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ShakeAway seeks new franchise opportunities on a regular basis and frequently needs to hire new employees in order to sustain ongoing plans for expansion. Commonly available ShakeAway jobs include positions suitable for applicants of all career levels. Entry-level job seekers often work as shakettes and serve customers, while more experienced workers may qualify for management careers and oversee daily restaurant operations. Each job opportunity with ShakeAway features competitive pay, attractive employment benefits, and the potential for career advancement with a successful and innovative specialty restaurant franchise.

ShakeAway Job Titles and Salary Info
Available with part-time and full-time hours, ShakeAway jobs prove equally ideal as seasonal employment opportunities and as professional careers. Part-time and temporary positions usually remain reserved for entry-level job seekers, while management careers generally follow full-time work schedules. ShakeAway regularly hires applicants at least 16 years of age for the following jobs:

Shakette – Like counter attendants or team members at other restaurants, shakettes at ShakeAway perform a variety of customer service, food preparation, and cash handling duties. Workers greet customers and take orders, use blenders to prepare milkshakes, and operate cash registers to process sales transactions. Other job responsibilities include washing equipment and utensils, cleaning work and dining areas, and organising inventory. Prospective shakette associates need energetic personalities and the ability to interact comfortably and constantly with guests. ShakeAway hiring managers often prefer applicants with open or flexible schedule availability. Shakette jobs feature hourly pay rates starting at or near the national minimum wage and often increasing with experience.

Management – ShakeAway managers work to achieve sales targets and total customer satisfaction. Each ShakeAway store boasts a management team composed of supervisors, assistant managers, and a general manager. Common job duties include hiring and training entry-level associates, scheduling employees for work, supervising work shifts, overseeing quality assurance procedures, and handling customer concerns. Managers also develop and implement sales strategies, monitor budgets and control costs, balance financial records, maintain sufficient stock levels, and perform shakette duties as needed. ShakeAway requires managerial applicants to have previous experience working in catering or retail. Candidates for general manager positions usually need to possess extensive prior management experience, as well. Prospective managers should have flexible, full-time schedule availability and the ability to remain on-call during all ShakeAway business hours. Managerial pay scales largely depend on job title, experience, and franchise location. Supervisors typically earn between £7.00 and £8.00 an hour, while salary options for assistant managers generally range from £15,000 to £25,000 per year. ShakeAway general managers often make £30,000 or more in annual salary.

Benefits of Working at ShakeAway
As the largest chain of milkshake bars in the world, ShakeAway boasts the resources necessary to offer work benefits as enticing as the frozen desserts the company produces. New employees take immediate advantage of competitive pay scales, company uniform programmes, and dynamic work environments. ShakeAway jobs also come with flexible work schedules and opportunities for career advancement as the company continues to grow.

Managers and other eligible ShakeAway associates often enjoy access to additional job benefits, like optional healthcare coverage, life assurance, pension schemes, and holiday time. Many ShakeAway locations extend full or partial discounts on milkshakes to workers. The availability of certain employee benefits frequently varies by specific franchise location.

More Information
ShakeAway operates the largest milkshake bar company in the world. Established in the British seaside town of Bournemouth in 1999, ShakeAway oversees a network of roughly 40 milkshake bars throughout the United Kingdom. The company also maintains international locations in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, with plans to open additional stores in the Middle East and the United States in the near future. ShakeAway attracts and retains a cult following of fans by offering innovative flavours of milkshakes served in uniquely entertaining restaurant environments. The self-proclaimed original re-inventor of milkshakes regularly opens new franchises, providing frequent employment opportunities for British job seekers.

An innovator within the cold dessert industry, ShakeAway uses highly original techniques to produce milkshakes and create vibrant restaurant settings. The famous ShakeAway menu features more than 180 flavours available in millions of possible combinations. ShakeAway employees, or “shakettes,” make each milkshake to order using premium ingredients like real fruit, Lindt truffles, and even edible flakes of genuine 23-carat gold. Store locations boast original, interactive company programming branded as ShakeAway DJ radio and ShakeAway TV. The chain of milkshake bars also connects with customers through the ShakeAway VIP Loyalty Club Card programme, which gives members access to free products, exciting contests and prizes, and exclusive events.

Established in 1999, the first ShakeAway store opened in the English coastal resort town of Bournemouth. The ShakeAway concept emerged when the company founders blended Rolos candies with milk and ice cream, creating an entirely new milkshake flavour. Adding premium ingredients to traditional milkshakes quickly proved popular and spurred the steady growth of ShakeAway throughout the 2000s. ShakeAway operates roughly 40 milkshake bars across the United Kingdom and also enjoys an established presence in the Middle East. The company maintains ongoing plans for domestic and international expansion in the coming years.

Featuring 180 milkshake varieties, the ShakeAway menu offers millions of possible flavour combinations ranging from the classic to the creative. ShakeAway organises available milkshake selections into categories like Sweety, Chocolatey, Fruity, Cakey, and Biscuity. Notable menu items include the Millionaires Milkshake, which blends dark chocolate and roasted hazelnuts with whipped cream and edible flakes of real 23-carat gold. In addition to milkshakes, ShakeAway offers smoothies, fat-free frozen yoghurt, and limited edition seasonal selections. The chain of milkshake bars also features fries reinvented in multiple new flavours, such as curry, sweet chili, and chocolate.

ShakeAway operates as a private limited company. In 2011, ShakeAway adopted the formal moniker ShakeAway Worldwide Limited. The company maintains nearly 40 milkshake bars combining to generate millions of pounds in revenue each year. Corporate offices remain in Bournemouth, England, UK.

Minimum age to work at ShakeAway: 16

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