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Considered an upmarket chain, Strada operates close to 70 restaurants throughout the U.K. The company began as a concept in the early 2000s and offers authentic and Italian-inspired menus featuring fresh, gourmet dishes served in contemporary, fine-dining atmospheres. Strada continues to grow throughout the United Kingdom and offers franchising opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Popular Strada Positions and Salary Information
The Strada application and hiring process varies by position. Applicants in search of entry-level positions typically need no previous employment experience. Hiring requirements for more advanced career seekers generally vary by job title. Strada regularly hires for the following positions:

Cleaner – An entry-level post, the position of cleaner involves ensuring clean and sanitary working conditions. Cleaner associates primarily work in Strada kitchens. Job duties include washing and drying dishes, sweeping and mopping floors, and organizing supplies. Strada generally offers part-time and full-time cleaner jobs. Applicants need no prior experience for employment consideration. The average cleaner receives minimum wage starting pay, with the possibility of increases based on proven work performance.

Waiting Staff – Strada waiting staff workers must possess well-kempt appearances and charismatic personalities. During the hiring process, Strada screens for genuine, motivated, and knowledgeable individuals who possess a passion for food and customer service. Eager prospective employees typically receive additional hiring consideration over other applicants. Hours available to waiting staff workers include part-time and full-time schedules. The position involves a great deal of moving around on foot for long periods of time and regular engagement with guests. Pay typically hovers around minimum wage at start. Some locations may allow for Strada waiting staff to earn tips.

Management – The restaurant chain features four tiers of managerial employment opportunities. Job seekers may apply online for Strada supervisor, head chef, assistant manager, and general manager titles. Specific responsibilities vary by position but generally include hiring and training new employees, setting work schedules, motivating and supervising entry-level employees, processing payroll, monitoring inventories, and reporting to superiors. Additional administrative responsibilities may include creating new dishes, ordering supplies, driving sales, and implementing marketing initiatives. Applicants must stand at least 18 to assume Strada managerial jobs. Experience in the restaurant industry often proves necessary. Strada often promotes from within; however, the restaurant regularly outsources for managers, as well. Most Strada managers receive yearly salary options falling between £15,000 and £35,000. Experienced managerial associates may earn in excess of £40,000 in annual salary.

Benefits of Working at Strada
Every position offered at Strada features generous discounts on meals and drinks. Strada also offers qualified employees work benefits programmes. Job benefits provided may include pension schemes, bonus schemes, and paid holiday. Strada restaurants also offer intensive career development programmes. Individuals looking to further careers in the restaurant industry may apply for paid training opportunities designed to culture current employees in constructive learning environments. Learn more about Strada employment benefits through the online application process.

More Information
Strada restaurants use fresh, locally purchased produce, meats, and cheeses in all dishes. Customers enjoy upscale and lavish atmospheres featuring low-lighting and trendy, rustic decor. The average Strada location sits in heavily trafficked metropolitan areas as part of shopping centres or in high street districts. The longstanding tradition of fresh foods and excellent service lend to the success of the brand and the expansive customer bases enjoyed by Strada restaurants. Corporate backing by restaurant proprietor Tragus Group allows room for growth. Word of mouth, local advertising, and a presence on social media platforms often serve as the primary avenues of promotion for Strada.

Restaurant job seekers may find viable employment opportunities at Strada. Available jobs range from part-time serving and hosting positions to careers in Strada kitchens and as managers. Associates work in fast-paced and energetic job settings. Minimum age requirements fall at 16 in order to work at Strada. Some positions may require applicants to stand at least 18 and hold previous and related work experience. Fill out an online application for Strada jobs to begin the hiring process now.

Founder Luke Johnson opened the first Strada location in 1999 in London, England, UK. The restaurant chain saw substantial success early on. By 2005, Strada boasted an impressive network of 30 locations. Also in 2005, billionaire Richard Caring purchased Strada from Luke Johnson, which resulted in immediate expansions into several new locations by December 2006. Tragus Group Ltd. purchased Strada in 2007. The company debuted a rewards card programme to regular guests in 2012.

Due to the emphasis of fresh and gourmet offerings, Strada menus often vary by location. Overall, typical menu items consist of modern and traditional Italian favourites and classics. Flatbreads, pizzas, and pastas represent the most popular offerings at Strada locations. Strada locations also serve risottos, salads, and house sides and antipastos. Guests may use the Strada website to look at menus specific to each location.

Strada operates as a private company and part of the Tragus Group Ltd. family of brands. Tragus stands as one of the largest restaurant holdings company in the United Kingdom. Backed by Blackstone Group, Tragus Group generates over £277 million in annual revenues. Other brands operating under Tragus control include Cafe Rouge, Belgo, Bella Italia, and Brasseries. A workforce of approximately 7,000 employees works for Tragus Group, including thousands for Strada restaurants. Strada maintains corporate headquarters in London, England, UK.

Minimum age to work at Strada: 16

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