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Standard Chartered Job Interview Help – Tips for Interview Preparation

Standard Chartered uses phone interviews as a popular method of screening applicants for available jobs. Depending on performance during phone interviews, applicants may receive invitations to participate in face-to-face interview sessions with Standard Chartered hiring representatives. In some cases, multiple phone interviews prove necessary before a candidate receives an invite to interview in person. Prospective associates begin the hiring process online. Applicants may need to complete skills assessments after submitting the necessary forms, depending on the position desired. Potential assessments cover basic logic and quantitative reasoning. Applicants may spend as many as several months interviewing for positions ranging from entry-level associate jobs to professional careers in the Standard Chartered corporate offices.

After completing job skills assessments and initial rounds of phone interviews, successful applicants move on to face-to-face interviews with Standard Chartered representatives. Most potential associates interview with human resources business partners. During Standard Chartered interviews, applicants respond to questions directly related to the position desired, personal and professional interests, and desire to work for the company. Many Standard Chartered interview questions touch on highly technical and specific subject matters related to potential job duties and the banking industry in general. More than one interview may prove necessary for employment consideration. Salary negotiation often takes place during Standard Chartered face-to-face interview sessions, although the subject of pay usually remains the last subject tendered by Standard Chartered hiring representatives. The interview process typically concludes with a job offer or expression of gratitude for participation. Successful candidates generally receive a job offer on-site. Some applicants may wait to hear back from Standard Chartered regarding employment status due to high volumes of potential workers.

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