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Striving to rank among the best pub restaurants in the country, Hungry Horse restaurants heavily focus on a casual, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere. The British restaurant chain features an affordable variety of food and drink, perfect for any group. Hungry Horse’s penchant for providing an entertaining and fun dining experience led to the company catchphrase, “Fill up on Good Times!” The restaurant chain operates more than 200 locations across Great Britain, with headquarters in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk.

Hungry Horse Job Opportunities and Salary Information
Each Hungry Horse job requires expertise in customer service and communication. Workers help customers get the most enjoyment out of each visit to Hungry Horse. Since the restaurant chain operates on extended hours, Hungry Horse hires employees willing to work evenings, weekends, and even some holidays. The chain of pubs boasts one of the more enjoyable work environments in the British restaurant industry and frequently conducts hiring for the following jobs:

Waiting Staff – Typically made up of many servers, hosts and hostesses, and bartenders, the waiting staff tends to multiple customer needs. Hungry Horse servers spend the most time with diners, taking down food and drink orders, serving dishes, fulfilling customer requests, and finally ringing up all purchases correctly. Bartenders with Hungry Horse perform more specialized job duties, serving and creating numerous drink orders, including beer, wine, cocktails, and much more. Hosts and hostesses generally greet customers and organize seating arrangements based on crowds and availability. Typical pay rates for Hungry Horse wait staff workers range from £7.50 to as high as £11.00 an hour.

Kitchen Crew – Kitchen crew members with Hungry Horse largely consist of line cooks and chefs and also include dishwashers and bussers, among other workers. Culinary jobs generally require previous related work experience, though many Hungry Horse locations allow new employees to undergo training or apprenticeships with the company. Cooks must follow strict health and sanitation guidelines set by the government. Generally, Hungry Horse kitchen associates do not interact directly customers. Workers take responsibility for providing great food prepared properly.

Management – Restaurant workers familiar with the industry may already know the duties and responsibilities required of managers. Associates in the position act as leaders to the entire Hungry Horse staff. Managers also help alleviate conflicts involving customer service, employee relations, profits, and facility management. A strong personality with determination, willpower, and critical thinking skills stands as the most important factor required for managerial employment. Most managerial candidates work as supervisors in other restaurants or as current career-oriented Hungry Horse employees. Annual salary options for Hungry Horse managers generally vary according to job title, experience, and restaurant location.

Benefits of Working at Hungry Horse
While many applicants may not focus on work benefits when seeking employment with Hungry Horse, the restaurant chain offers several rewards to eligible associates. The availability of certain employee benefits largely depends on experience with the company, employment status, and job title. For example, new and entry-level restaurant workers may not receive the same job benefits as many Hungry Horse restaurant managers and supervisors. Universal benefits include paid holidays, discount vouchers, and performance-related bonuses. More advanced employment benefits from Hungry Horse consist of private medical coverage, pension schemes, and career progression programmes.

More Information
Although Hungry Horse promotes a laidback and carefree attitude to customers, the restaurant chain carries multiple menus. The value menu features classic pub food like burgers, sandwiches, fish, chips, and wraps. Hungry Horse also features a kids menu, breakfast menu, drink menu, and dessert menu. Customers may enjoy numerous beverages with meals, including beers, ciders, cocktails, and wines. Hungry Horse holds weekly specials, promotions, and meal deals.

With hundreds of locations across the UK, Hungry Horse maintains a workforce featuring thousands of entry-level workers and professional associates. The chain of pub restaurants frequently needs to hire new employees for job vacancies across the country. Interested individuals may contact or visit the nearest Hungry Horse to apply for available jobs. Certain positions may feature an online job application to fill out.

A relatively young company, Hungry Horse first began in 1995 as a concept introduced by the Greene King Brewery in Bury St. Edmunds. With assistance from Greene King’s merger and acquisition practices, Hungry Horse quickly grew to over 200 sports pubs across England and Wales. Customers may find Hungry Horse locations in quiet suburbs and bustling metropolitan areas alike.

Hungry Horse carries a full range of pub food to meet just about any taste. Every dish features fresh ingredients, from the meats to the side dishes to the desserts. Each Hungry Horse location has plenty of entertainment options, such as billiard tables, large flatscreen TVs, pop quiz nights, and even a few arcade games. Frequent visitors may sign up for a Hungry Horse Gold Card, with several offers and discounts on food and drinks.

Publicly owned Greene King Brewery acts as the parent company to Hungry Horse pubs and restaurants. The company often stocks Greene King beverages in Hungry Horse stores. Over the years, Greene King has acquired several pubs in addition to Hungry Horse, such as Cloverleaf, Realpubs, and the Capital Pub Company. On the London Stock Exchange, Greene King trades under the initials GNK. With help from Hungry Horse and subsidiaries, Greene King Brewery produces more than £1.1 billion in annual revenue.

Minimum age to work at Hungry Horse: 16

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