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KFC employs about 24,000 workers in support of over 800 fast-food locations in the U.K. alone. As a three-time winner of the Top Employer for the United Kingdom award, the food chain attracts all types of employment hunters and grants many promotions to deserving staff every year. While corporate opportunities prove accessible, a majority of available openings exist within the storefront locations. Plenty of entry-level jobs, such as as cooks, cashiers, and management roles remain available for individuals seeking food-industry work.

KFC Positions and Pay
Candidates lacking experience in the fast-food restaurant industry may find gainful employment with KFC. Education requirements persist for management opportunities, while no person under the age of 16 may work for the company. Additionally, each employee must present proof of reliable transportation. The following positions present frequent openings:

Team Member – KFC desires workers who show confidence, energetic personalities, and schedule flexibility. The company philosophy encourages team members to work together to deliver the best customer service experiences possible. Most employees work in food preparation; however, employees operating the till system must remain honest and trustworthy and display customer-oriented attitudes. Workers withstand high-pressure, fast-paced work environments, often requiring multitasking abilities. Resolving minor customer complaints in time-efficient manners also proves important for team members. Employees must tend to additional house-keeping tasks during slow hours, such as maintaining washrooms and cleaning dining areas. Select employees may also apply to the Graduate Operations Leadership Scheme to become store managers within 12 months of employment. Most team members start out earning minimum wage with the possibility of raises up to £7.00 an hour.

Managerial Roles – Management consists of team leaders, assistant managers, and general managers. Charged with team member duties, both team leaders and assistant managers support general manager efforts. Shift leaders encourage prompt delivery of food to customers in both the restaurant and drive-through. Second in command, assistant restaurant managers enforce rules given by superiors and gain salary options ranging from £18,000 to £22,000 with chances of bonuses. Bringing in the most amount of money, store managers receive bonuses and benefits commensurate with the great amount of responsibility. Regular duties for the highest paid employee include scheduling and hiring employees, tracking sales, and handling customer complaints. Along with bonuses and benefits schemes, general store managers should expect salary packages to include yearly incomes of about £26,000 to £35,000.

KFC Benefits
Workers report free meals during break allowances and receive individual cash bonuses based on restaurant sales. The company also offers retirement schemes for eligible workers. Qualified salaried employees receive the option of mixing and matching benefits as part of flexible job benefits programmes. Additionally, work benefits packages include access to a discounted shopping website, paid time off, and incentive-based wellness programmes.

More Information
Full- and part-time positions exist, although most full-time positions become available for tenured and experienced individuals. New hires receive extensive training, night, weekend, and holiday hours, and flexible scheduling. Opportunities for pay raises and promotions offer long-term stability for workers. As store success depends on customer satisfaction, only friendly, team-oriented individuals thrive in the demanding restaurant work environments. Hiring staff favor individuals with adequate listening skills as well as applicants who seamlessly interact with the public.

Job hunters may apply online or in person for KFC entry-level openings in the U.K. Online applications save time and allow for multiple submissions to various locations. Regardless of either option, applicants capture recruiter attention by making in-person visits. If meeting hiring staff in person, potentials should wear appropriate attire. Once hired, workers may expect training in front, middle, and back-of-house positions.

The fast food chain dates the beginning back to 1930. In 1935, the restaurants proprietor famously accepted the title of the “Kentucky Colonel” from the Kentucky governor for outstanding community achievement. In 1939 the colonel constructed the classic taste profile still used today for fried chicken. The first UK location opened in 1965 and almost 10 years later the Colonel became one of the most recognizable brands in the world. 2012 welcomed the first KFC location to the West Bank, which marked the first U.S. based fast food restaurant to operate in the area. In 2014, a concept store opened in Bracknell, Berkshire, U.K. as a blueprint for nationwide expansion.

KFC remains famous for speedy, deep-fried chicken offerings; however, many other products represent customer favorites, as well. Various types of prepared chicken, chicken buckets, chicken sandwiches, chicken burgers, wraps, fries, corn, coleslaw, gravy, beans, coffee, tea, ice cream, and soft drinks round out the products found at KFC. The chain offers only locally raised and treatment-approved chicken. With Red Tractor certification, the company guarantees the humane handling of the animals and assures no genetically modified chickens exist in the KFC chicken population.

As part of fast-food conglomerate Yum! Brands Inc. including Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, KFC contributes to the corporation turnover of more than £8 billion annually. The entire corporation employs more than 500,000 workers across the globe within over 40,000 restaurant locations. Expected to grow in the coming years include 58 restaurants per 1 million people in U.S. compared to the remaining part of the world, which only provides 2 restaurants per 1 million people. Job openings continue to rise as a result.

Minimum age to work at KFC: 16

Official Site: www.kfccareers.co.uk/


  • Monicca mabale says:

    KFC is an amazing restaurant & they are doing a great job by finding kids & giving back to the community.

  • Abhishek rai says:

    Worked as crew member and cashier in KFC Saudhi arabia..Riyadh branch

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