New Look Salary Chart & Pay Information

New Look Salary Information for Popular Positions

New Look retail clothiers offer competitive hourly wages and salary options to all employees. Most entry-level associates, whether full-time or part-time, receive hourly pay rates. More advanced workers with New Look may be given a choice; assistant managers and store managers may request an hourly pay rate or accept an annual salary package.

On average, how much money do New Look employees make?

PositionHourly Pay RateAnnual Salary
Sales Adviser£6.00 – £7.00£10,000 – £13,000
Merchandiser£12.00 – £14.00£24,000 – £28,000
Store Manager£21.00 – £24.00£45,000 – £49,000

Salary rates with New Look vary by store location and position. Work schedule (hours worked each week) also affects pay scales. Inquire with New Look hiring officials for more accurate details on expected wages with the clothing retail chain.

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