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Applicants in search of Waitrose jobs may choose from viable entry-level positions and careers in management, distribution, and various corporate capacities. Entry-level work available typically involves basic customer service responsibilities. Managers oversee business operations and engage with customers to ensure satisfaction. Waitrose places a heavy emphasis on providing excellent customer service. During the hiring process, prospective employees must demonstrate professional attitudes and desire to work as part of Waitrose teams in order to provide memorable, upscale shopping experiences. The interview process generally involves online tests, multiple face-to-face job interviews, and interviews with potential coworkers. Refer to the online application form for further details on available Waitrose jobs.

Popular Waitrose Job Titles and Salary Information
Dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, Waitrose grocery stores regularly hire workers to fill entry-level positions. Common positions for hire include employment opportunities working supermarket shop floors and service desks. Applicants must stand at least 16 years old to work at Waitrose stores. The company imposes several highly stringent hiring requirements in terms of personal conduct and appearance. Waitrose regularly needs to fill the following jobs:

Supermarket Assistant – Waitrose hires supermarket assistants to carry out various job duties in assigned departments throughout grocery store locations. Typical areas of employment may include catering, shop floor, and food service. Primary responsibilities include assisting in sales and organizing shelves. Waitrose supermarket assistants must meet several specific demands of conduct and behavior for employment. Examples of strict conduct rules include no nail biting, trimmed and well-groomed appearances, and tidy, company-compliant dress. Applicants must exude friendly, attentive, and courteous personalities during the hiring process. Waitrose supermarket assistants must maintain up-to-date knowledge on products and services available and assist customers whenever possible. Opportunities available include both part-time and full-time scheduling options. Pay starts out at £7.50 per hour, in most cases.

Management – The British grocery store chain holds managers to the same standards as supermarket assistants. Workers must consistently exude professional and well-refined attitudes and personal modes of behavior at all times. Job seekers must typically stand at least 18 years of age to work as Waitrose managers. Additional hiring requirements may include previous experience in a position of leadership or experience in the grocery store industry. Waitrose often hires current associates from within to fill managerial roles. Waitrose managers traditionally hire and train new employees, set work schedules, organize daily routines, delegate assignments, process payroll, motivate workers, and ensure associates follow proper protocol and procedures. Managers also monitor inventories and place shipment orders, schedule deliveries, and drive sales. Specific positions available include assistant section manager, section manager, and store manager. Assistant section managers typically receive hourly wages between £8.00 and £9.00. Waitrose provides generous salary options for section managers and store managers, with section managers earning roughly £20,000 a year at start and annual salary rates reaching in excess of £55,000 per year for store managers.

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Benefits of Working at Waitrose
The upmarket grocery store chain hires workers at well above minimum wages. In addition to generous pay scales, crew members enjoy fun, supportive, and rewarding job settings complete with paid training and access to career development schemes. Professional development schemes advance entry-level employees into professional careers through comprehensive summer placement opportunities typically lasting between six and eight weeks and intensive management training schemes available in-store and on-the-job. Waitrose encourages associates to take advantage of available career development schemes, as the supermarket chain regularly prefers to promote from within.

Waitrose parent company John Lewis Partnership provides outstanding work benefits to eligible employees, in addition to sound and viable career paths. Qualified workers enjoy pension schemes, paid holidays, life assurance, education subsidies, extended leaves of absence, voluntary private healthcare options, discounts on entertainment and sporting events, and access to company sponsored recreation and leisure facilities. Learn more about Waitrose job benefits and fill out an online application form for employment consideration now.

More Information
Waitrose operates an upscale chain of grocery stores prominent throughout the United Kingdom. The supermarket began as a small grocer located in West London in the early 1900s. The current Waitrose supermarket business model emerged in the mid-1950s. Waitrose maintains approximately 290 locations and serves as one of the largest grocery store chains in the country under proprietorship of John Lewis Partnership. The company holds an exclusive agreement with the Royal Family to supply groceries to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles.

The exceptional quality of products and exclusive brand names sold at Waitrose supermarkets serve as main drives for regular clientele. Customers enjoy wide ranges of meats, cheeses, delicatessens, produce, and desserts from top-shelf brands available throughout the world. Everyday discounts and regular promotions help attract customers and retain business with existing patrons. Extensive wine and champagne selections also lend to the success of the brand. Waitrose locations feature expansive wine aisles including popular brands and products from domestic wineries. Each Waitrose store features floral and gift departments, as well as baby, health and beauty, pet, and household items.

The supermarket chain originated as Wait, Rose & Taylor in 1904. Waitrose adopted the current moniker in 1908. Current parent company John Lewis Partnership assumed full proprietorship of the small grocery store chain in 1937. At the time of the acquisition, Waitrose consisted of roughly 10 locations. The first supermarket concept store operating under the Waitrose name opened in 1955. Using the new concept, Waitrose began to expand throughout the United Kingdom. Incorporation of organic foods into business models helped fuel growth in the 1980s. Several acquisitions of competitors in the 2000s and an exclusive business partnership with the royal family, cemented in 2009, further established the brand in the U.K. In total, Waitrose operates just over 290 locations nationwide.

Products and Services
Waitrose supplies customers with upscale brand names in posh supermarket atmospheres. Customers enjoy wide ranges of services, including wine sales, fresh and organic produce, high-quality meats and cheeses, desserts, and artisan baked goods. Waitrose also sells popular and high-end lines of baby products, pet supplies, health and beauty products, and household items. The company operates both convenience store locations and giant warehouse format stores. The average store sits along busy thoroughfares or as part of large shopping centers in densely populated areas. Many locations don local architectural themes, including stone masonry and vintage country house designs. Waitrose also manages an online store, which offers thousands of products and product information, from the company website.

The successful supermarket chain operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of John Lewis Partnership. A sister company to John Lewis brand stores, Waitrose generates in excess of £5.4 billion in annual revenues. Collectively, John Lewis Partnership subsidiaries contribute to approximately £9.5 billion in annual profits. According to Sunday Times news publication, John Lewis Partnership stands as the third-largest private company in the U.K. Corporate offices for Waitrose sit in London, England, UK.

Minimum age to work Waitrose: 16

Official Site: www.waitrosejobs.com/


  • Caroline Young says:

    I worked for Waitrose Caterham Valley from October 2005 – September 2008. I thoroughly enjoyed working there and only left as I was re-locating. I would love the opportunity to return working there as I feel I not only have previous experience but once again would give 100% to my work.

    • Amber says:

      Hi Caroline, what was the interview like when you went? What type of questions did they ask? Thank you.

  • Carol Wagland says:

    I worked for Waitrose in Portishead in 2003 /2004 when the store was brand new I thoroughly enjoyed it .

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