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One of the largest companies in the world offering food services and facilities management, Sodexo provides services worldwide. The corporation employs approximately 380,000 skilled professionals to fill positions in over 80 countries. Serving many public sectors, the conglomerate specializes in schools, hospitals, private organisations, government agencies, assigned-living facilities, and correctional institutions. In the U.K. and Ireland, roughly 35,000 labourers assist over 2,000 clients. Some of the services include construction management, food support, receptions, and grounds maintenance. Entry-level candidates quickly find room for advancement and company programmes which facilitate continuous education.

Sodexo Jobs and Pay Scales Information
Previous experience in related positions helps candidates stand out in competitive applicant pools. Employees enjoy flexibility with regard to working environments and scheduling. Nearly every opportunity requires superb communication skills, both verbal and written. Potential labourers must also prove the right to work in the U.K. without restrictions. Entry-level aspirants looking for fixed-term and permanent positions may find availability in the following job titles:

Receptionist – Instrumental in delivering superior customer service to internal and external clients, receptionists stand as members of the front of house. As the first points contact, both in-person and over the telephone, individuals must effectively build and maintain professional relations. Other key responsibilities include replenishing refreshments, upholding orderliness of meeting rooms, ordering stationery, and other general administrative and clerical duties. Basic knowledge of MS Office along with excellent communication skills help associates complete duties. Courteous and professional candidates often make salary options of £11.00 to £12.00 an hour.

Cleaner – Hourly rates of £6.75 hold accessible for skilled labourers with previous cleaning experience. Preceding knowledge of floor buffers and heavy scrubber driers also aids in gaining employment. Team workers with relevant qualifications clean company buildings efficiently and in timely manners. Labourers use cleaning chemicals, which require safe and proper handling. Employees keep stores tidy and equipment well stocked. Cleaners must pay attention to work hazards at all times to avoid potential accidents. Good practice includes setting safety signs in appropriate spaces when necessary.

Food Service Assistant – Assistants guarantee client satisfaction while preparing, presenting, and serving food, beverages, and vending services. Labourers assist with the replenishment of food and ensure equipment remains available at all times. Presenting a good company image proves essential in addition to providing excellent customer service. Particular care for special dietary requirements, such as nut or wheat allergies, also stands mandatory. Salary packages of £6.50 an hour present available to qualified applicants. Desirable traits of good communication skills, previous experience in food handling, ability to adhere to safety procedures, and basic certificates in general hygiene remain important.

Sodexo Job Benefits
Work benefits schemes entice multitudes of candidates to seek employment with the company. Job benefits packages include private medical insurance, pension schemes, and a range of discounts for everyday necessities from weekly food shopping to the cinema and restaurants. Labourers also continue education through specific induction programmes. Loyalty remains recognised through paid time off and prize vouchers for individuals going the extra distance. Employees receive exposure in a magazine and earn chances to win awards by demonstrating dedication and commitment.

More Information
Committed team members find roles within the company as everything from catering managers and chefs to landscape gardeners and computer programmers. Sodexo remains on a mission to deliver services to enhance the daily lives of customers. The culture of the corporation consists of pride, satisfaction, and ultimately fun. Inclusive and diverse work environments drive talented teams filled with unique perspectives and backgrounds.

Sodexo contributes to local communities with the support of employees. Sustainability strategy to 2020, STOP Hunger initiative, and the Better Tomorrow Plan utilize the business activity of the company to develop volunteering and fundraising efforts. Whether serving the community or customers, the business constantly evolves over the years to offer the best quality of daily life solutions. Candidates able to add dynamic ideas often find lavish rewards.

Launched in 1966 by Pierre Bellon in Marseille, France, Sodexo initially served only restaurants, hospitals, and schools. During the 1970s, the company experienced rapid expansion on a global level to include Belgium, Africa, the Middle East, and South America, among other locations. Public offerings under the former banner, Sodexho, first took place on the Paris Stock Exchange in 1983. Later in 2002, the company made an appearance on the New York Stock Exchange. The name also experienced changes over the years from Sodexho Alliance in 2000 to the final alteration of Sodexo in 2008.

From self-service food amenities to facility management and vouchers, Sodexo offers an array of unique services for clients. Consumers request restaurant staff, catering, meal delivery, vending, and executive dining support. Other necessities, such as receptionists, cleaners, groundkeepers, and vendor management, remain easily obtainable. For other customers, plumbing and water treatment, HVAC systems, and annual equipment maintenance contracts entice interest. Companies and public authorities maintain the option of receiving meal passes, mobility passes, restaurant vouchers, book cards, and training vouchers.

As a multinational corporation, Sodexo breaks down revenue with 37 percent of profits deriving from the Continental Europe, 8 percent from U.K. and Ireland, and the rest from North America and other regions. Revenue reaches approximately £16 billion annually for the conglomerate. The company experienced organic growth of roughly 0.04 percent and benefits from a Corporate Credit Rating of BBB+.

Minimum Age to Work at Sodexo: 18

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