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Popular in the United States, Tony Roma’s maintains a sizeable presence in around 30 countries worldwide. The restaurant chain debuted in Miami, FL, in the early 1970s. Tony Roma’s offers guests casual dining atmospheres and typical Americana menus, which heavily feature barbeque and other grilled favourites like seafood and steak. After experiencing years of substantial success in U.S. markets, Tony Roma’s set up operations in the United Kingdom. International expansion into the U.K. began in the early 2000s. New restaurants continue to open under the Tony Roma’s name on a regular basis.

Popular Tony Roma’s Jobs and Salary Information
Entry-level jobs available with Tony Roma’s feature flexible work schedules, part-time and full-time hours, access to career development programmes, and paid training. Tony Roma’s jobs offer generous hourly pay rates and annual salary options. Applicants may apply online for the following positions with the restaurant chain:

Server – Tony Roma’s server jobs involve greeting customers, taking food and drink orders, serving patrons, and catering to requests of both guests and management. Servers also process transactions on the tills. Most servers encounter brief and informal interviews during the hiring process. Hiring managers screen for workers with dedicated, energetic, and personable attitudes. Strong memorization skills and the ability to work on foot for long periods of time greatly benefit prospective server associates. Tony Roma’s restaurants often hire servers to work part-time schedules at minimum wage pay. Server employees possess the ability to earn tips at the discretion of the specific restaurant. Average hourly pay hovers between £5.00 and £6.50 per hour.

Host – Another position heavily involved in customer service, Tony Roma’s host jobs serve as the first point of customer contact at restaurant locations. Job seekers must possess friendly, outgoing, and lively personalities in order to work as hosts. Memorization skills and effective organizational skills prove necessary for employment, as well. However, applicants need no real job experience to work as Tony Roma’s hosts. In addition to greeting and seating guests, hosts perform side duties, such as folding napkins, clearing tables, and maintaining presentable front-of-house appearances. Hosts also earn minimum wage to start. Increases often occur based on proven work performance.

Management – Managerial careers available include part-time and full-time opportunities. Key duties range from hiring and training new workers to setting employee schedules, ordering supplies, tracking sales, and implementing marketing initiatives. Tony Roma’s looks for experienced and highly professional individuals to assume managerial jobs. Strong leadership skills and the ability to effectively delegate and enforce company protocols rank as highly favorable traits of Tony Roma’s managerial candidates. Managers earn anywhere from £9.00 or £10.00 per hour for team leaders and up to £35,000 to £40,000 for restaurant managers.

Benefits of Working at Tony Roma’s UK
Competitive pay scales, flexible scheduling, and paid training comprise only a portion of job benefits available to Tony Roma’s workers. The international restaurant chain provides sound benefits programmes and career development programmes to eligible associates. Tony Roma’s restaurants regularly promote from within and provide close, one-on-one training for motivated employees in search of long-term careers with the chain. Through the use of interactive video and web-based training, employees learn the skills needed to advance into managerial or corporate career roles.

Tony Roma’s UK also offers employment benefits programmes to qualified workers. Available work benefits often vary by location due to franchising. Eligible associates regularly receive pension schemes, bonus schemes, childcare vouchers, private healthcare coverage, and paid holiday. Begin the hiring process to learn more about Tony Roma’s employee benefits now.

More Information
Franchising represents one of the most likely ways Tony Roma’s cultivates widespread popularity. The corporate holding company governing Tony Roma’s restaurant operations manages roughly 20 locations. Tony Roma’s franchised locations represent a majority of overall operations, including more than 130 total franchised restaurants worldwide. Boasting traditional Americana menus, Tony Roma’s offers U.K. patrons wide selections. The most popular menu items include baby back ribs. Other favourites include the St. Louis ribs and signature onion loaf. Tony Roma’s sells a personal line of barbeque sauce in-house and at local grocers throughout much of the world. Most Tony Roma’s locations sit along busy thoroughfares or in densely populated and easily accessible areas in major cities and surrounding communities.

Expanding companies like Tony Roma’s need to hire workers to fill everyday jobs and specialized career opportunities. To begin the Tony Roma’s hiring process, applicants must submit the required employment forms. Tony Roma’s allows workers to apply online for jobs, which regularly include part-time and full-time vacancies. Minimum hiring ages include individuals 16 and over. Job seekers under 16 must obtain special work permits for employment consideration. Tony Roma’s typically implements a straightforward interview process, although specific proceedings often vary by position. Contact Tony Roma’s or fill out an online job application to reveal more information on available restaurant jobs in the U.K.

The international restaurant chain began as a single location in Miami, FL. Founded in 1972, Tony Roma’s grew considerably during the first ten years of business. The first international location opened seven years later in Tokyo, Japan. Tony Roma’s began domestically franchising in 1982. A year later, the restaurant chain formed a formal corporate entity called Roma Corporation to oversee operations and franchising. By September 2013, more than 150 restaurants fell under control of Roma Corporation worldwide.

Tony Roma’s menus feature a diverse selection of appetizers, side items, entrees, and desserts. Selections include various chicken and steak barbeque creations paired with popular side items like baked potatoes, side salads, and grilled or roasted vegetables. Tony Roma’s also features pastas, soups, burgers, sandwiches, and seafood dishes. United Kingdom Tony Roma’s restaurants also offer extensive coffee and tea menus featuring cappuccinos, house roasts, lattes, earl greys, and English breakfasts.

A private company, Tony Roma’s operates under the control of parent holding company Roma Corporation. Invested in the U.S. and roughly 30 other countries overseas, Roma Corporation competes as a highly successful franchise. Around 1,700 associates work for the international restaurant chain. Annual sales peak near $290 million. Tony Roma’s maintains corporate offices in Dallas, TX, USA.

Minimum age to work at Tony Roma’s: 16

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