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As one of the leading department store chains in the U.K., TK Maxx represents an excellent place to find work. The massive retail company needs to hire motivated workers on a regular basis to provide customer service and serve as managers. Job seekers looking for part-time or full-time positions should fill out an online application form to access meaningful entry-level employment opportunities and professional careers in various capacities throughout the company. Most TK Maxx employees begin as entry-level sales associates and cashiers. Job opportunities in management also stand readily available featuring competitive salary options and access to employment benefits packages. Apply online for TK Maxx jobs and begin earning generous pay in fun and supportive work environments now.

Popular Positions and Salary Information
TK Maxx stands in constant need of energetic professionals to assume entry-level jobs and full-time positions in management. Job seekers must meet the minimum age requirements for employment in the country applied. Additional hiring requirements typically correspond and vary with the position desired. Seasonal employment opportunities often arise with TK Maxx stores as well, especially around busy shopping holidays. The following list provides an in-depth look at available jobs with the U.K.-based retailer:

Sales Associate – Also known as sales assistants, TK Maxx sales associates primarily work on sales floors and stock rooms. Hours vary with availability and experience; however, most TX Maxx sales associate jobs feature part-time schedules. A typical work day includes assisting in sales, arranging and organizing displays, and reporting to immediate supervisors. Sale associates often serve as cashiers and perform check out responsibilities at store frontends. Customer service ranks as the most crucial aspect of TK Maxx sales associate jobs. Workers with exceptional communication skills and friendly personalities often perform well during TK Maxx job interviews for sales associate positions. New-hire sales associates earn between £6.00 and £7.00 an hour.

Management – Opportunities in management at TK Maxx stores provide sound work for full-time job seekers. Available positions include supervisor, store manager, and general manager. Some supervisor roles feature part-time hours. Most store managers and general managers work full-time at TK Maxx. Managerial associates hire and train new employees, set work schedules, implement sales and marketing initiatives, analyze profit reports, and enforce protocol, policies, and procedures. Additional job responsibilities include coordinating product shipments and deliveries, communicating with company corporate offices, and organizing company outreach initiatives in surrounding communities. Supervisors typically earn around £7.00 or £8.00 per hour at start. TK Maxx store managers receive annual salary rates ranging anywhere from £40,000 to £50,000. Average salary packages for general managers fall around £65,000 a year.

Benefits of Working at TK Maxx
One of the key job benefits of working for the European retailer includes career development programs available to motivated workers. TK Maxx regularly reviews associates for pay increases and provide personalized on-the-job training and consulting to assist employees in furthering careers and honing talents. The company also puts on regular in-house workshops designed to further benefit TK Maxx associates at all levels grow both personally and professionally.

In addition to career growth programs, TK Maxx offers eligible workers access to employment benefits packages. Available work benefits packages consist of health and wellness programs and financial planning assistance options to better balance work and life. Specific job benefits include up to 25 days of paid holiday, privatized healthcare plans, company paid pension plans, and bonus incentives. Apply online to review TK Maxx job benefits and gain immediate hiring consideration from the department store retailer.

More Information
Operating as part of the TJX Companies family of brands, TK Maxx serves as the European counterpart of the American discount department store chain T.J. Maxx. Originating in Framingham, MA, USA, in the mid-1970s, T.J. Maxx experienced widespread popularity upon inception. The company concept of providing department store shopping experiences using discount retail business models firmly caught the attention of consumers across the United States. Capitalizing on the success of the brand in North America, TJX Companies began a sister chain of stores called TK Maxx in Europe. Close to 265 department stores operate under the TK Maxx banner in four European nations.

Diverse selections of clothing, furniture, home decor, and foods represent prominent reasons for the continued success of TK Maxx in Europe. Customers find everything from teas and coffees to footwear, holiday decorations, bedding, and electronics on sale at reasonable prices at TK Maxx stores. The United Kingdom retail chain also partners with charitable organizations on a regular basis. TK Maxx stores primarily sit in easily accessible areas. Downtown commercial districts of major metropolitan areas and highly trafficked shopping centers in suburban and rural communities represent the most common locations of TK Maxx stores in the United Kingdom. An online retail presence also builds solid customer bases and provides even further accessibility of TK Maxx merchandise and services.

The history of TK Maxx dates back to the opening of the first TJX Companies T.J. Maxx location in Framingham, MA, USA, in 1976. After experiencing substantial success in the United States for several decades, TJX Companies branched out into international markets. The international off chute TK Maxx debuted in 2003 in Dublin, Ireland. TK Maxx moved into German markets in 2007, and later set up operations in Poland, as well. An approximate total of 265 TK Maxx stores operate throughout the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, and Ireland.

Products and Services
Clothing and home decor comprise a vast majority of TK Maxx products and merchandise. Fashions for men, women, and children, including footwear and fashion accessories, serve as the main products sold throughout TK Maxx locations. Customers also find items for the home ranging from candles and seasonal decorations to cookware, toys, bedding, rugs, posters, and other in-home cooking and furnishing items. TK Maxx sells merchandise online through the company website in addition to physical store locations.

TK Maxx operates as part of international retail conglomerate TJX Companies. In addition to TK Maxx stores, TJX Companies manages T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods, Marshalls, Sierra Trading Post, Winners, and HomeSense. Collectively, TJX Companies Inc. employs over 154,000 associates. Annual revenues for the department store holding company top out around $22 billion. Based in the United States, TJX Companies manages TK Maxx stores from the company home offices in Framingham, MA. TJX Companies Inc. lists publicly on the NYSE as TJX.

Minimum age to work TK Maxx: 16

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  • Halima says:

    I have worked for TK Maxx previously as a shop floor assistance however I have been transferred to the customer service department fairly well after.

  • Leliane Teklemariam says:

    Hi my name is Leliane . I have worked for Tkmaxc in 2008 as part time associate . I enjoyed working their , it was like a family store where we had a good team that performed to hit the daily target . The mangers were amazing. I help to raise money for red nose day . I only left because I had to move to different area with in short period of time.

    • Katie Watson says:

      Worked for TKMAXX for 6 years. Loved every minute. From the customers to the varied work and colleagues. I missed it a lot after I left.

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