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With a workforce of roughly 17,000 employees, Lloydspharmacy constantly needs to hire motivated individuals to fill new and existing positions. Applicants in search of part-time or full-time jobs should fill out an online application form now. Lloydspharmacy conducts job interviews for professional careers and entry-level positions on a regular basis. Hiring requirements vary by position. Entry-level jobs generally require no stringent qualifications. Professional careers in pharmacy, management, and corporate capacities often require advanced degrees, previous, relevant work experience, and the ability to pass drug screenings and health examinations. Apply online to learn more about Lloydspharmacy jobs now.

Popular Lloydspharmacy Positions and Salary Information
Lloydspharmacy jobs greatly involve customer service responsibilities. Applicants vying for employment at Lloydspharmacy locations must demonstrate personable, attentive, and courteous attitudes. Workers must complete pre-registration applications, which Lloydspharmacy provides online, to begin the hiring process. The prominent pharmacy chain offers flexible hours, competitive pay scales, and access to career growth programmes. Lloydspharmacy needs to hire for the following jobs:

Pharmacist – Lloydspharmacy pharmacist jobs include both part-time contractual positions and full-time employment opportunities. Job seekers looking for part-time work may choose from various lengths of contracts typically ranging from six to nine months. Full-time opportunities include 40 hours or more of work per week. To qualify for employment as a pharmacist with Lloydspharmacy, applicants must possess a four-year degree from an accredited national school of pharmacy. Applicants must also hold a full year of completed preregistration training through the General Pharmaceutical Council. Job duties upon hire include dispensing medications, advising patients on use of prescription drugs and treatments, and providing detailed allergen and drug reaction information. Customer service duties also include ringing up purchases on the till. On average, Lloydspharmacy pharmacists earn salary options between £40,000 and £45,000 a year. Experienced pharmacists may receive as much as £50,000 in annual salary.

Pharmacy Manager – Job duties for Lloydspharmacy managers often mirror pharmacist responsibilities. Pharmacy managers oversee business operations and dispensing of medications to customers. Additional job responsibilities include scheduling employees, ensuring clean, safe, and organized work environments, tracking supplies and ordering materials as needed, processing payroll, and driving business. Some Lloydspharmacy managers work at multiple sites. Hours available generally include full-time schedules. Workers in pharmacy manager jobs must hold previous experience as a manager and a registered General Pharmaceutical Council number. Proven leadership abilities and excellent communication skills also rank highly among desirable traits for prospective pharmacy managers with Lloydspharmacy. Typical salary rates hover around £40,000 to £50,000 per year.

Benefits of Working at Lloydspharmacy
Dedicated to customer well-being, Lloydspharmacy also commits to employee well-being and offers comprehensive work benefits to qualifying associates. Pharmacists and pharmacy managers gain access to bonus schemes, pension schemes, annual GPhC dues paid, childcare vouchers, private health plans, and 25 days paid holiday. Depending on Lloydspharmacy location, additional employment benefits may stand readily available.

Lloydspharmacy also cares for employee personal and professional growth. The nationwide pharmacy chain implements career development days dedicated to training and orientations on topics relevant to the healthcare industry. Associates receive intensive training through seminars and hands-on experience to learn new facets of both business and healthcare. Lloydspharmacy pays workers substantial hourly wages and annual salary options, provides complimentary uniforms, and promotes supportive and sustainable work environments. Contact a local Lloydspharmacy or fill out a job application to receive immediate hiring consideration.

More Information
One of the largest networks of pharmacies in the United Kingdom, Lloydspharmacy boasts more than 1,600 locations. The company originated as a local pharmacy in the Village of Polesworth in Central Britain. Company founder Allen Lloyd saw widespread potential for the pharmacy and rebranded the location in the early 1970s. Around 17,000 employees work for Lloydspharmacy, which fills close to 150 million prescriptions for customers annually.

Lloydspharmacy operates as a chain of community-oriented healthcare centres located throughout the United Kingdom. Dedicated to lifelong healthcare, Lloydspharmacy works closely with customers to ensure complete patron satisfaction and the highest standards of care possible. In addition to dispensing prescriptions, Lloydspharmacy locations sell preventative healthcare products and treatments. Knowledgeable staff offer personalized assistance on topics ranging from weight loss, diabetes, heart attacks, and prescription medication. Cheerful and highly certified associates regularly draw new and old customers to Lloydspharmacy shops. An online helpdesk maintained on the company website provides constant access to in-depth healthcare information and troubleshooting. Corporate backing by German healthcare company Celesio provides Lloydspharmacy the monetary means to maintain high standards of service while keeping up-to-date on the latest trends in the healthcare industry.

Founded in 1973, Lloydspharmacy enjoyed several years of operation as a private company. In 1997, German healthcare firm Celesio acquired Lloydspharmacy after purchasing AAH plc in 1995. The Lloydspharmacy banner officially formed in 2008 after growing for several years during the 1990s and 2000s. Lloydspharmacy purchased a majority stake of Betterlife Healthcare in 2010 and complete proprietorship of online healthcare helpdesk Dr. Thom in 2011. The pharmacy chain plans further expansion in the near future.

Products and Services
Primary services provided by Lloydspharmacy shops include prescription medication dispensing and health and fitness screenings. Lloydspharmacy sells wide varieties of health and beauty products, as well. Customers find everything from sanitation and personal hygiene products to dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals, over-the-counter medications, and miscellaneous household items. The Lloydspharmacy website doubles as an online store and provides instant access to prescription refill applications and hundreds of products found in-store.

Lloydspharmacy falls under direction of Celesio AG. A public company, Celesio trades on the FWB as CLS1. Celesio generates annual revenues in excess of €22.2 billion. Lloydspharmacy alone pulls in around £1.8 billion in annual revenues. The Lloydspharmacy network of shops includes approximately 1,650 locations and continues to grow. Company corporate offices reside in Coventry, England, UK.

Minimum age to work at Lloydspharmacy: 18

Official Site: www.lloydspharmacycareers.com/

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