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A mid-priced lodging chain, Innkeeper’s Lodge houses U.K. holidaymakers year round. Scheduling remains easy with the online booking system available to potential guests. Featuring comfortable personal quarters and complimentary amenities such as high-speed internet, the popular lodging destination gainfully employs an abundance of associates. Hospitality industry job seekers may find lucrative options within the company leading to potential career opportunities including corporate possibilities.


Innkeeper’s Lodge Jobs and Wages Information
Candidates aged 16 and older may receive hiring consideration from management. Traditionally, entry-level roles require no previous experience for successful employment. However, management roles require extensive backgrounds in respective fields and may call for completion of higher education. Job opportunities frequently available fall below:

Cook – Entry-level culinary positions reside within affiliated restaurants. Typical customer demands require workers to mesh well within teams to accommodate customer rushes. Responsibilities include sanitising workspaces and following safety procedures. While no certification requirements persist for candidates, additional schooling offers individuals priority over applicants lacking expertise. Memorizing preparation methods and proper meal seasonings, using equipment safely and efficiently, and serving customers in timely and orderly fashions continue as everyday procedures. Novice workers earn minimum wages, although labourers with prior experience may garner higher pay and additional job benefits.

Lodging Reception – The first person on staff to greet guests, concierge receptionists must represent Innkeeper’s Lodge with class. Processing bookings, accepting payments, and providing information in addition to presenting clean, hygienic personal appearances and friendly demeanors summarises major responsibilities and expectations for front-desk attendants. Basic knowledge of computers and software along with sensible interpersonal skills greatly impresses hiring managers and expert utilization of skills may earn individuals superior job titles. Receptionists earn about £7.00 per hour.

Room Attendants – Also known as housekeeping staff, room attendants remain responsible for the upkeep and cleanliness of guest rooms and public congregation areas. A typical day includes tending to assigned rooms and initiating cleaning procedures like sanitising washrooms, tidying beds, sweeping floors, and removing trash. Attention to detail benefits room attendants and may garner higher wages depending on consistency. While pay rests around the national minimum, room attendants may receive occasional tips.

Innkeeper’s Lodge Employment Benefits
As with many lodging chains, employees receive access to discounted breaks within the network of Innkeeper’s Lodge locations. The company provides pension schemes for eligible workers in addition to offering competitive wages and room for personal growth. Income protection, life insurance, and wellness programmes eventually become available for qualified labourers. Additional employment benefits may include paid training for programmes, such as management qualification or wines and spirits education.

More Information
Fixed-term and permanent roles offer applicants with varying schedules suitable options for work. Job opportunities range from culinary professions to entry-level cleaning and customer service roles. Each position requires applicants to consistently interact with guests and master prompt and accurate delivery of services. Candidates displaying positive attitudes and hardworking personalities receive prime hiring consideration from management.

Job hopefuls should seek applications within existing establishments or apply online via Mitchells & Butlers online job application process. Applicants may submit personal information for multiple positions and several locations. The hiring process may take up to a month before decisions become apparent. Once onboard, newly hired labourers endure extensive training for speedy integration into existing teams. As the operation of the chain depends on team coordination, hiring managers prune employees who inhibit cohesive team interaction. Labourers excelling in assigned responsibilities may become eligible for promotions and pay increases along with consideration for upper management.

Formed in 1898, parent company Mitchells & Butlers originally crafted alcoholic beverages. Mostly known for operating restaurants, the holding company serves more than 100 million meals and over 400 million drinks per year. Acquiring the lodging chain in 2001, the U.K. corporation retains sole proprietorship over the lodging subsidiary.

Each inn features easily accessible pubs for thirsty and hungry guests coupled with complimentary buffet breakfasts. Holidaymakers also enjoy free WiFi, parking, and hot drinks. In-suite bathrooms, ironing boards, hairdryers, and telephones benefit guests, as well. Each room remains equipped with flat-screen TVs with Freeview. Some locations also offer meeting rooms for guests. Proactive travelers may choose to visit the website to find special offers for discounted rates.

More than 40 AA-accredited lodges support parent company yearly turnover of about £90 million. Mitchells & Butlers supports around 40,000 labourers and trades on the London Stock Exchange as MAB. Since the acquisition of Inkeeper’s Lodge, the parent company continues to increase lodging profits and plans to build further lodging-oriented businesses in the near future.

Minimum age to work at Innkeeper’s Lodge: 16

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