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One of the most recognized coffee brands in the world, Starbucks consistently hires entry-level applicants to fill storefront vacancies. The coffee chain recognises hard work and motivated individuals by offering various routes to establish careers with the company. Sound job benefits packages and competitive salary options continue to draw attention from entry-level job seekers around the world. Career-oriented job hunters may find work with the company in permanent, fixed-term, and apprenticeship capacities.

Starbucks Jobs and Salary Information
Few requirements stand in the way of motivated applicants. Ideally, job seekers possess some customer service background and easily interact with the public. In order to meet management requirements, candidates usually must possess Class-A educations. Higher level managerial roles may require some university, though schooling may often prove unnecessary in the wake of relevant experience. The following positions comprise a majority of available Starbucks job openings:

Baristas – Acting as point-of-sale representatives, baristas record and fill orders. While gaining knowledge of drink-making procedures encompasses most daily duties, new associates also learn machine maintenance, cleaning protocol, and inventory tracking. Workers regularly stand for entire shift durations and withstand fast-paced walking, bending, and reaching to promptly serve waiting customers. Baristas also process monetary transactions and keep track of money flows. Beginning wages hover around minimum wage supplemented by tips and chances to purchase company stock.

Shift Supervisor – As many managerial duties occupy store manager priorities, immediate shift duties fall under shift supervisor responsibility. Tasks generally entail colleague motivation and reprimand for minor offences. Supervisors remain in charge of keeping track of inventory in the absence of upper management as well as the overall execution of services. The title persists as a rank above baristas and entitles shift supervisors to earn within a few pounds of £8.00 per hour.

Manager – Assistant managers learn store manager duties and act as head managers in lieu of superiors. Store managers generally create shift schedules, interview and hire applicants, and analyse store profits. Further management tasks involve inventory tracking for orders and audit counts to ensure satisfactorily run cafes. Assistant managers assist crew members in the event of customer rushes. Manager salaries range between £20,000 and £40,000 annually. Work benefits typically favor management who receive excess holiday and further stock options.

Starbucks Job Benefits
Labourers may participate in the Bean Stock programme providing access to company stock options. Pension schemes and salary options remain competitive. Bonuses exist for qualifying employees, as well. Outstanding labourers may also receive recognition awards offered daily, quarterly, and yearly. Some storefronts may offer complimentary food and drink during working hours.

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Positions within storefront locations represent a majority of easily accessible entry-level jobs. Often titled baristas, entry-level associates complete customer orders and remain the first point of contact for customers. Congenial and attentive demeanors ensure success for candidates possessing such traits. While focused on customer service, storefront jobs also demand labourers who fit with current teams and remain capable of basic physical demands.

Available apprenticeships teach labourers barista mastery skills in addition to the customer service trade. Interested parties may take interest in secondment opportunities for insight into other areas of jobs within the company. Working abroad may also present attractive options for travelling-inclined individuals. Typical locations reside in metropolitan areas as standalone stores or included as a part of shopping centres.

Starbucks first opened to the public in 1971 and entered the U.K. in 1998 by way of purchasing 65 coffee stores. About a third of company business remains conducted outside of the U.S. The trendy coffee chain promotes corporate responsibility and emphasizes ethical sourcing, environmental stewardship, and community involvement.

Most notable for a colorful array of beverage products, menu offerings include coffees, espressos, teas, smoothies, Frappuccinos, sodas, and hot chocolates. The company also supplies delectable treats for hungry patrons, which include bakery items like muffins and scones, sandwiches and paninis, yogurts and fruits, full lunches, salads, and breakfast options. In addition to consumables, Starbucks provides free WiFi, order-ahead services, an official app to track purchase rewards, and evening socials which include wine. Additional products like reusable coffee mugs and coffee beans remain available for purchase at participating locations. The famed coffee operation also maintains commercial product lines modeled after cafe-styled creations found at store locations.

Starbucks boasts roughly 20,000 locations and continues operations as a public company. Since inception, the company remains parent to many brands, including Teavana, Tazo, Evolution Fresh, and Seattle’s Best Coffee. Total annual turnover sits around £3 billion for the massive coffee brand.

Minimum age to work at Starbucks: 16

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