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A large chain, Lidl manages more than 10,000 stores worldwide. Each year, Lidl works to improve current stores and expand into new markets. The retailer staffs hundreds of thousands of employees storewide and always treats workers in a fair, professional manner. Lidl promotes a supportive work environment where team members may enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

Available Lidl Positions and Salary Information
Each Lidl store offers a host of part-time jobs and full-time careers. Job seekers may take interest in entry-level sale floor jobs and professional careers in management. Anyone looking to join the Lidl tem should meet the minimum age requirement of 16 years old. Anyone looking for a job at Lidl should consider applying for the following positions:

Store Assistant – A general title, store assistant carries a wide range of responsibilities. Key areas of responsibility include customer service, checkout operations, and stock replenishment. Associates generally stick to one area of responsibility during a shift. Lidl does not require store assistants to possess previous work experience. The grocery retailer primarily looks for responsible workers with enthusiasm and motivation. A Lidl store assistant generally makes between £6.70 and £7.50 an hour.

Caretaker –Caretakers maintain a fresh, clean store environment. A caretaker follows Lidl presentation guidelines and ensures guests walk into an inviting, well-organized sort environment. Following a daily checklist, a caretaker must clean the shop floor, warehouse area, parking lot, and employee welfare area. A caretaker with Lidl tends to make between £6.70 and £6.90 per hour.

Store Manager – Lidl store managers with lead teams to reach sales and customer satisfaction goals. Depending on store size, a store manager may manage a team of up to 30 associates. Lidl looks for proactive managers that pay close attention to detail. Managers should also possess strong customer service skills and previous management experience. The average salary for a store manager with Lidl ranges from £32,000 to £64,000 annually.

In addition to store jobs, Lidl also offers careers in its warehouses and corporate offices. Applicants looking for hands-on jobs may take interest in warehouse operative jobs. As a warehouse team member, a worker carries responsibilities for transporting and loading all food and nonfood products. Lidl does not require warehouse operatives possess prior warehouse experience. Career-minded job hopefuls may access numerous fields of employment at the Lidl corporate offices. Head office jobs exist in controlling, advertising, facilities, procurement, and purchasing. Workers looking for head office jobs should possess relevant work experience when applying for Lidl careers.

Benefits of Working at Lidl
Committed to employee satisfaction, Lidl rewards workers with quality job benefits. The retail chain primarily offers employment benefits for financial savings and a work/life balance. For future savings, Lidl provides a contributory pension scheme. Crew members may also access corporate discounts on a range of products and services, such as home and garden products and leisure activities. Lidl also offers paid holidays and vacation days to eligible workers.

All Lidl associates enjoy working as part of a professional team. With a focus on employee growth, Lidl offers ample career development opportunities. New-hire team members enjoy attentive coaching and paid training. Associates looking to advance with the company may take advantage of multiple career development programs. Apply for a Lidl job to learn more about employee work benefits.

More Information
A leader in the grocery industry, Lidl operates as a popular discount supermarket chain with locations across the UK and other international markets. The global supermarket chain runs major operations in England, Austria, Belgum, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, and Spain. Known for offering the freshest food possible, Lidl puts all products through stringent quality control checks.

Lidl sets customer satisfaction as its primary goal. The retailer always offers full availability on the entire product range. Store associates serve customers in a friendly, respectful, and honest manner. Living up to the motto – “Where quality costs less!” – Lidl offers quality food at affordable prices. With frequent promotions and in-store discounts, Lidl remains a leading name in discount grocery shopping. With the highest standards of quality, Lidl offers a full money-back guarantee for any unsatisfactory purchase.

History for Lidl traces back to the 1930’s, when Dieter Schwarz founded a grocery wholesaler. The company originally carried the name Schwarz Lebensmittel-SortimentsgrBhandlung, which stood for Schwarz Assorted Wholesale Foods. In 1973, other members of the Schwarz family opened the first official Lidl, a named derived from a former business partner Ludwig Lidl. By 1977, Lidl maintained a network of 33 locations and served as a household name in Germany. By removing lesser-selling merchandise and keeping store sizes as condensed as possible, Lidl flourished as a discount food retailer. In 1994, Lidl expanded into the UK and saw rapid expansion. Today, the grocery retail chain manta ins a network of over 10,000 stores across 20 countries.

Products and Services
Lidl offers the freshest meats, fruits, and vegetables possible. The wholesale retailer also stocks an eclectic mix of packaged and canned food. With a large freeze section, Lidl provides a vast array of frozen foods. The grocery retailer also offers a selection of beers, wines, and spirits. In addition to grocery items, Lidl offers a wide variety of housewares and clothing items. Products sold in the housewares section of Lidl include gardening supplies, electronics, homewares, kitchenware, and cleaning products. Dedicated to exceptional value, Lidl offers frequent promotions and deals.

Privately held company Schwarz Group owns and operates Lidl. With more than €59 billion in sales, Schwarz Group represents the third largest food retail group in Germany. The company also operates chain Handelsof and hypermarket Kaufland. A large employer in Europe, Schwarz Group manages over 300,000 associates companywide. Headquarters for Lidl and the Schwarz Group reside in Neckarsulm, Baden-Wuttemberg.

Minimum age to work Lidl: 16

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  • clive harman says:

    I worked for Lidl back in 2002, a time when the Tovil store opened up. I found that working for Lidl was good, as the management and the workers worked together, not like the true old English way where the management keep to their self and stay in the office all day.

  • Evelyn Twi-Ameyaw says:

    My name is Evelyn, and I have worked with Lidl in Holland. Have also worked with a few super markets, but I think Lidl is the best. They treat their workers with respect and care etc. Lidl is all about team work. I have relocated to England, I would love to work with Lidl over and again.

  • Lara Williams says:

    I worked for lidl many years ago and the staff were great. Customers are friendly. Its all about team work and reaching your goals. Would recommend this store to many. I am a regular shopper here and have never been dissatisfied

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