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One of the largest pharmacy chains in the U.K., Superdrug entertains millions of customers on an annual basis. In order to meet patron needs, Superdrug consistently hires both experienced and inexperienced job seekers to fill positions throughout shop locations. The most common positions available at Superdrug shops include entry-level sales jobs. Applicants may also search for careers in a variety of fields through the company website. Superdrug often hires genuinely interested and motivated individuals. Learn more about pharmacy jobs available with the U.K. retail chain today.

Available Superdrug Jobs and Salary Information
Most Superdrug applicants participate in a straightforward interview process. From beginning to end, the Superdrug hiring process takes about a week to complete. Full-time positions, like careers in pharmacy and management, often require more intensive evaluations prior to hiring. Applicants must fall at least 18 years of age at time of hire. Some stores may allow workers under the age of 18 to work with special permits obtained by local governments. Superdrug popular positions include:

Sales Assistant – The position of Superdrug sales assistant stands as an entry-level employment opportunity requiring little-to-no experience for employment consideration. During the hiring process, applicants sit with Superdrug managers to discuss availability, potential job duties, and interest in the position. Workers with open schedules and the ability to work nights and weekends often receive job offers over other candidates. Sound interpersonal communication skills also prove valuable for prospective sales assistants. The position involves greeting customers, ringing up purchases on the till, assisting in sales, stocking shelves, and answering questions regarding policies and services. Superdrug sales assistant jobs pay minimum wage at start. Increases up to £7.00 per hour may occur with experience gained.

Pharmacist – As required by law, pharmacists working for Superdrug must register with and attend training courses through the General Pharmaceutical Council prior to employment. Applicants must present valid GPhC numbers during the interview process. Superdrug also requires pharmacy job seekers to hold four-year degrees from accredited schools and experience in a similar position. Superdrug pharmacists work both part-time and full-time. Job responsibilities include distribution of prescription medications and dissemination of information regarding potential drug and allergy reactions. Pharmacists must possess open, personable, and detail-oriented personalities. Average pay scales range from £20,000 to £25,000 a year for pre-registered pharmacists with Superdrug and up to £40,000 annually for fully certified pharmacists.

Management – Superdrug also offers management opportunities throughout each shop location. Job seekers may apply online for work as team leaders, pharmacy managers, assistant store managers, and store managers. The wide selection of managerial jobs allows entry-level associates to work toward meaningful careers in the pharmacy retail industry. Current employees exuding energetic and dedicated personalities often receive promotion into team leader and store manager jobs. Basic job duties of Superdrug managers include supervising entry-level subordinates, maintaining inventory, delegating daily tasks, ensuring customer satisfaction, and enforcing store policies. Pharmacy managers must also ensure the health and safety of customers and implement all required regulations for the handling of medication put forth by law. Team leaders generally oversee scheduling, training, and hiring of workers. Superdrug team leaders earn between £7.00 and £8.00 per hour. Salary options for assistant store managers and store managers fall between £25,000 and £35,000 a year. Pharmacy managers may make between £40,000 and £50,000 in annual salary.

Benefits of Working at Superdrug
Like most large companies in the pharmacy retail industry, Superdrug offers employees substantial employment benefits. Flexible work schedules, competitive starting wages, and continued training programmes mark some of the most widely available job benefits provided by Superdrug locations. Workers receive complimentary uniforms upon hire and access to career growth opportunities leading to full-fledged careers in management and several other aspects of business.

Superdrug benefits packages consist of future planning assistance, time off, and medical coverage. Specific employee benefits include 33 days paid holiday, pension schemes, bonus schemes, and private medical insurance. Superdrug also offers rewards and recognition programmes for hard workers and grants car allowances to eligible employees. Availability of work benefits varies by position and location.

More Information
Superdrug originally began as a supermarket chain in the mid-1960s. Eventually, Superdrug locations, then operating as Leading Supermarkets Limited, changed business plans and began exclusively selling health and beauty products, prescription medications, and miscellaneous household items. Based in the United Kingdom, Superdrug manages close to 900 locations across the country, as well as several locations in Ireland. 16,000 employees work for Superdrug in various entry-level, corporate, distribution, and managerial capacities.

Shops operating under the Superdrug name stand widely known for bright color schemes featuring pinks, whites, and the company star logo. In-store pharmacies and thousands of product lines generate large customer bases for the leading pharmacy chain. Superdrug provides quality brand-name and off-brand products at reasonable prices. The Superdrug Own Brand line combines quality and value and includes dozens of items ranging from skincare products and makeup to shampoos, conditioners, and deodorants made from environmentally friendly materials and certified animal cruelty-free. Superdrug hires highly certified and knowledgeable workers to assist customers with purchases and questions regarding medications, health and beauty, and home living. Shop locations also specialize in fragrance sales and health screenings.

Founded by brothers Ronald and Peter Goldstein, Superdrug began as Leading Supermarkets Limited in 1964. Two years later, the first Superdrug location opened under the current company name. The pharmacy chain grew to 40 locations by 1970 and by 1981 reached more than 300 locations. Superdrug floated on the Unlisted Securities Market in 1983. British retailing company Woolworth Holdings bought Superdrug off the market in 1987. After another acquisition, Superdrug eventually fell under proprietorship of parent company A.S. Watson Group in 2002. In 2006, the drugstore chain expanded into Ireland.

Products and Services
Product lines available at Superdrug shops include makeup, skincare, fragrances, hair care, toiletry, personal hygiene, oral hygiene, over-the-counter medications, and household items. Over 200 Superdrug locations also house pharmacies. Customers enjoy health screenings for various illnesses and conditions at Superdrug, as well. Superdrug offers a rewards card for frequent shoppers to redeem points towards special discounts. The company also manages an online store through the Superdrug main website.

Superdrug operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of A.S. Watson Group. Based out of Hong Kong, A.S. Watson Group manages more than 10,800 retail stores worldwide, including sister UK brand Savers. Superdrug annual turnovers hover around £1 billion. Corporate headquarters sit in Surrey, England, UK.

Minimum age to work at Superdrug: 18

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