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Applicants participating in the Southern Fried Chicken hiring process must meet the minimum age of 16. Depending on desired location, some Southern Fried Chicken restaurants allow applicants as young as 13 to work for the international fried chicken chain. Workers must obtain proper documentation in order to work under the age of 16 in most countries. Entry-level jobs available provide part-time and full-time shift capabilities. Careers in management also provide full-time hours. The average associate sits through at least one face-to-face interview during the hiring process. Hiring managers ask aspiring employees questions related to the position desired to gauge work ethics and personality traits. Complete an online job application to begin the hiring process for Southern Fried Chicken now.

Popular Southern Fried Chicken Job Titles and Salary Information
The most common jobs for hire at Southern Fried Chicken locations include entry-level cashier and team member positions. Jobs available feature team-oriented, fast-paced work environments with opportunities for career growth into managerial or supervisory roles. Southern Fried Chicken conducts hiring on a consist basis and needs to hire for the following jobs:

Cashier – A majority of Southern Fried Chicken cashiers work part-time or roughly 15 to 30 hours per week, depending on experience and time spent with the company. The position regularly involves standing on foot for extended periods of time, interacting with customers, and performing basic computations on computerized cash registers. The ability to engage with others in a professional manner benefits prospective associates during the Southern Fried Chicken hiring process. Applicants must also demonstrate willingness to take on additional tasks during busy business hours. Southern Fried Chicken cashier employees often start out at minimum wage and earn as much as £8.00 an hour.

Team Member – Job duties for Southern Fried Chicken team members involve both customer interaction and food preparation. Team members utilize standard commercial kitchen equipment, such as large grills, oven, fryers, and stove ranges, to carry out assigned tasks. Some culinary experience often aids workers during the hiring process. Fast, efficient, and persistent work ethics also sit favourably with Southern Fried Chicken hiring managers. Like Southern Fried Chicken cashiers, team member associates receive minimum wage starting pay. Increases in hourly wages may occur through promotion or reward for time spent with the company and solid work performance.

Management – Southern Fried Chicken also regularly hires applicants over the age of 18 to work as managers. In addition to age restrictions, basic hiring requirements for Southern Fried Chicken managers include graduation of fourth of fifth year schooling, proven experience in the fast food industry, and ability to pass medical and criminal examinations. Supervisor positions provide for both part-time and full-time hours. Southern Fried Chicken assistant managers and restaurants managers work full-time schedules. Job duties entail conducting employee orientation and job interviews, setting work schedules, processing payroll, delegating daily tasks, and monitoring sales goals. Supervisors earn between £8.00 and £10.00 per hour. Pay scales increase to yield an average of £20,000 in annual salary for assistant managers, while salary options for Southern Fried Chicken managers fall around £25,000 to £35,000.

Benefits of Working at Southern Fried Chicken
As a popular company with locations around the world, Southern Fried Chicken gives back to employees with comprehensive work benefits. Both entry-level associates and full-time managers enjoy a wide range of employment benefits. Workers receive paid training, complimentary uniforms, access to competitive pay rates and career opportunities, and professional development programs. Qualified associates also enjoy employee benefits, such as pension schemes, childcare vouchers, healthcare plans, and paid holiday. Specific job benefits available often vary due to franchising. Contact a local Southern Fried Chicken location to find more information on available employment benefits and job opportunities.

More Information
Company founder Arthur Withers came up with the idea for Southern Fried Chicken shortly after World War II. Arthur visited the United States frequently after the Second World War, primarily Southern states like Alabama and North Carolina, where the idea for the company took shape. Gathering what knowledge the entrepreneur and culinary artist could while employed by American franchise Barbeque King, Withers shaped the concept for Southern Fried Chicken restaurants. Withers sought to capitalize on the expanding fried chicken markets created by the introduction of KFC stores. Upon opening the first location in the early 1980s, the restaurant chain experienced immediate success. Southern Fried Chicken grew to include more than 700 locations in approximately 70 worldwide. Around 15,000 entry-level associates and experienced professionals work for Southern Fried Chicken company-wide.

Scattered throughout much of the U.K., Southern Fried Chicken represents one of the largest fried chicken fast food chains in the world. Fast and friendly service highlight two of the many reasons Southern Fried Chicken earns widespread notoriety. Southern Fried Chicken uses flavors and recipes inspired by Cajun and home-style cooking of the American South. The rich, bold, and spicy flavors draw millions of customers annually. Southern Fried Chicken locations sit in busy shopping centers, airports, shopping malls, and along busy streets in major metropolitan areas. Throughout the United Kingdom, Southern Fried Chicken also operate in larger suburbs and rural communities.

Southern Fried Chicken conceptualized in the 1960s after company founder Arthur Withers began working for a barbeque chicken restaurant in the American South. Building on the knowledge gained overseas, Withers returned to the U.K. and opened the Southern Fried Chicken chain in the early 1980s. Early success and eventual franchising led to widespread expansion of the brand over the next twenty years. In 2012, the restaurant chain debuted the first drive-thru location. In excess of 700 Southern Fried Chicken restaurants operate worldwide.

Menu items available at Southern Fried Chicken locations largely include fried chicken offerings. Customers may choose from bite-size, nugget, fillet strip, or piece-dinners. Southern Fried Chicken also sells burgers, wraps, paneer, tofu-based vegetarian options, fries, and salads. Side orders of baked beans and coleslaw, traditional Southern favourites, also highlight Southern Fried Chicken menus. Customers may dine-in or carry out orders, and as of December 2012, patrons may also use drive-thru services at select locations.

Southern Fried Chicken operates as a private company. Owned, operated, and franchised by FFS Brands Ltd, Southern Fried Chicken serves as one of the most popular fried chicken chains in the United Kingdom. FFS Brands Ltd generates millions of pounds in annual profits through Southern Fried Chicken. The restaurant chain maintains corporate offices in Reading, England, UK.

Minimum age to work at Southern Fried Chicken: 16

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