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London-based restaurant Prezzo operates as a casual Italian chain. A popular international restaurant, Prezzo maintains locations across the U.K., with establishments spanning from Aberdeen, Scotland, to Falmouth, Cornwall. In total, Prezzo manages over 160 locations in the United Kingdom.

Prezzo Job Titles and Salary Information
Prezzo looks to add positive, energetic associates to restaurant teams. Each store offers ample opportunities for part-time jobs and full-time careers. Prezzo offers a simple application process, and applicants may apply online or print out paper applications to turn in personally. Applicants may apply to the following careers with Prezzo:

Waiter – Waiters ensure guest satisfaction. Key duties for Prezzo waiter jobs include taking food and drink orders, delivering food, periodically checking in on patrons, tabulating and issuing bills, and collecting payments. Waiters also need to memorize and recite daily specials. When necessary, Prezzo waiters wrap silverware, clear and set tables, and perform basic restaurant cleaning tasks. Waiters earn National Minimum Wage in full and all tips earned in addition to the NMW.

Bartender – Bartenders with Prezzo take drink orders from waiters and patrons and create and serve drinks. During downtimes, bartenders clean glassware and maintain cleanly bar areas. When necessary, bartenders also need to stock supplies. Prezzo bartenders monitor patron alcohol consumption and work to prevent excessive drinking, as well. On average, bartenders at Prezzo restaurants earn about £6.00 an hour plus any tips earned.

Chef – Chefs follow recipes to create delicious, eye-catching dishes. Key duties include prepping dough, assembling pizzas, and operating ovens. Prezzo needs chefs to work with a sense of urgency but to never compromise quality. The restaurant holds guest and employee safety in high regard. Chefs must follow all heath and conduct guidelines at all times. Prezzo hires talented and innovative chefs to create standard menu items and specialty meals. Chefs typically make between £6.00 and £13.00 per hour. Pay scales often vary by skill level, work experience, and duration with the company.

Prezzo also offers a host of leadership opportunities, including assistant manager, kitchen manager, general manager, and area manager positions. Duties vary by specific management title. Generally, Prezzo managers supervise staff and perform operations duties. Labor management responsibilities include hiring and training crew members, coaching staff, and delegating work duties. Store operations responsibilities consist of monitoring and ordering supplies, analyzing sales, and processing payroll. Managers also resolve customer issues. The annual salary for a manager at Prezzo ranges from £13,000 to £50,000 a year. The Italian restaurant chain also offers a number of career opportunities in the home offices. Professional job seekers may discover rewarding careers with Prezzo in operations, marketing, HR, and allocation.

Benefits of Working at Prezzo
Focused on employee satisfaction, Prezzo rewards team members with generous work benefits. Eligible restaurant associates enjoy wellness assistance and financial planning aid. Qualified workers with Prezzo enjoy wellness assistance through medical insurance, dental plans, and vision plans. Financial planning aid includes pension schemes and employee stock purchase programmes. To offer an excellent work/life balance, Prezzo also provides eligible employees paid holiday.

In addition to employment benefits packages for eligible team members, Prezzo offers lucrative job perks available to all associates. Workers enjoy career advancement opportunities, such as paid training and growth programmes designed for advancing staff members within the company. Employees also enjoy working in a fun, exciting job settings with positive coworkers. Prezzo awards generous meal discounts to all crew members. Apply for a Prezzo career to learn more about available job benefits.

More Information
Prezzo actively works to offer an exceptional, individualized dining experience for every patron. Guests enjoy casual, relaxing dining atmospheres and excellent customer care. The chain primarily operates locations in buildings that carry local interest. Prezzo often obtains historic buildings with architectural value, such as historic cinemas, and turns the structures into aesthetically pleasing restaurant venues. Once established in a community, Prezzo works to benefit the area by frequently donating to and supporting local charities.

Known for quality, Prezzo offers dishes made from fresh ingredients and daily made dough. The Italian restaurant chain remains well-known for offering outstanding value as well as taste. The restaurant frequently offers promotions in-store and via the website. Prezzo continually receives awards and recognition for offing a superior dining experience. A leader in the restaurant industry, Prezzo employs more than 2,800 workers across the restaurant system. Complete an online job application to access Prezzo jobs now.

Jonathan Kaye founded the first Prezzo in Central London, England, in 2000. As the son of award-winning restaurateur Reginald Kaye, Jonathan brought years of tradition to Prezzo. With fresh, well-prepared food and inviting atmospheres, Prezzo became known for offering quality dining experiences and saw rapid expansion over the next few years. Today, Prezzo maintains over 175 restaurants across the U.K., with more than a dozen locations operating solely in London.

Prezzo specializes in pizza served in three different styles: classic, light, and heavy. A light meal comprises of a half pizza and half salad. A large is a gigantic pizza with heavy toppings and lots of sauce. In 2011, award-wining chef Aldo Zilli introduced four new pizzas to the Prezzo menu under the section “V.I.Pizzas.” In addition to pizza, Prezzo offers calzones, grilled items, pasta, filled pasta, and risotto. The Prezzo menu also includes a variety of vegetarian options. Committed to patron health, Prezzo offers light menu options, which boast 650 calories or less. The Italian restaurant avoids using genetically modified products in all menu items. To accommodate large groups, Prezzo provides set menus for parties of seven or more people.

A publicly held company, Prezzo trades on the LON stock exchange as PRZ. Prezzo PLC owns and operates Prezzo. Each year, Prezzo PLC brings in over £144 million in annual sales. Pezzo restaurants bring in more than £59 million each year with an annual net income of £7 million. A successful restaurant, Prezzo PLC increases sales each year. Prezzo head offices reside in Woodford Green Essex, England, UK.

Minimum age to work at Prezzo: 16

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