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Most Tops Pizza shops serve large communities throughout England, and the pizza delivery chain needs a sizable staff. With extended hours of operation at many locations, Tops Pizza remains perfect for students and part-time workers with a need for flexibility. Additionally, Tops Pizza offers plenty of career opportunities for hardworking candidates. Individuals interested in employment with the pizza delivery chain must contact a local Tops Pizza for information regarding work with the company.

Available Tops Pizza Positions and Salary Information
Tops Pizza routinely hires crew members and delivery drivers. Hiring managers look for both entry-level applicants and professional employment seekers to fill job vacancies. Customer service stands as the most important duty for all Tops Pizza workers. Contact a local Tops Pizza shop to inquire about job vacancies in the following areas:

Crew Member – Crew members work harder than one may expect for a pizza shop employee. On any given day, a Tops Pizza associate may field customer calls, ring up orders, clean the establishment, and of course, spend considerable time creating and preparing pizzas, side dishes, and desserts. Part-time crew members usually work four to six hour shifts depending on the day of the week. Due to the increased amount of orders during weekends and holidays, most Tops Pizza locations look to hire team members willing to work such days. New crew members with Tops Pizza typically earn minimum wage, though excellent service and work ethic may increase wages.

Driver – Delivery drivers must feel comfortable working in a mobile and sometimes hectic environment. As the job title implies, drivers deliver orders to the right customers in a timely and expedient manner. For even the slightest hiring consideration, Tops Pizza applicants must possess reliable transportation to perform deliveries. Delivery drivers also perform numerous money transactions, and must perform basic mental math for giving back change and such. On occasion, delivery drivers with Tops Pizza perform the same duties as crew members, such as taking orders online and over the phone, ringing up purchases, and making pizzas and other menu items.

Manager – Similar to other restaurant chains, Tops Pizza managers monitor crew members, sales goals, and restaurant operation. Managers ensure customer satisfaction and improve employee relations. Payroll, scheduling, budgeting, human resources, and marketing make up just a few of the administrative duties required of managers. Since many Tops Pizza locations operate as franchise stores, owners often act as managers simultaneously. Nearly every Tops Pizza features a handful of assistant managers who fulfill many of the same responsibilities.

Benefits of Working at Tops Pizza
Tops Pizza shops offer several employment benefits to eligible employees. Tops Pizza work benefits include everything from discounts on meals to comprehensive medical coverage programmes and financial planning schemes. While on duty, team members may enjoy one free meal from Tops Pizza. When off the clock, workers enjoy generous store discounts. While many associates may need to work holidays, employees may receive vacation time after each year of service, as well as time off for certain bank holidays. Each new hire receives comprehensive paid training from Tops Pizza as well as paid uniforms. Applicants should ask about available job benefits from Tops Pizza during the interview and hiring process.

More Information
Tops Pizza stands as one of the fastest-growing pizza delivery chains in Southwest Britain. Although only made up of about 30 locations, Tops Pizza continues to serve a delicious selection of pizza made from fresh dough and toppings. Tops Pizza remains heavily involved in the communities they serve, including Acton, Kingston, Reading, Sutton, and Wandsworth. The pizza restaurant chain constantly look to expand the company brand, with new franchise locations opening across the region.

Known for its selection, Tops Pizza features more than a dozen unique pizza combinations to choose from. The menu features industry standards like pepperoni, vegetarian, and meat lovers, to more unusual selections like seafood, barbecue, and hot and spicy. Of course, customers may create a custom dish using a variety of toppings. Customers may add side dishes to any order, including coleslaw, garlic bread, salads, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, and chicken fingers. Desserts from Tops Pizza include cookies, cake, and tubs of Haagen Dazs ice cream. All Tops Pizza locations employ delivery drivers who bring orders to customers within the community.

The very first Tops Pizza shop opened in 1989 at 74 Fulham Palace Road in Greater London. Even after more than 20 years, Tops Pizza remains a neighborhood favorite. Presently, Tops Pizza maintains approximately 32 locations, open 7 days week. Every Tops Pizza store adheres to the most stringent hygiene and cleanliness standards.

Tops Pizza customers may order pizza in several sizes: small, medium, large, and supersize, all at affordable prices. Every Tops Pizza shop allows custom pizza ordering, where customers may choose from dozens of vegetables, meats, sauces, kinds of cheese, and even fish. Tops Pizza routinely hands out deals throughout the week, most notably a “Buy One Get One Free” offer every Tuesday. Frequent shoppers may sign up for exclusive web offers and notifications that reward customer loyalty, as well.

The growth and expansion of the Tops Pizza chain heavily relies on the company’s franchise program. Entrepreneurs interested in owning a business may be put in charge of a Tops Pizza establishment. Candidates must contact the main Tops Pizza offices in Park Royal, London for information on franchise operations. Prospective franchise owners must complete an extensive application process, with information regarding financial and performance goals.

Minimum age to work at Tops Pizza: 16

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