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Recognised throughout the travel industry as one of the biggest leisure airlines in the United Kingdom, Thomas Cook Airlines carries passengers to over 60 destinations. A fleet of around 30 planes flies through North America, the Caribbean Sea, India, Europe, and various ski destinations in the winter. Over 20 airports in the U.K. make up the operation, along with approximately 2,500 employees. The history of the company begins in 1919, after the First World War, when Thomas Cook & Son stood as the first travel agency to publicly advertise trips by aeroplane. Company headquarters stand in Ringway, Manchester, England.

Thomas Cook Airlines Jobs and Pay Scales Information
The online career network available on the company website displays available positions and requirements. Most openings only allow individuals with previous customer service experience to apply, as opportunities heavily focus on consumer satisfaction and creating positive memories. Labourers should also maintain open availability since airports stay open throughout the year, especially during holidays. Frequently open positions include the following job titles:

Cabin Crew – Specific requirements accompany cabin crew positions to include height, age, and swimming abilities. Minimally, labourers should possess six months of customer service experience. Offered as fixed-term contracts, cabin crew positions require candidates to possess flexible scheduling availability to include holidays, overnight, and weekends. Crew members may perform pre-flight briefings detailing safety procedures and luggage storage. Staff may also check seat belts and make announcements on behalf of the pilot. Employees welcome customers onboard and help passengers locate seats while demonstrating poise, patience, and friendly demeanors. Customer experience allows workers to keep flight goers calm and under control during emergency situations. Individuals with full U.K. passports, references, and fluency in the English language often make up to £2,000 a month in the popular role.

Customer Service Agent – The welcoming and positive Thomas Cook Airline experience starts with enthusiastic greetings from employees ready to tackle problems and address concerns. Lively, fast-paced environments where workers meet unique people from around the world offer individuals with customer skills chances to acquire employment with the profitable company. Some customers may appear anxious, nervous, or averse to flying. Labourers must reassure each traveler with calm and collected conversation. Some inquires range from collecting boarding pass information and flight departures to luggage restrictions and special needs seating. Starting salary schemes begin at £12,000 to £15,000 for candidates with limited experience. Aspirants should radiate confidence, professionalism, and team morale.

Thomas Cook Airlines Job Benefits
Built on a strong reputation known throughout the travel industry, the company treats employees with respect and generosity. Eligible labourers receive between £350 and £1250 towards holiday each year, based on seniority. An additional allowance grants workers 15% off any further traveling. Matched up to 9% of base salary, a contributory pension also provides flexible benefits schemes. The My Choice programme provides the options of buying and selling holiday or exchanging time for retail purchases and childcare vouchers. Some positions offer private medical insurance, life assurance, and car allowances.

More Information
The goal of creating memorable flight experiences takes precedent over many other objectives. Thomas Cook Airlines offers unique inflight experiences to guarantee every minute of flying remains enjoyed. Entertainment from movies to music and even popular television shows offer something for everyone while airborne. Meals feature traditional dishes based on summer and winter seasons. Firm favourites include bacon and eggs served with afternoon tea, BBQ maple chicken, and even chicken tandoori along with satisfying deserts and tasty snacks. Vegetarians and children also enjoy access to options based on special dietary needs. With low airfare and online booking, the company represents one the most popular options in the travel industry.

Dedicated teams of inviting staff stand available and ready to assist customers with inflight needs. While environments always present opportunities, labourers must prepare for fast-paced, constantly changing situations. To find success, employees engage in teamwork to energise and inspire each other. Courage and determination grant the company success and help individuals meet personal goals, as well. Each member portrays integrity while interacting with customers, partners, coworkers, and even stakeholders.

Originally established in September 1999, Thomas Cook Airlines truly began operations in March 2000. Through the merge of Flying Colours and Caledonian Airways, the earlier name, JMC Airlines, came about. During 2013, the U.K. air carrier and Condor formed a single operating segment of the Thomas Cook Group. Eager to meet goals, the airline increased online business from 35% to 50%, refurnished the fleet, and added new planes. The company continues to reinvent travel to stay modern in the digital age.

Destinations in Europe, North American, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean satisfy a variety of travel needs held by customers. In 2015, Thomas Cook Airlines offered flights from Manchester to New York and Miami. Worldwide charter flights present accessible for a number of tour operators. Through the website, flight seekers book directly on a seat-only basis. Short- and long-haul flights hold available in economy and premium seating. Inflight services range from added baggage allowances and meals to sport luggage and entertainment.

Merged into a single enity as part of the Thomas Cook Group, which consists of several airline sisters, the company transports nearly 6 million passengers annually. In 2013, a cost-cutting regime executed in the third quarter dropped expenses by £51 million. The business reported £33 million in profits for 2014 before interest and taxes. Revenues suggest a rejuvenated company, with strategic plans set in place to expand operations in the near future.

Minimum Age to Work at Thomas Cook Airlines: 18

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