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Popular for high-end apparel and accessories, New Look clothing stores manage more than 1,000 locations across the world. However, the company heavily focuses on the United Kingdom, where the New Look brand started. Based out of Weymouth, Dorset, New Look receives nearly 10 million customers across the United Kingdom each year. Most New Look shops reside in upscale shopping centres in neighbourhoods like Brunswick, Oxford Circus, Hastings, Greenwich, and Leicester, among others.

New Look Positions and Salary Info
New Look applicants may embark on several career paths with the British retailer. The clothing company offers job opportunities based on interests and work experience. Most new employees with New Look work as sales associates, as the entry-level position helps introduce inexperienced workers to the New Look atmosphere and job culture. However, advanced careers in management also exist at New Look stores. Prospective team members may apply online for New Look jobs by creating a profile complete with contact information, employment history, education, resumes, and other personal information. Standard jobs with New Look include:

Sales Associate – Responsible for communicating with customers, New Look sales associates provide prompt and confident service to everyday shoppers. Sales associates help patrons find certain items, assisting customers in locating anything from a new outfit to an entire wardrobe. New Look employees also work to keep the store neat and orderly by folding clothes, setting up merchandise displays, filling racks, and ringing up all purchases. Sales associates with New Look generally earn £6.00 to £7.00 an hour, with the opportunity to collect commissions for sales.

Management – Although employees in management careers hold several additional responsibilities, workers still perform the same job duties as New Look sales associates. Extra job requirements for New Look managers include several common office and administrative responsibilities. Payroll, scheduling, finance, and marketing functions take up considerable time for New Look managers, in addition to recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new crew members for job vacancies. Competitive pay scales typically offset the considerable time and energy demanded from New Look store managers. Salary options for New Look managers generally range from £25,000 to £45,000 per year, depending on location and past work experience.

Other Positions – As a worldwide clothing retailer, New Look offers more than just in-store employment. Job seekers looking for more active work may apply for jobs at several distribution centres. Career-oriented applicants may find jobs at New Look corporate offices in Weymouth. Corporate departments within New Look include accounting, human relations, marketing, real estate development, procurement, and business administration. In order to gain hiring consideration for New Look head office jobs, applicants need a college degree, as well as relevant work experience.

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Benefits of Working at New Look
As a way of recognising the hard work of employees, New Look offers several enticing employment benefits. Common rewards revolve around financial flexibility, health upgrades, and lifestyle improvement. The company gives a fairly broad description of work benefits available to New Look associates. However, applicants wishing to know more regarding employee benefits should use the interview and hiring process to gain information about eligibility requirements and qualifications.

Upon hire, New Look workers receive a 50% discount on store merchandise. Additionally, the discretionary bonus scheme encourages team members to provide friendly and professional service. For future planning, New Look offers several group pension schemes. Should an employee feel the need for any kind of assistance, New Look may contact a company-sponsored support centre to help with mental anguish, financial troubles, and any other problems.

More Information
New Look offers virtually any article of clothing possible. The chain of clothing stores mainly focuses on women’s fashion, with hundreds of collections and brands. Departments within New Look stores include both formal and informal garments, along with jewelry, hair and beauty products, and accessories like bracelets and watches. New Look features new clothing lines from designers on a frequent basis. Many stores even carry apparel and footwear for men and teenagers.

New Look retail stores employ thousands of workers around the world. The workforce consists of entry-level employees and professional associates alike. New Look encourages job seekers to apply for employment at store locations across the United Kingdom. Generally, New Look prefers to hire workers with a strong interest in fashion and trendy personal style.

Tom Singh first opened New Look clothing stores in Taunton, Somerset in 1969. From the inception of the company, New Look specialized in women’s clothing and accessories. Almost immediately after opening, the company quickly began expanding into other markets. New Look presently operates more than 1,100 stores, with international locations in France, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Thailand, The Netherlands, and Russia. Corporate headquarters for New Look remain in Taunton.

Products and Services
Some of the more popular articles of clothing from New Look include jeans, dresses, swimwear, and jackets. Stores carry dozens of collections for special occasions, including garments suitable for holidays, prom, formal events, and even work. The retailer also carries many exclusive brands, such as Baboushka, Jacquard, Modern Graphic, and Dark Florals. New Look features apparel for men, including business suits, tailoring services, and leisure clothing, as well.

Privately owned, New Look employs nearly 17,000 associates in the United Kingdom, along with more than 30,000 workers internationally. Overall, New Look stores across the world help produce more than £1.2 billion in annual revenue. New Look ranks as one of the top private companies in the UK, according to national company law.

Minimum age to work at New Look: 16

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  • Allyson lyth says:

    Hi, I was wondering how I can apply for the New Look store that’s being built on Cheshire Oaks in Ellesmere Port. I’m currently working in the Ellesmere Port store in the town centre. In April I will have worked there for 6 years. I’m currently a sales advisor and I have held a supervisor role in the past. I also take part in visual merchandising and have been to a restock in Manchester Arndale. I would love to carry on my career at New Look. It’s a great company to work for and I feel I would have a lot of experience in the new store as I wouldn’t need a lot of training on tills, etc. Thank you.

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