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With operations in both the United Kingdom and Ireland, Schuh offers job seekers viable options for employment in several capacities. The most common jobs available with the retail chain include part-time, entry-level positions in customer service. Schuh shops must also hire managerial candidates to maintain operations and oversee entry-level employees. The typical applicant needs to possess a stylish and attentive personality. Customer service skills and basic math skills also benefit prospective job seekers during the Schuh hiring process.

Popular Schuh Positions and Salary Info
Schuh retailers maintain sizeable workforces in order to provide exceptional levels of customer service. The brand prides business operations on the ability to meet customer demands and provide quality merchandise at reasonable prices. Jobs available feature flexible scheduling, paid training, and access to career development programmes. Refer to the following list of Schuh retail jobs to learn more about the most common positions for hire.

Sales Assistant – Schuh sales assistants carry out basic customer service responsibilities at store locations. Applicants interested in Schuh sales assistant jobs must meet the minimum hiring age of 16 to gain employment. No other real hiring requirements exist for sales assistant workers. Personable attitudes and friendly demeanors typically sit well with Schuh hiring managers. The position requires associates to work on foot for long periods of time. Job duties may include retrieving merchandise from backroom areas, assisting customers with fitting, and offering advice on styles, sizes, and brands. Familiarity with Schuh brand shoes and other top shoe brands proves beneficial but not entirely necessary for prospective sales assistant workers. Most sales assistants start out at minimum wage and earn pay increases through proven work performance.

Management – Schuh managerial opportunities prove ideal for applicants seeking long-term employment or professional careers in the fashion retail industry. Minimum hiring ages include individuals 18 and over. Schuh managers must possess excellent leadership, organizational, and motivational skills. Job duties range from hiring and training new employees and setting work schedules to driving profits, visual merchandising, processing payroll, reconciling tills, and enforcing company policies, procedures, and protocols. Managers also ensure customer satisfaction, monitor inventory levels, and place product orders as necessary. Opportunities include trainee manager, deputy manager, and store manager. Trainee managers often work part-time or full-time and earn between £7.00 and £8.00 per hour. Pay rates increase for Schuh deputy managers up to £20,000 in annual salary for experienced associates. Schuh store managers typically receive salary options around £30,000 a year.

Benefits of Working at Schuh
First-time workers gain valuable industry experience at Schuh retail shops. The prominent chain provides in-depth training for entry-level associates upon hire as well as further development for workers interested in long-term employment opportunities with the company. Schuh employees receive competitive pay, flexible scheduling options, and enjoy supportive, fun, and rewarding work environments.

Schuh workers in more advanced career roles, such as deputy manager and store manager positions, gain access to employment benefits packages, as well. Available work benefits include paid holiday, bonus schemes, and pension schemes. Job benefits available and eligibility requirements may vary due to franchising. Contact a local Schuh shop to receive additional information on employee benefits and job opportunities.

More Information
A prominent name in the shoe retail industry, Schuh operates as a High Street brand throughout the United Kingdom. The chain originally began in Scotland in the early 1980s and eventually broadened operations into England. Schuh also maintains shops in Ireland. In total, roughly 75 locations operate under the Schuh banner across the U.K. and Ireland. Schuh manages a flagship store in London, England, UK.

Pronounced like “shoe,” Schuh retail stores offer wide selections of stylish and fashionable footwear for women, men, and kids. Tops brands available at Schuh retailers include Adidas, Blowfish, Toms, Puma, Rocket Dog, and Hush Puppies in addition to Schuh brand footwear and accessories. Other products lines include school bags, handbags, caps, gloves, and shoe care supplies. A prominent presence on High Street shopping districts and in shopping centres throughout the U.K. and Ireland solidifies Schuh as a major competitor in the shoe retail industry.

The concept for Schuh originated in 1981, with the first location opening in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. Schuh moved into English markets in 1994 on the heels of success in Scotland. 1997 saw the first Irish location under the Schuh banner. One year later, the fashion retailer launched a company website. In the 2000s, Schuhh branched out and began selling merchandise through concessions at popular department stores. The company operated under Goldbergs until 1991 and as an independent company from then until corporate takeover by Genesco in 2011. Schuh locations internationally tally over 75 shops.

Products and Services
Schuh stores primarily sell shoes. In addition to a personal label sold in stores, Schuh sells other major top-label brands, like Adidas, Nike, Puma, New Balance, DC Shoes, Blowfish, Dr. Martens, and Skechers. Available product lines include items for men, women, and children. Schuh also sells fashion accessories and shoe care products. Customers may purchase merchandise in-store or online through the company website.

A long-time independent company, Schuh operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of American retailer Genesco Inc. Headquartered in Nashville, TN, USA, Genesco Inc. manages popular name brands like Journeys, Shi by Journeys, Hat World, Dockers, and Johnston & Murphy. Along with Schuh, Genesco brands generate $2 billion in annual revenues. Schuh alone pulls in nearly £170 million in annual turnover. Corporate headquarters for the shoe retailer reside in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland.

Minimum age to work at Schuh: 16

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