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Hotter Shoes carries more than half a century of experience in the shoe store and retail industry. Apart from extensive selections of footwear, Hotter carries a longstanding tradition of customer service. The Hotter workforce consists of hundreds of sales associates and other employees. Hotter features an inviting work environment perfect for first-time workers entering the job market. The shoe store chain also maintains a professional environment for experienced workers. Hotter Shoes jobs feature competitive wages, attractive employment benefits, and career advancement opportunities.

Available Hotter Shoes Positions and Salary Information
Finding a job at a Hotter Shoes store location proves fairly easy. Candidates must visit the desired Hotter location and ask for an official job application. The company encourages prospective workers to use the job application form to highlight qualifications necessary to the position. Hotter locations usually hold application forms on file for six to 12 months. The most important sections on the job application involve contact information, employment history, education, availability, and personal or professional references. Popular jobs applicants may consider with Hotter include:

Sales Associate – Each Hotter Shoe establishment features dozens of sales associates. The position proves ideal for entry-level applicants and experienced candidates alike. Essential job duties revolve around fulfilling customer needs, such as finding shoes and accessories in the right size and color. Sales associates also spend a great deal of time ringing up customer purchases, handling cash and operating the tills, taking returns, and answering any general questions regarding Hotter Shoes store policies. Hiring requirements for Hotter sales associate jobs include great social communication skills, a cooperative attitude, and the ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Management – Managers with Hotter Shoes oversee every aspect of store operations. By using leadership and hard work, managers find ways to increase store profits, customer satisfaction, and employee performance at a particular store location. Quite often, managers perform the same customer service duties as sales associates. Managers must have proficient teaching skills, as individuals frequently hire and train new workers for entry-level positions with Hotter Shoes. Hotter usually promotes members of the current workforce into managerial roles, though applicants with adequate retail experience may earn equal hiring consideration.

Corporate Positions – The Hotter Shoes corporate offices work continuously to expand brand exposure. Head offices in Lancashire offer careers in several specialties. Most corporate jobs often require some formal education or training. Common employment opportunities available at the Hotter corporate offices include positions in accounting, marketing, public relations, real estate, IT, and business administration.

Benefits of Working at Hotter Shoes
Many full-time and managerial employees stand eligible for job benefits from Hotter Shoes. Popular rewards from Hotter include both medical and financial benefits for peace of mind. Hotter parent company Hotter Comfort Concept Shoes sponsors nearly all employee benefits. Medical benefits include multiple coverage schemes, such as dental, vision, prescription drug, and general health. Financial programmes available to Hotter Shoe workers include cumulative savings accounts, paid vacation time, and a retirement scheme for tenured crew members. Even part-time associates may utilize several job perks, such as flexible scheduling, discounts on store merchandise, and several bank holidays.

More Information
Hotter Shoes truly stands as one of the last British shoe companies. The chain of shoe stores produces stylish and functional footwear for men and women in the UK and around the world. Hotter maintains an international presence in the United States, as well. Based out of Lancashire in North West England, Hotter Shoes manages more than 50 stores across the country and supplies products to more than 200 independent retailers.

Featuring footwear for just about any occasion, Hotter stores offer plenty of casual, classic, and active shoes. Customers may find attractive heels, formal Oxfords and Derbys, sandals, slippers, sneakers, and hiking boots. Hotter offers dozens of accessories to match the wide selection of shoes. Popular accessories include handbags and purses, jackets, travel items, and shoe care products. Hotter releases new collections on a frequent basis, usually coinciding with the upcoming seasons.

Hotter Shoes entered the UK market in the late 1950s. Created by the Houlgrave family, Hotter began designing and creating original footwear for citizens across the country. The company originally specialized in slipper production. While Hotter enjoyed considerable success in the market, in the 1990s, the company began expanding with more footwear options for men and women. After more than 50 years in the industry, Hotter Shoes still puts quality materials and comfort above everything else.

Products and Services
Even with stylish footwear designs, Hotter Shoes still puts an emphasis on comfort in everything from loafers and boots to sandals and high-heels. Hotter manufactures all products from a company factory in Lancashire. The shoemaker uses some of the best technology in the shoe industry. For example, many outdoor shoes feature Gore-Tex material, with waterproofing that helps wick away moisture and keeps the foot warm. All Hotter stores feature a shoe-fitting guide to help customers find the best fit.

Hotter Shoes stands as trailblazer in the industry. The company produces more than 1.5 million shoes a year within the United Kingdom; more than a third of the British population owns a pair of shoes from Hotter. Annual sales top out around £70 million per year, thanks in large part to wholesale orders from other retailers.

Minimum age to work at Hotter Shoes: 16

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