Waitrose Salary Chart & Pay Information

Waitrose Salary Information for Popular Positions

Pay for Waitrose jobs largely depends on previous experience and employment status. New-hire employees typically receive hourly pay rates around the national minimum wage. Experienced supermarket associates earn compensation based on proven performance. Common wages and salary information for Waitrose workers stands as follows.

On average, how much money do Waitrose employees make?

PositionHourly Pay RateAnnual Salary
Sales Assistant£7.25£13,500
Stock Assistant£7.00£13,000
Store Supervisor£9.00£17,000
Department Manager£14.00£28,000

Salary rates vary by Waitrose supermarket location and job title. Work schedule (hours worked per week or year) also affects wages and earning potential. Ask a Waitrose hiring manager for more accurate details on pay expectations with the grocery retailer.

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