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A chain of luxurious hotels operating primarily across the United Kingdom and parts of Asia, Thistle represents one of the largest lodging companies in the U.K., with more than 30 locations in England, Scotland, and Wales. Most of the hotels falling under the company banner operate within major metropolitan areas and provide stately and refined accommodations. Two Asiatic locales reside in Malaysia and provide exotic deviations from traditional services and amenities. Regardless of location, the hotels offer thousands of jobs with opportunities for relocation, exceptional pay, and work benefits schemes.


Thistle Hotels Positions and Pay Scales
Entry-level employment opportunities rarely require more than meeting the minimum age of 16 for hiring consideration. Certain mid-level positions may institute minimum ages of 18 and A-Level educations. Corporate careers often require completion of courses at university and related backgrounds in desired fields. The hospitality industry largely centres on customer service and efficiency. Thistle Hotels regularly hires for the following jobs:

F&B Operative – The entry-level job title of F&B operative generally features work within onsite restaurants. Primary tasks include providing dining and table services to patrons. Job duties often range from waiting tables to preparing meals and cleaning restaurant kitchens. Abbreviated from food and beverage, F&B operatives also prepare and serve drinks as well as process payments at the till. Applicants must demonstrate exceptional professionalism and courtesy. Personal hygiene and general appearance also greatly factor into hiring decisions. The hourly position offers fixed-term and permanent employment options, with pay scales starting at the national minimum.

Front of House Team Member – Also known as receptionists, front-of-house team members operate hotel front desks and cater to patron needs. Most associates in the role make between £7.00 and £10.00. Entry-level front-of-house team member positions require no formal backgrounds in guest services. Applicants must simply exude friendly, personable, and outgoing attitudes during the hiring process. The ability to work overnight or holiday hours also generally impacts employment prospects. General responsibilities include check-in/checkout services, reserving rooms, and explaining hotel amenities and grounds.

Thistle Hotels Employee Benefits
Labourers in all roles enjoy discounted rates at Thistle Hotels and partnering Guoman properties. Employees also receive pension schemes and healthcare options. Select positions offer complimentary uniforms and free meals during shifts. Holiday leave becomes available immediately upon hire, as well.

More Information
Applicants looking for work with the U.K. hotel company enjoy the best prospects in London, England. The storied metropolitan area boasts the most Thistle Hotels locations, with around 10 properties within city limits. Job hopefuls also encounter abundant employment opportunities across England in cities like Liverpool, Bristol, and Birmingham as well as municipalities throughout Scotland, such as Aberdeen and Glasgow, and Cardiff in Wales. The inner-city locales of company properties require understandings of surrounding areas, including local history, especially for guest services-related roles. Positions available include fixed-term, permanent, and secondment options. Individuals interested in long-term careers with the prominent chain enjoy avenues for continued development and paid training programmes.

Despite varying career paths, Thistle Hotels hires dedicated and passionate labourers primarily concerned with guest services. Areas of employment readily hiring include concierge, guest relations, food and beverage services, and event planning. Each career field involves interacting with the general public and working as part of teams. Specific responsibilities differ by job title; however, applicants must hold the ability to maintain night, weekend, and holiday hours, as typical 24-hour operations necessitate flexibility in scheduling.

Brewing company Scottish & Newcastle founded the hotel chain in the mid-1960s. After more than two decades of operations, Scottish & Newcastle sold the hospitality company to U.K. financial group Mount Charlotte Investments in 1989. A brief foray as a public company on the London Stock Exchange beginning in 1997 ended in 2003 with the hotel personally delisting operations and returning to classification as a private business. Soon after, the lodging chain fell under proprietorship of Guoman Hotel Management Limited in the U.K.

Thistle Hotels locations cater to holidaymakers of all varieties. Visitors may book private stays in luxuriously accommodating guest rooms or plan private events in large, onsite meeting and conference rooms. Amenities include full room service, coffee/tea stations, in-house restaurants and bars, free WiFi, flat screen TVs, and complimentary toiletries. Special break packages also remain available themed to various holidays and catered to families and couples. Guests may reserve rooms or cancel stays online through the company website or via telephone.

The European hotel falls under corporate control of Malaysian-based GuocoLeisure Limited. Headquartered in Singapore, GuocoLeisure maintains a U.K. subdivision known as Guoman Hotel Management, which manages Thistle Hotels operation nationwide. In total, the massive travel industry conglomerate generates over $400 million in annual revenues and controls more than $1.7 billion in assets. The company U.K. parent maintains headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland.

Minimum age to work at Thistle Hotels: 16

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