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Like the U.S. counterpart, Krispy Kreme UK must fill entry-level jobs and professional careers available on a regular basis. Most jobs require applicants to stand at least 16 years of age for hiring consideration. Krispy Kreme UK managerial positions often require candidates 18 and over. Jobs available feature paid training, competitive base pay, and access to work benefits. Overarching job duties for Krispy Kreme UK employees involve food preparation and customer service. Workers also regularly clean and organise restaurant locations. Apply online to learn more about available Krispy Kreme UK jobs.

Popular Krispy Kreme Positions and Salary Information
Job seekers readily find part-time and full-time employment opportunities available with Krispy Kreme UK. The average Krispy Kreme UK associate starts out as an entry-level employee. Part-time positions prove the most common jobs for hire. Workers may find employment in Krispy Kreme UK kitchens, customer service counters, or in various administrative capacities. Refer to the following list of jobs for the most common employment opportunities available:

Team Member – Krispy Kreme UK offers three types of team member jobs. Areas of employment include production, processing, and retail. Production team members bake and prepare Krispy Kreme doughnuts and menu offerings. Applicants in search of team member jobs primarily serve as expo crew typical in most restaurants and perform tasks such as spreading icings, garnishing sprinkles, and packaging Krispy Kreme products for consumption. The retail end of team member availabilities includes engaging with customers, explaining menus and promotions, and ringing up purchases. Applicants with previous experience working with food may gain preferential treatment during Krispy Kreme UK job interviews. Friendly, outgoing, and motivated personalities also gain favorable treatment during the hiring process. Pay starts out at minimum wage for team member jobs, in most cases.

Management – The U.K. doughnut shop chain also offers several enticing career opportunities in management. Choose from job titles like operations manager, retail manager, fresh shop manager, and team leader. Managerial responsibilities involve a combination of employee supervising and administrative tasks. Primary objects include delegating work, monitoring inventories and ordering supplies as needed, enforcing company protocol and safety regulations, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Krispy Kreme UK managers must exude strong leadership skills and demonstrate willingness to work as part of a team in order to gain employment. Formal hiring requirements include managerial or significant restaurant experience and ability to pass medical exams and background checks. Familiarity with the Krispy Kreme brand also benefits workers vying for careers in management. Pay scales start around £9.00 or £10.00 an hour for team leaders and range up to more than £30,000 for experienced product, retail, and operations managers.

Benefits of Working at Krispy Kreme UK
The same comprehensive job benefits packages stand readily available for U.K. associates as employees who work in the United States. In order to gain employment benefits packages eligibility, Krispy Kreme workers must hold full-time positions, in most cases. General work benefits offered to entry-level employees and seasoned professionals alike include discounts on Krispy Kreme doughnuts, competitive pay, fun and rewarding work environments, paid training, and career growth opportunities. Krispy Kreme UK also issues associates uniforms and nametags

Associates working full-time schedules may stand eligible for Krispy Kreme UK benefits packages. The international doughnut shop chain offers a comprehensive combination of future planning schemes and private healthcare vouchers. Krispy Kreme provides childcare vouchers, private health schemes, pension schemes, bonus schemes, and holiday pay. Contact Krispy Kreme UK locations for more details on employee benefits and to begin the hiring process today.

More Information
Prominent American doughnut shop Krispy Kreme maintains a sizable presence in the United Kingdom. Locations offer many of the same, popular menu items Krispy Kreme stores serve in the U.S. Extreme popularity through sales and franchising of the brand lead to eventual expansion overseas. The first Krispy Kreme UK location opened in the early 2000s. Using the same business models, Krispy Kreme UK grew to include roughly 35 locations across the country by September 2013.

A cultural staple among breakfast-oriented specialty food chains, Krispy Kreme stands most notable for daily doughnut offerings. Krispy Kreme UK menus feature over two dozen varieties of doughnuts as well as seasonal or feature doughnut offerings. Many Krispy Kreme locations operating in the UK sit inside busy airports or shopping centers. The accessibility of the brand throughout the United Kingdom lends to the initial foresight in potential of the company overseas and the widespread success of Krispy Kreme UK locations today. Patrons also enjoy special promotions and regular customer appreciation discounts. Some locations even feature coffee bars complete with comfortable lounging areas.

The first Krispy Kreme doughnut shop opened in Winston-Salem, NC, USA, in 1937. Popular from the early onset, the specialty foods chain grew into a substantial network of stores by the late 1950s. Innovations in automation and improvements in food preparation and assembly increased the scope of the brand and led to widespread expansion. Franchising also assisted in building the brand name and the eventual opening of stores in new markets. With locations across the United States, Krispy Kreme took operations overseas in the early 2000s and opened the first U.K. location in London, England. The store also represented the first international location for the brand. The success of Krispy Kreme stores continued to flourish throughout the 2000s. The company manages roughly 35 locations across the U.K.

Krispy Kreme menus primarily feature seasonal and daily doughnut offerings. Customers may choose from delicious varieties of Bavarian-cream filled, jelly filled, glazed, sprinkled, and candied doughnuts. Seasonal flavors may include holiday spice or pumpkin doughnuts. Krispy Kreme UK locations also offer wide selections of coffees, including daily and seasonal flavors of lattes, cappuccinos, frappuccinos, mochas, espressos, and more traditional coffee roasts.

The United Kingdom off chute of the Krispy Kreme brand operates as a division of parent company Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc. In addition to America and the U.K., Krispy Kreme manages storefronts in Canada and Australia. Krispy Kreme brands generate a combined $362 million in annual revenues. The doughnut chain trades publicly on the London Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange as KKD. Krispy Kreme UK headquarters sit in London, England, UK. World headquarters for the international doughnut shop operate out of Winston-Salem, NC, USA.

Minimum age to work at Krispy Kreme: 16

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