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Thomson operates as a chauffeur airline serving the U.K. and surrounding European countries. The air carrier flies to roughly 80 destinations worldwide, including areas in the Canary Islands chain and Middle East. Fleet sizes include around 75 aircrafts featuring Boeing-manufactured 737, 767, and 787 aeroplanes. Company operations also include hotel accommodations, cruises, and long-term rental properties.

Thomson Airways Positions and Job Descriptions
Job hopefuls regularly find fixed-term and permanent positions with the major charter air carrier. The most common employment opportunities include work as cabin crew members interacting with the general public. Labourers with advanced qualifications, including completion of university and proper papers, may find permanent jobs as engineers, pilots, and office personnel. However, some office jobs require little-to-no experience for employment. Details regarding the most prevalent positions available sit listed below:

Cabin Crew – Verbal communication skills, sound mathematic abilities, and a minimum reach of 187cm remain critical for hiring consideration. Applicants must live within 90 minutes of an airport hub and possess employment backgrounds spanning at least five years. Thomson also puts prospective cabin crew workers through rigorous medical evaluations prior to employment in order to verify individual abilities to perform assigned duties, especially in the event of emergencies. Labourers with exceptionally personable and positive attitudes, open schedules, and excellent hygiene make ideal cabin crew employees. Candidates must also show expert problem-solving skills and generally dedicated attitudes. At start, most cabin crew labourers earn £12,000 annually. Base pay scales may rise to £18,000 with experience.

Customer Advisor – An entry-level administrative role, the position of customer advisor requires no formal background or training for employment consideration. Workers connect with customers via email and telephone and provide in-depth knowledge and assistance regarding services. Common duties include explaining flight plans and destinations, booking reservations, and fielding complaints and offering resolutions. The fast paces and often hectic jobs settings associated with customer advisor positions require patience, understanding, and quick-thinking labourers. People who love conversing with others also fit well in the role. Average salary schemes hover at £30,000 a year.

Thomson Airways Job Benefits
Thomson Airways labourers enjoy generous work benefits schemes. Varying position to position, job benefits available include healthcare options, childcare vouchers, holiday concession purchases, pension schemes, and career progression opportunities. Workers also enjoy rewards schemes consisting of discounted travel plans, such as reduced airfare and cruise rates in addition to upgrade and luxury accommodations. Some positions also provide in-flight discounts.

More Information
Despite operating as a charter carrier, Thomson Airways stands as one of the largest airlines in the United Kingdom and carries millions of passengers annually. As registered charter planes, company aircraft may board and ship commercial cargo in addition to passengers. The aeroplanes adhere to CAA (United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority) rules and regulations in regards to shipping commodities domestically and internationally. Flights available fall under two classifications: short haul and long haul. Shipping rates and air fare vary based on destination and flight duration.

Thomson Airways maintains operating bases in nearly 20 different locales, including three hubs in London, England, alone. Individuals living in major cities throughout the U.K. often stand the best chances to gain employment with the prominent airline, due to mainly metropolitan operations. However, a sizeable national presence throughout the United Kingdom places operating hubs within close proximity to most of the national population, which creates accessible and lucrative options for fixed-term and permanent jobs.

Launched in 1962, Thomson Airways formed out of former airline Britannia Airways. The charter carrier officially adopted the company moniker in 2008. While in service, Britannia Airways acquired several hotel, brewery, and cruise companies, which lead to the formation of a massive travel conglomerate offering various forms of leisure and holiday services. Also in 2008, the U.K. airline fell under control of German travel company TUI Group, which serves as sole proprietor of the international charter carrier and sister companies.

As a major travel company, the U.K. airline offers both standard and luxury amenities. Passengers enjoy premium seating options, inflight meal and entertainment services, and friendly crew. The charter airline also offers a 24-hour holiday hotline connecting patrons to customer service advisors. Travel insurance, airport parking, currency exchanges, and reduced fares for excursions and tourist attractions remain available through Thomson booking centres, as well.

The major airline formally operates under the name Thomson Holidays, which includes company off-chute hotel, cruise, and villa divisions. Around 18,000 labourers work for the travel outfit under the guidance and governorship of German TUI Group. Collectively, TUI Group manages four additional airlines and several commercial hotel properties. Parent company TUI pulls in annual turnovers in excess of £18 billion. Thomson Airways lists on the London Stock Exchange as AG TUI AG, which represents the public conglomeration parent company and invested interests.

Minimum Age to Work at Thomson Airways: 18

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