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Out of more than 2,000 stores in the Tesco UK network, the company currently maintains an extensive workforce. Each location routinely needs to hire for positions like cashier, bagger, stock clerk, meat cutter, deli counter associate, and cafe attendant. For first-time job seekers, Tesco features numerous entry-level positions offering engaging work environments and competitive base pay. Conversely, Tesco stores feature plenty of career opportunities for experienced applicants. With so many locations in operation, residents may find plenty of job opportunities with the massive retailer.

Available Tesco Positions and Salary Info
Job seekers may apply online for work with Tesco. Potential candidates may find the nearest location with available positions on the Tesco website. The company features thousands of jobs at nearly every experience or skill level. After finding the desired job, Tesco applicants must fill out official job applications to enter the company hiring network, create job profiles, including contact information, desired position, and work history, and submit educational background, job skills, and personality surveys and quizzes on the online form. Aspiring workers may choose from hundreds of Tesco jobs, including popular positions like:

Customer Assistant – Customer assistants take responsibility for replenishing Tesco store shelves, racks, and displays. In addition to stocking out merchandise, customer assistants organize shelves to ensure items look presentable. Tesco customer assistants primarily provide excellent customer service. Like many grocery jobs with Tesco, customer assistants may work both day shifts and night shifts in part-time or full-time capacities. Generally, Tesco customer assistants earn roughly £6.00 to £7.00 an hour.

Checkout Assistant – Otherwise known as cashiers, checkout assistants ring up purchases at Tesco stores each day. New workers receive training on operating electronic register systems used to scan store products. Checkout clerks learn several cash handling procedures, including paper money, credit and gift cards, checks, and coupons. Quite often, Tesco cashiers help bag and load groceries, grouping like items together for customer convenience. As an entry-level job, checkout assistants with Tesco earn roughly £6.65 per hour, though the figure may change based on location and experience.

Store Management – Management jobs with Tesco offer more responsibility and challenges. Tesco managers supervise several aspects of store operations, including customer satisfaction, profit margins, financing, employee relations, and team leadership. Team leaders frequently screen and interview job applicants for available jobs at the store. Managers also create daily schedules, delegate specific duties, and coordinate strategies with other Tesco managers. To qualify for management jobs at Tesco, applicants must routinely possess previous experience in the grocery store or retail industry. The company usually hires managers from within the workforce, though managers from competing stores with the right qualifications may earn equal consideration. Tesco managers enjoy extensive salary options reaching anywhere between £30,000 and £60,000 annually.

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Benefits of Working at Tesco
Almost all Tesco employees receive company-sponsored job benefits in one form or another. Applicants may uncover available work benefits during the Tesco interview and hiring process. Job status and experience with the company may influence workers eligibility for Tesco employee benefits. Common employment benefits include medical coverage, paid time off, discounts on merchandise, and financial assistance.

Regardless of position, Tesco offers competitive wages to all store associates, with frequent raises for excellent service. Employees may take advantage of several healthcare schemes at reduced prices. Vision and dental coverage, health cash schemes, and private medical insurance stand as just a few of the healthcare options Tesco employees may enroll in. The company sponsors several pension schemes, financial services, and retirement programs for future security. Tesco also offers sick days, personal leave, and extended holidays. Several stores even offer discounts on gym memberships and other services. For associates interested in growing with the company, the company offers several career training and development programs, as well.

More Information
Tesco operates one of the largest retailers in the United Kingdom. Based out of Chestnut, Hertfordshire, Tesco manages more than 2,000 stores providing numerous retail services to suburban communities and major metropolitan areas across Britain. With almost a century of service, Tesco remains popular with several generations in the British Isles. With support from Tesco PLC, Tesco Stores offer a variety of services and reasonable prices.

The department store chain features traditional supermarket offerings. Apart from general merchandise, Tesco maintains over a dozen retail brands, with store departments that include appliances, organic foods, specialty foods, health options, home entertainment, and clothing. Store formats consist of neighborhood stores, large super stores, and smaller convenience stores for travelers and commuters. Many Tesco stores even feature gas and petrol stations.

The Tesco Corporation began in the early 20th Century in the Hackney, London area. Founder Jack Cohen opened the first store on the East End of London in 1924. The company began frequent expansion in the ensuing decades. By the end of the 1960s, Tesco operated more than 800 stores. Building on the success as one of the most recognizable grocery stores in the United Kingdom, the company entered the international market during the 1990s. Today, the Tesco network includes countries like China, Japan, South Korea, the Czech Republic, Poland, and the United States.

Products and Services
Tesco stores offer comprehensive selections of grocery products and services to everyday shoppers. The U.K. department store company features thousands of name-brand products, including non-perishable foods, dairy items, and frozen foods, to name a few. Tesco also features plenty of fresh food options, in departments like bakery, deli, meat, and produce. Many of the larger stores offer pharmacies, coffee bars, home entertainment, appliances, and clothing departments. The Tesco corporation spreads services across nearly a dozen brands.

As one of the top five retailers throughout the world, Tesco produces yearly profits in excess of £64 billion, thanks in large part to international sales. The entire Tesco network features a workforce of more than 530,000 part-time and full-time employees across roughly 6,300 stores. A public company, Tesco trades on the London Stock Exchange under the initials, TSCO. Corporate headquarters reside in the Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, neighborhood along the London commuter belt.

Minimum age to work Tesco: 16

Official Site: www.tesco-careers.com/


  • Karen says:

    I use to work at Tesco at South Wingon and I really liked the job.

  • EWA says:

    I worked for Tesco, 2 years as a cashier. I enjoyed my time there.

  • Maria Gray says:

    I worked at Tescos part time for about 2 Years. I worked on the shop floor and on the tills. The staff was very friendly and I enjoyed working there.

  • Shauna Nolan says:

    I enjoyed working in Tesco over Christmas the staff and the customers were so friendly. The staff was so helpful teaching me how to get used to things whilst working.

  • Mahmooda khatun says:

    Tesco PLC/ 2015 – 2017

    I have worked as a personal shopper at tesco for the last 2 years and a half, over this time i have been trained on self serve, helping customers with their shopping, filling tills with the approprite amount of money for the day and running the line makeing sure all staffs can carry out their jobs properly.

    Tesco PLC
    Personal shopper/ customer assistant

    • Receiving customer orders
    • Allocating and organising customer purchases
    • Learning shop lay out
    • Managing hand over

  • Sandra Bignell says:

    yes , it was one of the best jobs. I had, all staff very helpful on my first day, and managers good too. I was in newbury first , then I moved to reading and the managers got me a post there, worked there for 3 years.

  • Rajamanoharan V.Ratnasingam says:

    Yes at Tesco Metro Exeter from October 2003 to April 2008 as a Customer Service Assistant/Options Service Manager.Had to return back because my children were still schooling back home.An amazing experience filled with fond memories working for Tescos.Management was always there to give a helping hand and the working ambience was very desirable.Won over 20 Value Awards from management as a result of sending 30 Ideas to Headquarters of which 6 are under consideration.And also for Letters of Commendations from customers for good customer service.Popularly known as “Mano” in short.I look forward to serve Tescos again for at least another10 years!

  • Donna Simmons says:

    My name is Donna Simmons and yes I have worked for tesco before I worked at the elephant and Castle store for just over a year working as a cashier and working on the shop floor. I enjoyed working there helping customers and working as a team.

  • tdotz says:

    tesco is a wonderful job

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