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Entry-level jobs and professional careers available with Santander stand as easily accessible as branch locations. Applicants in search of work in the U.K. banking industry should fill out an online application form now. Santander uses a straightforward hiring process to screen candidates for various positions throughout the company. Minimum hiring stipulations require applicants to stand at least 18 and hold relevant experience in the banking industry or sales. Santander also prefers workers with academic background and personable attitudes. Most Santander employees start out as customer service advisors. Professional careers in management, lending, accounting, IT, and human resources also stand readily available.

Popular Positions and Salary Information
Most positions available at Santander banks require applicants to meet stringent qualifications for employment consideration. Applicants undergo rigorous interviews during the Santander hiring process, which may include phone interviews, group interviews, panel interviews, and one-on-one interviews, depending on position desired. Aptitude tests and background checks also regularly prove necessary for employment. The hiring process may take anywhere from a month to several months to complete. Santander needs to hire for the following jobs:

Customer Service Advisor – An entry-level job title, the position of customer service advisor with Santander involves sales. Workers interact with customers and provide detailed information on products and services available. Regular sales may include loans, mortgage financing, and savings accounts. Applicants who display active listening and critical-thinking skills typically outperform other candidates for Santander customer service advisor jobs in the UK. Santander customer service advisor associates must also work well in team-oriented job settings. The position features both full-time and on-call schedule availabilities. Average pay starts out around £12,000 per year and may increase up to £14,000 annually with experience.

Personal Banking Advisor – Like customer service advisors, Santander personal banking advisors work directly with customers and assist with inquiries and application of banking services. Unlike customer service advisors, personal banking advisors work exclusively with set clientele. Applicants must possess confident, professional, and attentive demeanors. The typical work environment includes fast-paced settings and high-demand, results-oriented expectations. Santander personal banking advisors begin at £15,000 in annual salary and may earn as much as £20,000 a year.

Branch Management – Santander Group management teams oversee banking operations, ensure guest satisfactions, and supervise subordinate employees. Ancillary job duties include hiring and training workers, setting schedules, analysing sales data and meeting target goals, and establishing business relationships with members of surrounding communities. Santander often promotes from within for careers in management; however, Santander also outsources for managerial talent. The banking firm holds managers to the same results-oriented expectations of personal banking advisors. Proven leadership and networking capabilities set aspiring managers apart from other candidates. Starting pay for Santander managers begins around £16,000 per year. Annual salary options increase to more than £70,000 for business and branch managers.

Benefits of Working for Santander UK
As an international company, Santander encourages diversity in the workplace and offers comprehensive and ongoing career development programmes for aspiring professionals. The leading banking firm treats training programmes like partnerships and invests in the professional and personal growth of associates.

Santander banks also provide employment benefits packages featuring financial planning and health and wellness programmes. Employees enjoy pension schemes and life cover, access to company cars, discounts on gym memberships and other health and fitness related products, and up to 25 days paid holiday. Santander jobs also provide flexible work schedules and employee assistance programmes. Complete and submit an online application to learn more about Santander work benefits and employment opportunities.

More Information
Formally known as Grupo de Santander, international banking and financial services company Santander stands as one of the largest companies in the world. Santander serves dozens of countries, including the United Kingdom, United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, and nations throughout Latin America, Africa, and the rest of Europe. Santander represents the largest bank in Europe with a presence in 18 countries. In the U.K., Santander manages over 1,300 branches and employs roughly 25,000 workers nationwide. Grupo de Santander manages just shy of 14,400 branches and employs 186,000 associates worldwide.

Santander UK provides personal, business, and corporate banking solutions. Customers may access Santander services online, in-house, or through money machines located throughout the country. Knowledgeable and helpful staff assists patrons with banking needs. Instead of lending money overseas, Santander lends only to other U.K. companies and individuals. The company also employs local management teams and maintains operations through satellite corporate offices located in the United Kingdom. The massive network of branch locations and easy accessibility to Santander services spur millions of customers to the banking chain each year. Annually, Santander UK serves around 25 million customers.

The history of Grupo de Santander traces back to 1857 when then Queen Isabel II formally established the Banco Santander. The bank instantly created international relations with countries in Latin America. The company debuted the first branch network in the 1920s. Banco Santander continued to grow throughout the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, which saw the first Santander UK location opened in London, England, UK. Growth in the United Kingdom steadied until 2004 when Santander purchased The Abbey Group, one of the largest banks in the U.K. In 2008, Santander UK merged again with large banking firms in the U.K. After the merger, the United Kingdom division of Grupo de Santander managed close to 1,300 branches countrywide. The 2008 merger also saw Santander join the ranks of the largest banks in the world.

Products and Services
Santander caters to institutions, corporations, governments, private investors, universities, and individual clients. Each location tailors services to federal banking regulations and provides highly specialised services, like mortgage, lending and loan, savings and checking accounts, market investments, insurance, and credit. Personal login accounts accessible through the Santander UK website allows for easy online banking in addition to hassle-free banking services available at branch locations throughout the United Kingdom.

The third-largest bank in the United Kingdom, Santander UK operates under five banners: Cahoots, Alliance & Leicester, Santander, Santander Consumer UK, and Santander Asset Management. Parent company Grupo de Santander lists as the 43rd largest company in the world according to an April 2013 FORBES ranking. Santander trades on multiple stock exchanges, including Bolsa de Madrid (SAN), London Stock Exchange (BNC), New York Stock Exchange (SAN), Euronext (SANT and SANTA), and Borsa Italiana (SANT). The United Kingdom off chute of the international banking firm generates close to €8.9 billion in annual revenues, which accounts for only a fraction of the €43 billion in annual revenues generated by Grupo de Santander as a whole. Santander UK home offices sit in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. Grupo de Santander headquarters reside in Santander, Spain.

Minimum age to work Santander: 18

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