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As an expanding and popular company, Primark must hire and maintain large workforces in order to serve customer bases throughout the United Kingdom and Western Europe. Primark represents an ideal place for first-time workers and seasoned professionals alike to find meaningful employment in the fashion retail industry. Both part-time and full-time job opportunities sit readily available to interested applicants. Fill out an online application form to gain immediate hiring consideration for Primark jobs.

Popular Primark Jobs and Salary Information
As in most retail stores, sales and customer service rank as two highly important aspects of business. Primark needs to hire part-time and full-time entry-level staff in order to maintain successful operations. Hiring also takes place for supervisors and managers on a regular basis. The minimum hiring age sits at 16 for Primark jobs. Popular positions for hire include:

Sales Assistant – An entry-level job title, Primark sales assistant positions involve customer service, stocking, and sales responsibilities. Primary job duties include stocking products and merchandise, organizing displays, greeting customers, answering questions regarding styles, stock, and company policies, coordinating dressing rooms, and completing transactions. Interest in fashion and basic math skills typically prove necessary for employment. Hiring managers also look to hire applicants with exceptional communications skills and personable attitudes. The average Primark sales assistant works part-time or between 15 and 30 hours per week. Starting wages hover around £5.00 an hour.

Management – Several positions fall under the category of management at Primark stores. Workers in search of full-time jobs may apply online for retail supervisor, weekend supervisor, department manager, and store manager job titles. Specific responsibilities vary by position but generally include supervising entry-level workers, managing inventories, ordering products and scheduling shipment deliveries, opening and closing the store, and enforcing company protocol. Primark managerial staff also oversees the hiring and training of new associates. The average supervisor earns between £7.00 and £8.00 per hour. Primark department managers receive annual salary options between £25,000 and £30,000. Pay tops out around £50,000 a year for store manager employees.

Benefits of Working at Primark
Primark provides sound and rewarding work environments for entry-level workers and professional associates alike. Upon completing the hiring process, employees enjoy flexible schedule schemes, competitive wages, and access to long-term careers through ongoing training and development programs. Primark also offers employment benefits packages to qualified employees. Job benefits typically stand reserved for full-time buyer and merchandising workers and professionals in managerial or corporate careers.

Employee benefits packages available feature future planning assistance, monetary rewards, and healthcare options. Primark provides access to childcare vouchers, contributory pension schemes, up to 23 days paid holiday per year, health insurance, and bonus schemes. Apply online with Primark to receive hiring consideration from the department store chain and earn outstanding work benefits now.

More Information
Primark operates as a prominent clothing retailer in the United Kingdom. Primarily found in Ireland, Primark specializes in fashions for men, women, and children. Style lines include trendy, casual clothing at reasonable prices. Originally founded as Penneys in the late 1960s, Primark manages around 250 stores throughout Western Europe. Primark bases operations on providing contemporary trends to customers through lean business models. The retailer employs roughly 22,000 workers throughout Europe.

Contemporary fashions for the casual adult represent the most prevalent clothing styles sold at Primark stores. Men and women, as well as children, find clothing, fashion accessories, and footwear for all occasions available at Primark retailers. The modern and popular styles made from comfortable fabrics serve as regular draws for the European fashion retail chain. Reasonable prices and convenient locations also lend to the success of the Primark brand. Most stores operate in densely populated areas as part of large shopping centers or shopping malls. Primark also provides online access to products and services through the company website.

Primark began as Penneys in 1969. Originally opened in Dublin, Ireland, the fashion retail chain entered the markets in Great Britain in the early 1970s. In 1984, Primark acquired five Woolworth locations and pushed the total number of stores under the Primark banner to 22. The 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s saw rapid expansion for Primark across the U.K. Most of the growth experienced by the retail chain came as a result of several acquisitions of competing stores. Primark opened the first location outside the United Kingdom in 2006. The company went on to open stores in five other countries in the years following, including the original international location in Spain, as well as in The Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, and Austria. The United Kingdom hosts roughly 160 Primark stores, while Ireland lays claim to just shy of 40 locations as of September 2013.

Products and Services
The popular fashion retailer stands most notable for affordable, trendy styles featuring contemporary designs. Using fast fashion and lean business models, Primark sells a wide array of clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. Items available include pants, shirts, blouses, tops, dresses, skirts, button-downs, ties, scarves, underwear, jackets, eveningwear, and footwear. Popular accessories include belts, necklaces, handbags, purses, charms, and bracelets. Primark locations also sell household goods and decor, such as throw rugs, candles, pillows, bedding, and decorative trinkets. The retailer highlights most products and merchandise online, as well.

Multinational food processing corporation Associated British Foods Plc serves as proprietor and parent company to Primark. Associated British Foods operates as a public limited company and maintains the British Sugar Corporation in addition to the Primark fashion retail brand. Primark trades on the London Stock Exchange under Associated British Foods as ABF. Collectively, Associated British Foods companies generate over £12 billion in annual revenues. Headquarters for Primark sit in Dublin, Ireland.

Minimum age to work Primark: 16

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