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Established in 1954, filling station JET operates extensively throughout the United Kingdom. The company promotes a dealer-focused mentality and centers operations on franchised locations. Well over 300 independently owned stations remain in business throughout the country. Each petrol station creates several job opportunities for motivated applicants in the U.K. as well as in Austria and Germany.

Available JET Positions and Salary Information
JET hires entry-level workers and experienced candidates alike to meet hiring demands. Applicants seeking work in the petrol industry find many available jobs, which sometimes lead to promotions and pay raises over time. Generally, hopefuls must stand at least 18 years old to obtain work with the chain. Qualified job seekers commonly obtain the following positions:

Station Attendant – Station attendants fulfill the roles of cashiers at JET filling stations. Common duties regularly include processing monetary transactions, providing change to customers, keeping work areas clean, and taking inventory. Attendants must also answer patron questions and provide excellent customer service. The entry-level positions frequently prove available to candidates seeking to gain experience in the petrol industry. Employees may earn up to £6.50 per hour.

Management – Traditionally constituting full-time jobs, management positions with the filling station chain revolve around ensuring stores remain safe and productive for workers and customers, while providing exceptional service and affordable petrol. Duties often include training new employees, interacting with patrons, and handling paperwork, as well. Manager jobs generally stand limited to candidates with previous job experience. Candidates may also need to possess secondary educations or the equivalents. Depending on the particular management role, employees may earn up to £20,000 or more.

JET Job Benefits
Qualified JET employees receive competitive job benefits packages. Health insurance plans often include medical, dental, vision, life, and disability coverage. Paid time off options, such as holidays, personal days, and maternity leave, may also stand accessible. Compensated job training remains standard for a majority of workers and may include complimentary uniforms. Pension schemes may prove available, as well. Availability of work benefits generally varies based on position, tenure, location, and franchise.

More Information
Candidates for entry-level jobs largely apply in person. JET filling stations typically carry traditional paper applications for employment hopefuls. Applicants may fill out and turn in hiring forms onsite or take the documents home to complete at later dates. Conversely, job seekers looking for professional careers in particular fields may use the available corporate application platform through the company website.

Ideal applicants possess friendly personalities, upbeat demeanors, and strong communication skills. Positive attitudes and persistent work ethics often compensate for lack of formal experience with filling stations. Hiring managers may show preference to candidates with prior work history in the petrol industry; however, many entry-level jobs with the company require no particular qualifications other than meeting age and availability requirements. Reliable transportation to work proves essential for job seekers, as well.

John Willy Roberts founded the company in the mid-1950s to compete with the major brands of the day. JET undercut the competition by offering lower prices on petrol. Conoco Inc. bought the brand in 1961 and continued the original business plan of high-quality fuel at affordable rates. In 2012, ConocoPhillps separated downstream assets to create a new and independent corporation, Phillips 66, which remains the parent company of the filling station chain.

Products & Services
JET primarily sells petrol through filling stations. The stations often sell food, drinks, alcohol, and other products, as well. In addition, the company focuses on retailing oils and lubricants. Several options for fuels and engine oils remain available through the business. Consumers may use the company web page to find an online database of distributors currently selling the products. A locations map for petrol stations also stands available on the page.

Phillips 66 brought in revenue of over £110 billion in 2013. Thanks to thriving and profitable operations around the world, the American energy company sustains a workforce of over 13,000 employees. Based out of Houston, TX, USA, the public corporation trades on the NYSE under the heading PSX. The JET parent company regularly ranks on the Fortune 500 list, as well.

Minimum age to work at JET: 18

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