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John Lewis Job Interview Help – Tips for Interview Preparation

The John Lewis interview process includes formats typical among hiring processes for similar department stores in the U.K. Most John Lewis applicants submit employment forms online. The overall process takes roughly a week or two for entry-level positions and up to a few months for managerial candidates. Upon submitting the requested information, applicants receive phone calls to schedule interviews. The initial interview for sales assistants and other entry-level workers typically plays out in group formats. Workers attend group interviews, which reinforce team-oriented work environments, with the most eligible candidates moving on to one-on-one interviews with potential supervisors and managers. John Lewis managerial hopefuls generally participate in job interviews both on-site and at the company headquarters in London. Additional interviews may prove necessary, depending on performance and experience.

Specific positions desired generally dictate the interview questions used during John Lewis interviews. The department store chain screens for excellent sales and customer services skills, as well as the ability to work as part of a team. During group interviews for entry-level applicants, John Lewis hiring managers may ask prospective employees to sell a piece of merchandise or put candidates in hypothetical role-play situations to gauge reactions.

John Lewis interview questions may also ask: “Why do you want to work here?” and “Why should we hire you?”. Due to the nature of the group interview formats commonly used during the John Lewis hiring process, applicants should tailor answers to reflect team-oriented attitudes. Exude confidence and highlight strengths while demonstrating the ability to effectively share job duties and cover for other associates if necessary. Remain courteous at all times and dress business casual. Shake hands with interviewers at the beginning of each hiring session. A quick follow-up call or email may increase odds of employment after the final interview. Some John Lewis workers receive job offers on-the-spot during the last interview.

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