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Morrisons grocery stores regularly need to hire entry-level workers and seasoned professionals. Applicants in search of grocery store jobs in the U.K. should fill out an online application form with Morrisons now. Work available includes paid training, competitive wages, ongoing career development, and access to job benefits packages. Most entry-level positions available involve some aspects of customer service. Managerial work with Morrisons often requires sound leadership skills and the ability to manage several tasks at once. Job seekers must meet the minimum age for employment consideration. Specific hiring requirements generally vary by Morrisons location and position.


Popular Morrisons Positions and Salary Info
Jobs available at Morrisons grocery stores require applicants to possess friendly and personable attitudes. The ability to work as part of a team also benefits prospective associates during the Morrisons hiring process. Morrisons needs to hire both part-time and full-time job seekers. Refer to the list below for information regarding common positions for hire at Morrisons:

Checkout Operator – An entry-level job title, the position of Morrisons checkout operator traditionally features part-time hours. Most checkout operator employees work 15 to 30 hours a week. Jobs feature heavy interaction with customers. Workers stand on foot for the duration of shifts and ring up purchases on computerized cash registers. Some experience using computers and basic computation skills may prove necessary for the position. Checkout operator applicants generally encounter no formal hiring requirements. Morrisons offers minimum wage starting pay to checkout operator workers. Pay scales may increase with experience or promotion into supervisory or managerial careers.

General Assistant – Another entry-level employment opportunity consistently for hire, Morrisons general assistant jobs involve aspects of customer service, as well. Primary job duties include assisting in sales, arranging and organizing products for display, answering questions about products, services, and policies, and assisting checkout operators as needed. General assistant jobs also traditionally feature part-time schedules. Manual labor may prove a regular part of the position, in addition to working on foot for long periods of time. The ability to work comfortably with the public also proves necessary for the job. General assistant associates with Morrisons begin at minimum wage, with experienced workers receiving in excess of £7.00 to £8.00 per hour.

Management – Morrisons management opportunities present ideal avenues for career seekers to find meaningful work in the grocery store industry. The prominent supermarket chain regularly conducts hiring for supervisors and managers to oversee operations and supervise subordinate employees. Jobs available range from assistant deputy manager and night manager positions to deputy general manager and store general manager roles. Morrisons assistant deputy manager and night manager jobs feature part-time and full-time schedule availability. Most managers work full-time or 40 hours a week. Managers lead and inspire workers, hire and train new employees, process payroll, enforce protocol, manage shipments and deliveries, monitor sales goals, and provide customer service as needed. Pay rates begin at £8.00 per hour for assistant deputy managers. Morrisons night managers earn around £20,000 in annual salary. Store general manager and deputy general manager workers receive salary options between £25,000 and £35,000 a year.

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Benefits of Working at Morrisons
Entry-level employees and experienced professionals alike enjoy comprehensive work benefits at Morrisons. The grocery retail giant provides competitive pay scales, flexible work schedules, complimentary uniforms, and access to career development programs. In addition to basic employee benefits, Morrisons offers academic assistance to associates through company-sponsored degree programmes designed to further develop professional skills in fields, like logistics, distribution, retail operations, IT, finance, and supply chain.

Qualified Morrisons associates, such as managers and supervisors, also receive benefits packages. Typical perks found in Morrisons employment benefits packages include share-save schemes, company pension schemes, private healthcare schemes with family dependent care options, annual bonus plans, and cash allowances towards home ownership and automobile purchases. Morrisons also provides generous in-store discounts, service award recognition, and long-term incentives plans for eligible workers. Apply online or contact a local Morrisons location to learn more about available work benefits.

More Information
Morrisons operates as one of the largest supermarket chains in the U.K. Listed as one of the Top 100 companies on the London Stock Exchange, Morrisons maintains over 500 store fronts and employs more than 132,000 associates. Morrisons originated as a small egg and butter stand in Bradford, England. The company grew into a larger business model when the son of company founder William Morrison took over in the early 1950s. Ken Morrison, son of William Morrison, began implementing modern amenities into the original store fronts, which led to increased popularity and brand awareness.

Varied departments containing fresh foods and friendly customer service representatives serve as consistent draws for the large grocery store chain. Morrisons customers enjoy a wide variety of products ranging from baked goods, deli meats, fresh produce, and made-to-order foods to fresh floral arrangements, cafe offerings, butchered meats, and seafood. A 100% satisfaction guarantee backs all products sold in store. Customers dissatisfied with purchases may return products for full refunds. Morrisons also guarantees availability on sale items, which helps beat out competitors and retain large customer bases. Most locations sit within reasonable distances of busy thoroughfares or highways. Morrisons stores accommodate hundreds of patrons at a time and offer inviting atmospheres for shopping.

Morrisons began in 1899. Founded by William Morrison, the grocer originally sold only eggs and butter out of a small stall in Bradford, England. When Ken Morrison, the son of the founder, took over the company in 1952, the business model shifted to include more modern supermarket amenities out of larger store locations. The first modern Morrisons location opened in 1961. Six years later, Morrisons listed as a public company and began to expand throughout the United Kingdom. The company expanded considerably after a 2004 acquisition of competing British grocery store chain Safeway. In 2010, Morrisons completed a purchase of 35 stores stemming from the takeover of Somerfield by Co-operative Group. Around 500 locations operate under the Morrisons brand name.

Products and Services
Products available at Morrisons grocery stores include general grocery items, fresh produce, meats, seafood, baked goods, and frozen foods. Morrisons also provides in-store services, like pharmacy, dry-cleaning, floral, cafe, beer and wine, and tobacco sales. Customers enjoy both company-brand and name-brand items listed at market-competitive prices. Other items sold at Morrisons stores include baby items, school supplies, health and beauty supplies, cleaning supplies, toiletry items, and electronics. Morrisons stores also sell clothing under the company-brand Nutmeg label. An online store provides access to all Morrisons products, as well as tips on health and beauty, cooking, and family living.

Formally operating as a public limited company, Morrisons ranks among the Top 40 largest companies in the United Kingdom. Morrisons lists as MRW on the London Stock Exchange. Annual revenues for the supermarket chain exceed £18.1 billion. The Morrison family owns roughly 15% of available shares as of September 2013. Company corporate headquarters reside in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England.

Minimum age to work Morrisons: 16

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  • vicky moore says:

    Morrisons is the nicest job ive ever had.I wish Id never left, I miss every thing about it.

    • Mark Frank says:

      How do I apply for part time in Morrisons on shelf staking

  • anthony birks says:

    I worked for Morrison’s in 1976, it got me to work with the public. That got me working for 36 years on and of which I relay enjoy and miss.

  • David Smith says:

    Worked at Morrisons, it was a fabulous place too work. I worked the fish counter, then the garden center, then checkouts and produce and then flower shop. Everything too do customer orientated, great place despite management.

  • Jackie says:

    Worked at Morrison’s for 12 years, I did a variety of jobs including till, administration, cash office, cigarettes, as well as deli for 5 years. I loved working for Morrison’s and would like to return one day.

  • Susan Hudson says:

    Worked for Morrisons in the past, really enjoyed my time there.

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