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An upscale lodging collective based in Scotland, Macdonald Hotels provides four-star and above services for holidaymakers travelling throughout the U.K. Additionally operating resorts in Spain and Portugal, the company reports increasing yearly turnovers. Hospitality labourers may find lucrative career opportunities within the growing company, as higher prestige allows the company to expand. The hotelier offers work for individuals seeking a range of commitments. Employment opportunities remain available in fixed-term, permanent, and secondment capacities.


Macdonald Hotels Employment and Salary Information
Diverse job opportunities await interested and aspiring hospitality workers. Typically, departments and positions require specific credentials, though most entry-level jobs within the company require little experience, if any. Management positions often necessitate at least A-Level educations and extensive knowledge of desired work areas. The list below features common Macdonald Hotels openings:

Catering Assistant – Individuals wishing to gain employment within the catering division must remain aware of customer needs. Major responsibilities include arranging conference and function rooms for catering services, ensuring cleanliness of dining areas, and prompt, efficient food delivery. As chefs prepare foods, catering assistants mainly handle food presentation. Labourers must adhere to proper food-handling procedures and safety guidelines at all times. Catering assistants remove trash and clean work environments, fill customer requests, and occasionally appease irritated guests. Free meals sometimes result from working complete shifts. Newly hired catering workers earn about £7.00 per hour.

Linen Porter – Coordinating linen distribution and collection, linen porters work in conjunction with housekeeping services. Labourers must remain conscious of departmental costs and wasteful practices to eliminate frivolous spending where possible. During periods of little activity, porters remain responsible for assisting housekeeping staff and other departments. Prior knowledge of hotel linen practises may garner associates senior titles. Starting salary options for linen porters rest around minimum standards.

Room Attendant – Housekeepers typically earn about £13,000 yearly, with tips occasionally supplementing income. Highly effective room attendants possess excellent listening and comprehension abilities. Mainly taking care of guest rooms, daily activities revolve around ensuring hygienic stays for guests, which also includes maintaining cleanly common-room areas. Changing sheets, pillowcases, and towels in addition to dusting and sweeping comprise a majority of responsibilities. Filling additional patron requests may present further duties. Once officially trained, room attendants possess the ability to train new housekeeping employees, though labourers with more experience generally take on training roles. The nature of housekeeping demands employees respect the privacy and security of guests, as the failure to do so results in immediate termination and possible blacklisting from housekeeping roles available within competing organisations.

Macdonald Hotels Job Benefits
Core job benefits available to Macdonald Hotels labourers include extensive holidays, pension schemes, income protection and life insurance. Voluntary employment benefits available may involve cycle-to-work programmes and childcare vouchers. Perks often available for qualified workers include discounted or free stays at specific locations as well as discounted rates for travel and dining.

More Information
As most positions call for proactive customer service, the company considers only highly motivated applicants. Aspiring workers should possess up-to-date CVs for hiring consideration. Individuals may also increase hiring odds by demonstrating teamwork abilities and overall personable characters. Additional desirable traits include internal motivation, personal initiative, and upbeat demeanors. Most positions operate within daytime hours and support 40-hour work weeks. Competitive pay and job benefits draw large amounts of attention from employment hunters nationwide. As a result, most openings fill promptly.

If hired, applicants receive comprehensive training from both management and peers in senior roles. With the general manager fast-track programme, associates may climb the management ladder and earn credentials like wine and spirits education certificates, which remain applicable to jobs outside the company. Apprenticeships also prove available for individuals committed to finding and sticking with careers in hospitality. Macdonald Hotels provides access to 12-month apprentice programmes focused on developing industry knowledge in catering, back-of-house operations, and reception practises.

Established in 1990 by Donald Macdonald and a team of investors, the group became the largest privately owned hotel company in the U.K. In 1996, the company went public, although subsequently returned to private ownership in 2003 through a £590 million buyout. The hotel chain grew to employ roughly 4,000 labourers in support of more than 4,500 hotel rooms.

The hotel chain features breaks crafted for individuals interested in golf and spa treatments and even toddler-friendly accommodations. Services include onsite fine-dining experiences, free WiFi, telephone, room service, afternoon tea, and flower arrangements. Frequent guests may also capitalise on regular stays with the company-specific rewards programme. The rewards system offers points redeemable for free stays and amenities offered along with complimentary upgrades.

45 hotels strong, Macdonald Hotels generates turnover exceeding £130 million. In April 2014, the lodging company partnered with Loyds Banking Group to raise £299 million. As of May 2014, the company began acting on plans for improving existing hotels and resorts with an initial investment totaling £5 million for the Aviemore resort.

Minimum age to work at Macdonald Hotels: 18

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  • Sylvia Bute says:

    I have worked as a volunteer at MacDonald Hotel in the food and beverage section and found that they have a great team who are committed to providing a excellent service to all their customers. No customer request was too much for the staff. All team members supported one another. If I saw something which needed doing I got on and did so and no one minded as we recognized that it is a team effort that will ensure that the customer has a positive experience while staying at the hotel. The restaurant was always clean and tidy. I also liked the fact that attention to detail is very important.

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