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As Standard Chartered continues to enter new markets worldwide, jobs become increasingly available for candidates seeking employment with a longstanding bank in the United Kingdom. Standard Chartered frequently needs to hire new associates to work with customers requiring international, private, or wholesale banking services. British job seekers interested in working for the prominent bank may apply online at the Standard Chartered website for available career opportunities. Standard Chartered jobs in the UK typically feature lucrative salary options and competitive work benefits, including ample chances for professional development and career advancement.

Available Standard Chartered Jobs and Salary Information
Within the United Kingdom and most of Europe, jobs available at Standard Chartered largely include professional banking careers involving the fulfillment of specialised financial services for select clients usually of high net worth. Applicants pursuing Standard Chartered jobs must typically meet stringent hiring requirements regarding education and previous work experience. The prominent bank regularly hires qualified British job seekers to fill the following positions:

Relationship Manager – Despite the managerial job title, relationship manager positions at Standard Chartered generally prove suitable for candidates in search of entry-level employment in the financial services industry. Basic job duties include identifying and contacting prospective clients, developing tailored sales pitches to present to prospects, and negotiating the terms of newly established business arrangements. Employees also assist in managing client accounts throughout the duration of the relationship with Standard Chartered. Relationship manager jobs require excellent communication, numerical, and selling skills. Strong multitasking abilities and advanced knowledge of general banking practices also increase chances for employment. Relationship managers at Standard Chartered receive annual salary rates usually hovering between £20,000 and £30,000.

Analyst – Standard Chartered analysts work to support key decision-makers within the bank and ensure the success of client business interests and investments. Workers analyse financial reports, prepare forecasts and budgets, and identify ways to serve customers more effectively and improve the commercial performance of the bank. Candidates applying for Standard Chartered analyst jobs need to possess certification in accounting and previous work experience within the financial services sector. The ability to communicate clearly and concisely with a variety of audiences, including senior business leaders, also proves necessary in securing hiring consideration. Annual pay rates for entry-level analysts with Standard Chartered start around £35,000, with more experienced associates earning up to £50,000 per year.

Management – Managers oversee designated areas of Standard Chartered business operations, such as auditing, compliance, finance, and risk. Careers in bank management commonly entail interpreting financial reports and other numerical data, implementing strategies for growth and development, resolving client issues, and ensuring the overall success of Standard Chartered. Managers also work closely with human resources employees to hire, train, and evaluate new associates. Standard Chartered generally requires prospective managerial workers to have extensive banking experience. Previous experience managing a team of employees in a high-pressure work environment also proves necessary for employment. Some management positions available at Standard Chartered require advanced scholastic credentials like an MBA. While salary packages largely depend on job title and experience, Standard Chartered managers in the UK typically earn about £80,000 or more annually.

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Benefits of Working at Standard Chartered
Workers at Standard Chartered enjoy access to several attractive employment benefits. Standard Chartered jobs come with lucrative pay scales, diverse and collaborative work environments, and professional development opportunities. The British bank encourages professional development by retaining an award-winning Learning and Talent Development team, which provides a range of programmes designed to prepare employees for career advancement.

Befitting one of the largest banks based in the UK, Standard Chartered also offers a variety of financial benefits. Eligible associates take advantage of discounts and special rates on Standard Chartered products and services, like insurance, investments, loans, and personal banking. The financial services company also maintains bonus, pension, and sharesave schemes for qualified workers. Other job benefits available include healthcare coverage and a comprehensive leave programme.

More Information
Standard Chartered oversees one of the largest banks operating out of the United Kingdom. The financial services company maintains a global network of more than 1,700 bank branches across roughly 70 countries. Though headquartered in the UK, Standard Chartered derives more than 90 percent of income and profits from international operations in Africa and Asia. The British banking company boasts a market capitalisation exceeding £30 billion, ranking among the 20 largest corporations and five largest banks listed on the London Stock Exchange. Standard Chartered also features a large workforce of over 89,000 employees worldwide, including more than 1,700 in the UK.

With origins in the United Kingdom tracing back to 1853, Standard Chartered enjoys an established presence within the British banking industry. The financial services provider conducts both consumer and wholesale banking operations, focusing on consumer banking overseas and wholesale banking in the UK. Standard Chartered also performs international and private banking services from company headquarters in London. While maintaining a constantly expanding global footprint, Standard Chartered remains actively involved with British affairs. The multinational chain of banks serves as a major sponsor of the Great City Race in London and the Liverpool Football Club.

Standard Chartered began operating in 1969 when The Standard Bank and The Chartered Bank merged to form a single banking enterprise. Both former banks opened in the mid-1800s in response to the growing popularity of trade routes between Europe, Africa, and Asia. At the time of the merger, The Standard Bank maintained more than 600 offices across Africa, while The Chartered Bank enjoyed a presence in strategic locations throughout China, India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Standard Chartered continues to pursue a policy of international expansion, with more than 1,700 locations across roughly 70 primarily African and Asian countries. The British bank also provides select financial services in Europe and The Americas.

Products and Services
While the global network of Standard Chartered banks offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services, British locations specialise in wholesale and private banking. Based in one of the major financial hubs of the world, Standard Chartered performs services involving corporate finance, financial markets, and transaction banking for wholesale clients. Individual consumers with a high net worth take advantage of private and international banking services at Standard Chartered in the UK, as well.

Standard Chartered formally operates as a public limited company under the name Standard Chartered PLC. Trading on the London Stock Exchange as STAN, the British bank also maintains listings on the stock exchanges in Mumbai, India and Hong Kong. Standard Chartered generates annual revenue of more than £11 billion and manages roughly £396 billion in total assets. Global headquarters remain situated in London.

Minimum age to work Standard Chartered: 18

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