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Iceland Foods is a grocery chain that specializes in frozen food. The company carries its own line of products plus a number of top brands. Iceland Foods applications are easy to fill out and available online. Apply at a local store or on the website.

Iceland Foods Jobs and Salary Schemes

There are both full-time and part-time jobs at Iceland Foods. With attractive pay rates, employment benefits, and varied positions, new workers may want to start an application form. Locations commonly hire for the following:

Sales Assistant – Those who like helping people, starting conversations, and working at a fast pace will excel in this entry-level job. Iceland Foods sales assistants ring out customers, stock shelves, and answer questions from patrons.

Retail Supervisor – This role is ideal for an employee who can multitask. Retail supervisors might earn higher hourly wages. These jobs are a perfect way to begin an Iceland Foods career. Daily duties include doing paperwork, delegating tasks, and aiding managers.

Iceland Foods Job Benefits

New hires enjoy a wealth of benefits. Training, uniforms, discounts, and a strong salary package are standard for each worker. Full-time Iceland Foods careers access investment schemes and paid time off. Promotions come from within through the exclusive Iceland Talent Programme.

More Information

Though Iceland Foods primarily serves Great Britain and Ireland, the popular chain has hundreds of stores in many countries. With a focus on non-GMO and organic items, Iceland sells pre-packaged frozen food for personal use as well as commercial redistribution.

Iceland Foods pledged to be the first global food retailer to stop using plastic. The company plans to use all recyclable materials for its brand. Anyone interested in conservation should complete an Iceland Foods job application.


Sir Malcolm Walker formed Iceland Foods in 1970. By 1978, it had 28 stores, and in 1996 it branched out internationally. Across the decades, Iceland tried selling appliances and home goods, but the core revenue remains in frozen foods.


Iceland has a prominent online shop. The grocer offers free delivery and pickup to all shoppers. There is also the My Bonus Card rewards program. Customers gain points that apply to lower prices and promotions.


The retailer has a net income of over £160 million per year. This requires hiring around 23,000 employees to work Iceland Foods jobs. The business has traded publicly on the London Stock Exchange since 1984.

Minimum Age to Work at Iceland Foods: 14

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