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PizzaExpress offers takeaway services for customers to enjoy pizza outside the restaurant environment. Extending past the restaurant services, PizzaExpress sells many gourmet food items at local supermarkets. The chain offers frozen pizzas, sauces, salad dressings, pastas, dough balls, and breads for customers to enjoy at home. Weather out on the town or staying at home, pizza lovers may enjoy PizzaExpress any time.

PizzaExpress Positions and Salary Info
Anyone looking for a fun, fast paced job should consider a career with PizzaExpress. The pizza restaurant looks for lively, passionate individuals to add spice to the team. Applicants typically need to meet the minimum age requirement of 16. Employment opportunities exist in customer service, kitchen staff, and management. Some common jobs featured at PizzaExpress include:

Waiter – Waiters and waitresses create exceptional dining experiences for PizzaExpress visitors. Primary duties include greeting guests, taking food and drink orders, bringing out meals, tallying bills, and handing out checks. When necessary, waiters need to assist in maintaining a clean and organized restaurant. PizzaExpress wants friendly, customer-focused individuals to fill waiter roles. Ideal candidates should possess a passion for food. Waiters typically earn between £6.40 and £6.90 an hour.

Pizzaiolo/Chef – Pizzailos, also referred to as chefs, uses fresh ingredients to create eye-catching, delicious foods. Pizzalos need to remain calm under pressure and push out orders quick while maintaining high quality standards. PizzaExpress looks for a chef with creativity and an eye for detail. Willing to train the right person, PizzaExpress doesn’t require pizzaiolos possess previous kitchen expense. Chefs may earn between £6.90 and £10.00 per hour.

Manager – PizzaExpress management levels include assistant manager, deputy manager, restaurant manager, and operations manager. Each job title carries specific responsibilities. In general, PizzaExpress managers maximize financial performance and ensure customer satisfaction. Financial performance duties include monitoring costs, pushing sales, and coaching and inspiring team members. To ensure guest satisfaction, managers monitor food quality and encourage associates to provide unmatched service. Pay rates vary by job title. Managers with PizzaExpress may earn between £19,000 to £50,000 a year.

PizzaExpress offers a wide range of support roles at the home officesin Uxbridge, London. Careers exist in quality control, marketing and PR, finance, IT, customer service, central restaurant operations, HR, and business administration. Applicants looking for support roles typically need an undergraduate degree, professional experience, or a combination of the two. Career-focused applicants looking to excel behind the scenes at PizzaExpress should consider opportunities in support.

Benefits of Working at PizzaExpress
All managers and select store associates earn employee benefits programmes from PizzaExpress. First and foremost, PizzaExpress offers excellent financial savings benefits to qualified crew members. Known for offering great pay, PizzaExpress adds handsome bonus schemes and compensation for team members. Qualified workers may also earn lucrative pension schemes. Additional financial benefits include performance-based incentives and service awards.

Aside from financial benefits, PizzaExpress offers a variety of wellbeing and work/life balance benefits for qualified associates. Health and wellness benefits include employee assistance programmes and childcare vouchers. For work/life balance, PizzaExpress offers paid holiday and vacation days. All employees enjoy free meals while working and generous discounts when off the clock.

More Information
PizzaExpress operates as a pizza restaurant chain where guests enjoy quality pizza in a lively, artistic environment. The pizza chain primarily operates in the United Kingdom and Ireland, with over 400 locations between the two countries. The company also maintains more than 50 locations across 12 other countries. A leading employer in the pizza industry, PizzaExpress staffs over 6,000 workers companywide.

A trendy pizza shop chain, PizzaExpress serves quality food in a unique style. The restaurant uses the finest, freshest ingredients available and cooks everything on-site. Devoid of fryers and microwave, the PizzaExpress kitchen utilizes large, top-quality ovens. PizzaExpress integrates stunning designs and live musical performances into the resultant atmosphere so guest may enjoy a fun, one-of-a-kind dining experience. Each location offers a unique visual style. PizzaExpress restaurants feature sleek interior decorating and showcase a wide variety of paintings from local artists. For a listening pleasure, PizzaExpress offers live jazz music from some talented community artists and famous names alike.

Peter Boizot grew up with a fondness for pizza and desired to bring great pizza to the UK. In 1965 he founded the first PizzaExpress in Wardour Street, London. The restaurant got off to an uneasy start when the oven proved too large to fit through the doorway. After tearing down a wall and installing the oven, the PizzaExpress legend was born. An innovative restaurant, PizzaExpress became the first chain to sell Peroni beer in the UK. Two years after opening PizzaExpress, Peter met talented artist and visual designer Enzo Apicella. The two shared passions for music, design, and exceptional food. Together, the pair integrated live music and striking, aesthetically pleasing designs into the PizzaExpress atmosphere. The Britain-based chain grew in popularity, and in 1995, PizzaExpress expanded into Ireland under the title Milano. Today, PizzaExpress maintains a network of more than 450 locations worldwide.

PizzaExpress offers an expansive, dynamic menu which changes every season. Specializing in pizza, PizzaExpress offers everything from classic pizzas to one-of-a-kind gourmet creations. Favourite pizzas featured on the PizzaExpress menu include the Roma, Francesco mazzei, and leggera pizza. In addition to pizza, the PizzaExpress menu includes salads, calzones, and pasta. The eclectic menu also features a wide range of sides and starters, which range from simple delights like dough balls and roasted tomatoes to unique concoctions such as chargrilled vegetable antipasto and polenta chips. Desserts round out the menu, and customers may choose from decadent cakes, pies, brownies, and gelato. Catering to all customers, PizzaExpress offers gluten-free and health-conscious sections on the menu.

PizzaExpress operates as a privately held company. Headquarters for the chain reside in Uxbridge, London. Chain restaurant operator Gondola Group owns PizzaExpress. A leader in the casual dining industry, Gondola Group oversees over 600 restaurant locations. In addition to PizzaExpress, Gondola Group manages ASK Italian, Milano, Byron Hamburgers, Kettners, and Zizzi. Private Equity firm Cinven owns Gondola Group.

Minimum age to work at PizzaExpress: 16

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