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Founded in East Texas in 1901, Texaco operates as an international petrol retailer primarily serving Latin America, Europe, Africa, and the United States. In the United Kingdom alone, the prominent chain of filling stations manages more than 900 stores and employs tens of thousands of workers. Petrol stations provide sound arenas for young workers to build experience or skilled professionals to assume long-term managerial roles featuring competitive salary options and employee benefits schemes.

Available Texaco Positions and Salary Information
Petrol employment seekers find widespread access to Texaco jobs across the U.K. The filling station chain represents one of the largest and most widely recognized fuel retailers in the country. Work available offers flexible scheduling, paid holiday, and discounts on products and services. Job hopefuls across Great Britain regularly find work in the following positions:

Cashier/Sales Assistant – Merchandising, organizing tills, performing cash drops, serving customers, and cleaning represent the major responsibilities of cashier associates. The position often offers both part-time and full-time hours, with availability based on seniority and experience, in most cases. Workers typically receive short breaks throughout given shifts but primarily spend time interacting with the general public and ringing up sales. Basic arithmetic may prove useful when operating the till. Other skills largely fall on attitudes toward work and manual labor. Most cashier/sales assistants make between £6.00 and £7.00 per hour at start.

Management – Texaco UK managers may work at assigned locations or float between petrol stations in relief positions. Managers need secondary educations and to stand at least 18 years of age to gain employment, in most cases. Knowledge of proper till operations, customer service, and general retail procedure remain highly desirable in candidates. Job duties include logging hours, adjusting schedules, training new-hires, recruiting staff members, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Some filling station managers work part-time and mostly look after subordinate employees, while other managers assume strictly full-time roles and perform administrative tasks, like reporting sales, filing payroll, and ordering products. Entry-level managers may make £8.00 or £9.00 hourly, with salary schemes for station managers rising to £25,000 or £30,000 annually.

Texaco Job Benefits
Employees directly benefit from the experiences gained working for a successful international company. Texaco offers excellent and ongoing training programmes and competitive salary schemes in addition to flexible hours and sound base pay. Associates in full-time roles also receive work benefits schemes comparable to other petrol stations in the industry. Eligible employees enjoy pension schemes, paid holiday, and opportunities for career advancement.

More Information
Petrol stations like Texaco typically consist of fueling pumps and a central convenience store where customers pay for services. The average filling station requires between three and five workers, depending on geographic location, in order to successfully maintain operations and cater to customer needs. Hours of operation consistently span 24 hours, which requires dedicated individuals able to maintain flexible schedules and work varied shifts, including nights, weekends, and holidays. Most jobs also involve a great deal of standing and moving around on foot. Some lifting and various manual labor proves necessary for entry-level jobs, as well.

Career tracks available with the global filling station chain include managerial roles and opportunities in regional, domestic, and world headquarters. Upon hire, entry-level workers enjoy paid training programmes, which provide intensive orientation to daily responsibilities, behavioral expectations, and general procedures. Associates enjoy ongoing on-the-job training leading into supervisory and administrative positions over time. In order to succeed as a Texaco petrol station employee, each worker must remain dedicated and display personable and self-starting attitudes. Few other requirements remain in place for employment consideration.

Texaco first crossed over into U.K. markets in 1916. Filling stations began opening across the country soon after, as the U.S.-based corporation acquired smaller European chains. During the 1980s, the petrol company opened chemical refineries in the United Kingdom to further market presence. The U.K. off chute underwent an ownership change in 2011 when fuel retailer Valero purchased the bulk of company petrol stations in the European Union, then totaling around 800 locations. As of May 2015, U.K. operations consist of close to 900 stores.

Products & Services
Filling stations bearing the Texaco name throughout the United Kingdom primarily sell varying grades of petrol at market retail value. Stations also sell wide varieties of snacks, beverages, travel goods, maps, and miscellaneous merchandise. Customers may purchase other common flammables, like butane, kerosene, and motor oil, at filling station locations.

Falling under the proprietorship of Valero Energy Corporation, Texaco UK helps generate more than £91 billion in annual revenues. Valero maintains public operations and trades on the U.S. stock exchange in New York City, NY, as VLO. Over 22,000 employees work for the energy company across all divisions of labor. U.K. headquarters rest in London, England. The chemical manufacturer hosts world headquarters in San Antonio, TX, USA.

Minimum age to work at Texaco UK: 18

Official Site:http://texaco.co.uk/Help/Pages/StationLocator.aspx

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