Morrisons Salary Chart & Pay Information

Morrisons Salary Information for Popular Positions

Morrisons offers a variety of supermarket positions with varying salary rates. Part-time jobs with the grocery retailer feature competitive hourly pay, while full-time Morrisons careers generally come with yearly salaries. Wages often increases as experience and responsibilities grow.

On average, how much money do Morrisons employees make?

PositionHourly Pay RateAnnual Salary
Checkout Operator£6.00 – £8.00£11,000 – £14,000
Clerk / General Assistant£5.00 – £7.00£9,000 – £12,000
Assistant Manager£12.00 – £16.00£24,000 – £34,000
Store Manager£20.00 – £30.00£40,000 – £60,000

Pay scales at Morrisons grocery stores vary by position and location. Work schedule (hours worked per week) also influences salary outlook. Refer to Morrisons hiring representatives for more accurate information on wage expectations with the supermarket company.

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