout include server, hostess, and bartender jobs, which largely consist of customer service duties. Walkabout receives guest orders differently than many other restaurants. Customers order meals at the front counter, where the kitchen staff prepares all products. Servers then bring out all meals to the customer’s table and tend to any other needs, such as drink orders and other requests. Specialized jobs like bartender positions generally require some experience or expertise mixing and preparing alcoholic drinks. Hourly pay rates for new front of house workers at Walkabout rest around minimum wage. Associates also take advantage of opportunities to accept tips and gratuities for excellent service.

Chef – Chefs and kitchen staff associates prepare everything on the Walkabout menu, from salads to appetizers to the main entrees. Fortunately, most new chefs receive on-job training from senior employees of the Walkabout staff. To work successfully as a chef with Walkabout, team members must follow proper cooking and sanitation guidelines for health and safety purposes. Additional kitchen staff jobs with Walkabout include dishwashers, bussers, and sanitation crews.

Promo Staff – Since Walkabout often hosts live events, locations frequently need a promotions staff to make sure each event goes smoothly. Common tasks for the promotions staff involve stage and lighting setup, security, setting up proper accommodations for performers, and other duties required for the specific event. Promo staff jobs often require continuous physical activity, such as standing, walking, lifting, bending, and crouching for extended periods of time. Additionally, staff members with Walkabout must work well in a team environment, ably following directions and working independently at the same time.

Benefits of Working at Walkabout
To attract and retain the best employees possible, Walkabout offers jobs with multiple employment benefits and rewards for qualified workers. Walkabout features both medical and financial benefits for eligible associates. The restaurant chain usually reveals information regarding employee perks during the interview and hiring process. A majority of positions with the company include paid training and job instruction. Along with training, Walkabout jobs feature many career opportunities, predominantly within managerial roles. Vacation time with Walkabout may increase for workers after each year of employment with the company. Additionally, some full-time positions allow workers to enroll in full medical coverage, which includes comprehensive life, medical, and vision insurance, with supplemental plans for prescription drugs and disability.

More Information
Walkabout restaurants and party centers give British residents a taste of Australian culture. Located across the U.K., Walkabout operates close to 40 sports bars and night clubs throughout England, Wales, and Scotland. Customers gravitate to the restaurant chain to view multiple sporting events on large TV screens while enjoying an Australian-inspired menu. Many venues even hold several live events.

The Walkabout menu features dozens of pub classics prepared with Australian flair. Diners may choose from dozens of appetizers, side dishes, sarnies, salads, burgers, salads, and desserts. Naturally, Walkabout locations feature an extensive beer and drink menu, with several unique cocktails, wines, margaritas, and more. With an emphasis on Australian spirit and cuisine, Walkabout serves several authentic dishes, some even made with kangaroo meat.

Walkabout first opened in 1994. The pub company began quickly expanding across the country. With more than 30 locations, Walkabout provides fun and entertainment in communities like Reading, Bristol, Exeter, Manchester, and Glasgow, to name a few.

Products and Services
Apart from great food and a dynamic atmosphere, Walkabout restaurants offer more than just a place to watch games and enjoy a beer. Walkabout throws several parties and events over the course of the year, for holidays, sporting events, and singles mixers. The company maintains an online dating site for British residents around the country. Customers may contact the nearest Walkabout location to set up a private party in one of several private banquet rooms.

Walkabout frequently undergoes refurbishments at locations across the country, along with opening new venues, as well. To reward frequent visitors, Walkabout features the Boomerang customer loyalty card. By collecting points on the Boomerang card, diners enjoy discounts on meals, private bookings, and other Walkabout services.

Minimum age to work at Walkabout: 16

Official Site: http://walkabout.eu.com/jobs/

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