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Loganair stands as the main regional airline for Scotland and offers flights to many of the islands which make up the northern part of the country. As a subsidiary of Flybe, a top contender for largest regional airline in Europe, the major subsidiary offers connecting flights to further destinations across the U.K. and Europe. Employees fulfill many job roles related to piloting, operating, and maintaining aircraft as well as serving passengers both aboard planes and on the ground.

Employment Opportunities and Salary Information for Loganair
Available entry-level positions include customer service agents at the Kirkwall airport, and finance trainees at the head offices in Glasgow. Job-seekers looking for work in the airline industry may apply to join the Loganair family of employees in the following capacities:

Customer Service Agent – Working from the island of Kirkwall in northern Scotland, customer service agents provide excellent customer support by helping passengers and ensuring robust and safe flight operations. Typical duties encompass such tasks as checking passengers in for flights, enforcing safety protocols, and answering questions about flights, company policies, delays, cancellations, and alternative transportation options. Associates may also assist crew members with loading luggage and escorting passengers to and from aircraft on the runway via cart. Labourers typically earn wages close to £16,000 per year.

Finance Trainee – The entry-level position of finance trainee focuses on allowing employees to receive hands-on experience while preparing for professional careers in the finance department. While learning the full responsibilities of the job and working towards a Scottish Vocational Qualification, associates also stand responsible for handling postal mail, answering inbound phone calls, accurately tagging, scanning, and filing purchase invoices, ordering and maintaining office supplies, and supporting the offices within the finance department. Salary packages stand between £16,000 and £18,000 per year, depending on level of education and experience.

Employment Benefits at Loganair
Loganair offers diverse work benefits which depend greatly on location. Local workers based in the U.K. typically receive job benefits such as retirement saving schemes, discounted air fares, and travel opportunities. The airline also encourages professional development and offers room to grow with career opportunities throughout Europe.

More Information
Known as Scotland’s Airline, Loganair operates a fleet of over 25 aircraft, mostly made up of twin-propeller Saab 340 models seating 34 passengers as well as other airplanes used in conjunction with Scottish Air Ambulance services and Royal Mail delivery services. Individuals interested in beginning careers in the airline industry may find promising jobs with the company, including entry-level positions, like customer service agent, cabin crew member, ramp agent, and finance trainee, or more experienced professional roles such as pilot, engineer, and flight planner.

The airline makes routine flights between the Orkney islands, Stornoway, Kirkwall, Tiree, and Islay and acts as a shuttle service with multiple departures daily. Employees work either directly aboard the planes or at airports and corporate centers coordinating operations behind the scenes. Prospective labourers may email CVs and resumes along with cover letters to hiring personnel in order to apply for open positions.

Began in 1962, the U.K. airline originally incorporated as the air charter branch of a construction company. The company changed ownership several times throughout the latter half of the 20th century, with operations falling under the governance of the Logan Construction Company, the Royal Bank of Scotland, and British Airways. After becoming a franchise of Flybe in 2008, the Loganair brand name came to encompass the localised operations in Scotland and the Orkney islands.

Loganair conducts regularly scheduled flights each day among the Orkney Islands and offers a reliable inter-island transportation service. Golf packages also stand on offer, which allow avid golfers discounted rates to visit courses within Scotland and the U.K. The airline also allows Scottish families to purchase air fare at half cost during times of need, such as bereavement, the critical illness of family members, or in-patient treatments. Passengers may not bring surfboards aboard company aircraft.

Local operations such as Loganair remain vital to connecting people within the U.K. and Europe, and the company holds strong financial promise. New corporate leadership brings fresh strategies to help make Loganair and other local subsidiaries more profitable and financially successful. The airline generates annual turnovers close to £87 million, which contributes to the more than £620 million generated by parent company Flybe. Both companies operate as public entities under a single holding company, Flybe Group PLC.

Minimum Age to Work at Loganair: 18

Official Site: http://www.loganair.co.uk/careers/

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