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Job seekers living in London may find viable employment opportunities at Spudulike restaurants. The prominent fast food chain regularly needs to hire both inexperienced and experienced workers to fill entry-level jobs and professional careers. Spudulike extends job opportunities to applicants throughout the United Kingdom, as well. Workers must begin the Spudulike hiring process by filling out an online job application. If selected to participate in the interview process, aspiring employees generally follow up with one or two question-and-answer sessions with a Spudulike hiring representative. Most interviews last between 15 and 30 minutes. Managerial candidates typically undergo more rigorous interrogation prior to work engagement.

Popular Spudulike Job Titles and Salary Information
In order to gain hiring consideration, Spudulike applicants must stand at least 16 years of age. Special work permits may provide applicants under the age of 16 with access to Spudulike jobs, as well. Jobs available feature fun, family-friendly, and fast-paced work environments. Spudulike provides paid training and orientation, competitive pay scales, and access to benefits packages. The most widely available job titles for hire include part-time, entry-level opportunities. Spudulike also conducts hiring for careers in management and other corporate capacities with regularity. The fast food chain needs to hire for:

Crew Member – An all-encompassing job title, the position of Spudulike team member carries several responsibilities. Primary duties involve greeting customers, taking food and drink orders, preparing orders, and operating tills. Associates must also replenish inventories, answer questions regarding menu items, policies, and services, and report to managers. Spudulike may prefer to hire workers with previous experience in the fast food industry. Friendly personalities and motivated work ethics also benefit prospective workers, although no real formal requirements exist for the entry-level job. At time of hire, Spudulike generally provides minimum wage hourly pay to team member employees. Increases in hourly pay may occur with proven job performance and experience gained.

Management – Applicants seeking managerial work with Spudulike shops may find generous opportunities featuring competitive salary options and access to job benefits programmes. Spudulike hires both supervisors and managers to oversee operations and subordinate employees. Specific job duties include driving sales, implementing marketing schemes, processing payroll, setting work schedules, resolving conflicts, and tracking shipments and deliveries. Spudulike managers also ensure customer satisfaction. Supervisors may undertake job duties of entry-level associates, as needed. On average, Spudulike supervisors make between £8.00 and £9.00 an hour. Managers, including assistant managers and shop managers, earn annual salary rates ranging in excess of £40,000, depending on experience and time spent with the company.

Benefits of Working at Spudulike
The fun and energetic work environments Spudulike shops feature provide solid settings to grow into fast food industry careers. In addition to paid orientation and on-the-job training, Spudulike associates receive continued development and may take advantage of career growth potential into meaningful employment opportunities in various capacities. Entry-level workers enjoy competitive hourly pay and complimentary uniforms. Spudulike also provides generous discounts on meals and flexible scheduling.

Spudulike employees working full-time schedules may also become eligible for employment benefits programmes. Work benefits available in Spudulike benefits packages include paid holiday, bonus schemes, and pension schemes. Some Spudulike locations also provide access to health and wellness programmes such as childcare vouchers, private healthcare programmes, and life insurance options. Refer to the online application process for further details on available employee benefits programmes with Spudulike and eligibility requirements today.

More Information
Founded in the mid-1970s, Spudulike operates as a specialty fast food chain with menus primarily centering on gourmet baked potatoes. The idea for the restaurant chain grew out of the desire to provide patrons with sensible and fit meal options while maintaining fast food business formats. Spudulike maintains dozens of locations throughout the greater London area and looks to expand business in the near future.

The unique and fit menus offered by the fast food chain serve as the most common draw for business. Patrons enjoy wide varieties of gourmet and specialty offerings from Spudulike. Favourite menu selections include potatoes loaded with beans, pickles, fish, sweet corn, and prawns. Customers may choose from standard daily offerings or create menus items to taste and pair meals with side items like garlic bread, coleslaw, bacon, and pickles. Spudulike also sells arrayed desserts, coffees, teas, and soft drinks. The close proximity to the largest city in the U.K. spurs droves of business to the specialty foods chain. Spudulike restaurants generally operate inside large shopping centres and arcades. Foot traffic often proves the main means of generating brand awareness for the chain. Spudulike also uses child-friendly potato mascots to increase brand awareness and create fun and inviting atmospheres at restaurant locations.

Began in 1974, Spudulike enjoyed substantial initial success. On the heels of the early success, Spudulike started franchising in the late 1970s. The first franchised locations debuted in areas surrounding Edinburgh. Eventually the brand moved south, toward London, and established several locations in the greater metropolitan areas over the next two decades. British School of Motoring officially acquired the restaurant chain and operated as sole proprietor between 1979 and 1982. Spudulike broke away from British School of Motoring thereafter and continues to operates as a private entity. As of September 2013, Spudulike manages over two dozen locations throughout England, Ireland, and Scotland.

Spudulike menus offer patrons unorthodox alternatives to traditional fast foods. Patrons enjoy fit menus featuring baked potatoes covered in delicious toppings. Popular toppings include fish, beans, chicken, egg, and corn. Specific offerings include Baked & Filled and Crushed & Topped potatoes. Customers may pair baked potatoes with side items, like garlic bread, and wide selections of drinks, including teas, coffees, mineral waters, and soft drinks. Menus also feature fresh-baked pastries, such as Danishes, muffins, and cakes. Spudulike locations prepare foods made-to-order and feature dining areas for patrons to enjoy meals. Carryout services also remain available for customers.

A private company, Spudulike fell under ownership of British School of Motoring for four years in the late 1970s and early 1980s. After demerging with BSM, Spudulike reverted back to private operations. The restaurant chain continues to franchise and looks to open new locations across the U.K. in the near future. Spudulike shops generate more than £15 million in annual revenues. Company corporate headquarters operate out of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

Minimum age to work at Spudulike: 16

Official Site: www.spudulike.co.uk/careers

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