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Premier Inn operates as a leading hotel chain in the United Kingdom. The popular lodging company manages around 700 hotels worldwide, including sites in India, Ireland, and United Arab Emirates, while employing thousands. Regularly ranked as the top hotel brand in the U.K. in terms of size, the travel company serves as a subsidiary of Whitbread PLC, which maintains close to 40,000 associates across restaurants, cafes, lodgings, and other investments.


Premier Inn Jobs and Salary Information
With locations spanning the Eastern Hemisphere, the international hotel chain conducts hiring on a regular basis. Applicants must meet the minimum hiring age of 16 and feel comfortable working with the general public for employment consideration. Prospective associates may need A-Level educations for managerial jobs. Some of the most popular roles available include:

Housekeeper – An hourly entry-level position, the job title of housekeeper almost exclusively includes cleaning, organising, and restocking guest rooms and hotel corridors. Housekeepers also clean and straighten hotel lobbies and meeting areas, such as conference rooms and lounges. Familiarity with common cleaning supplies and equipment may benefit potential housekeepers. Diligent and self-motivated individuals able to work alone and as part of housekeeping teams often thrive in the role. No formal education or experience remain necessary for hiring consideration. On average, housekeepers earn minimum wage and work varied shifts, including nights, weekends, and holidays. Pay scales may increase to £8.00 an hour or so over time.

Receptionist – Available as both daytime and nighttime opportunities, receptionist jobs represent some of the most easily attainable entry-level positions with the hotel chain. Applicants need only meet basic availability requirements, enjoy direct interaction with others, and possess basic computers skills in order to gain employment. Traditionally assigned to work hotel front desks, receptionists book rooms, handle check-in/checkout processes, issue room keys, and answer questions about facility amenities, services, and surrounding areas. Receptionists must look and act professional at all times, with rules governing personal appearances dictating wardrobe and hygiene. Courtesy, positivity, and dedication remain pivotal traits sought-after by hiring staff. At most, receptionists earn hourly wages around £8.00, with entry-level base pay starting at £6.00, in most cases.

Hotel Management – A wide variety of professional careers reside under the general employment classification of management. Workers may apply online for managerial roles in housekeeping, administration, culinary, and maintenance. Relevant experience in fields desired often serves as a formal requirement. Depending on department, managers may need to work nights, weekends, and holidays on varying rotations. Premier Inn often promotes from within, which allows entry-level staff to rise into managerial roles with experience. Outside candidates also receive formal review for departmental supervisory positions; however, recruitment personnel may reward current employees preference over other candidates. Managerial pay scales start out hourly, with base-level workers receiving between £10.00 and £11.00. Upper-level managers make anywhere between £20,000 and £50,000 annual salary.

Premier Inn Job Benefits
Aside from competitive pay and room for career development and growth within the chain, Premier Inn offers both fixed-term and permanent employees lucrative work benefits schemes. Employees regularly receive healthcare options, pension schemes, childcare vouchers, leaves of absence, and paid holiday. Additional employee benefits include apprenticeship programmes and associate discounts on hotel stays and amenities. Specific job benefits programmes often vary by job title and time spent with the company.

More Information
The family-friendly hotel chain opens new locations regularly. Between May 2014 and May 2015, Premier Inn opened close to 35 hotels and plans to continue expansion in the coming years, including 15 slated openings for the following 2016 campaign. Continual growth and popular amenities lend to the ongoing success of the chain. Each year, locations hire on staffs of entry-level and professional workers to carry out administrative, housekeeping, guest services, and maintenance duties. Entry-level jobs remain most abundant in housekeeping and guests services departments. Applicants regularly find both fixed-term and full-time roles available as well as opportunities for secondment work.

Most Premier Inn locations reside close to airports, points of interest, and other popular destinations related to travel. Job seekers most readily find employment opportunities with the massive chain of hotels in major cities and along carriageways. Presence in populated areas or in close proximity to major thoroughfares provides easy access for workers and guests alike. Despite needing related backgrounds and the ability to meet educational standards for employment consideration, most entry-level job opportunities impose no formal qualifications or requirements. Conversely, laborers looking for career-level roles typically need related experience and educations falling in line with company standards.

Founded as Travel Inn, the company began in 1987 as a chain of mid-level hotels offering basic amenities available at the time. In 2004, operations nearly doubled as company parent Whitbread PLC acquired competing Premier Lodge. The acquisition led to the merging of the hotel chains to create Premier Inn. Operations continued to expand throughout the United Kingdom throughout the 2000s, which climaxed in 2008 with the first international location in Dubai, United Emirates. In 2014, the popular chain launched a sister brand called hub by Premier Inn.

Comfortable hotel accommodations remain at the forefront of Premier Inn operations. Guests enjoy king-size and twin bed options fit for families and busy travelers, colour televisions, onsite restaurants, and free WiFi services. Other amenities include free stays and meals for kids under 16. The hotel chain boasts a Good Night Guarantee, which offers reservation fees back to customers who feel dissatisfied with hotel services.

Owned and operated by Whitbread PLC, Premier Inn joins other U.K. favorite companies like Costa Coffee and Beefeater Grill under a single corporate umbrella. Collectively, hotels and restaurants operating under the parental control of Whitbread account for more than £1.6 billion in annual revenues. The public limited company pulls in more than £2.2 billion annually and trades on the London Stock Exchange as a FTSE Index 100 company under the call sign WTB. Whitbread and subsidiaries maintain corporate headquarters in Dunstable, U.K.

Minimum age to work at Premier Inn: 16

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  • josina joaquin says:

    Yes I worked there before in Manchester Dale Street Pica Dilly, it was very interesting and fun.

  • Angela fumagall says:

    I am the head house keeper for Premier Inn in Basingstoke, West. I also work reception as well. I work average 45 hrs a week and I am happy with my role within the company.

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