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An upscale hotel chain with locations across the United Kingdom, Hotel du Vin maintains exclusive properties featuring world-class amenities and highly trained staffs. Operations span England and Scotland and include 16 prosperous hotels each able to accommodate hundreds of guests luxuriously. Recent expansion and popularity throughout the U.K. and the rest of the European Union drives ongoing hiring needs in fixed-term, permanent, and secondment capacities.

Hotel du Vin Employment and Pay Scales
Entry-level job opportunities generally require applicants to stand at least 16 years of age. Careers in management often impose age minimums around 18 and A-Level educations for employment consideration. Personal appearances also factor into hiring decisions, as most jobs feature duties in close contact with guests. Applicants able to meet the minimum standards for employment often find work in the following positions:

Receptionist – Each Hotel du Vin location must hire teams of receptionists in order to carry out administrative guest services. Job duties revolve around answering telephones, booking reservations, processing payments, assigning rooms and issuing keys, and answering inquiries about hotel grounds, amenities, policies, and services. Receptionist may work day, evening, or overnight shifts. Most associates assume full-time schedules; however, the hotel chain also offers part-time roles with commensurate pay. Hourly wages typically start out at £7.00, with pay scales reaching in excess of £11.00 with experience. Friendly, extroverted, and dedicated individuals often excel in the role. Desirable characteristics also include basic computer and arithmetic skills and the ability to work on foot for the duration of given shifts.

Room Attendant – Available as fixed-term and permanent opportunities, room attendant jobs involve cleaning, organising, and setting rooms for guest use. Room attendants work under deadline and must complete responsibilities in timely and efficient manners. Labourers traditionally carry out duties as part of teams. However, some portions of the job may require independent work, as well. Previous experience in housekeeping or the hospitality industry usually benefits prospective employees. Base pay sits at £6.50 an hour. Room attendants may graduate to higher salary options through proven job performance or promotion into managerial roles.

Maintenance Assistant – A mid-level position, the job title of maintenance assistant pays between £14,500 and £15,500 upon hire. Strong mechanical and technical abilities prove necessary for employment. Responsibilities include repairing, installing, and maintaining hotel grounds, corridors, rooms, and equipment. Communication skills often remain vital for the role, as maintenance employees regularly work as part of teams to complete assigned tasks. Courteous and respectful attitudes round out general behavioral requirements.

Hotel du Vin Work Benefits
The prominent U.K. hotel cares for employees and offers exceptional work benefits packages. Employment benefits available balance work and the personal lives of associates, with one month of paid holiday awarded to employees immediately upon hire. Additional job benefits include childcare vouchers, contributory pension schemes, employee assistance schemes, and discounts on hotel accommodations and other high street products and services. Labourers may also take advantage of in-house training and development programmes designed to further the careers of motivated employees.

More Information
Overarching business concepts incorporate converting old buildings like hospitals or breweries into popular travel destinations. Intense focus on customer service and providing memorable guest experiences requires teams of motivated labourers. Familiarity with points of interest in close proximity to assigned locations and surrounding areas often improves chances of hiring consideration, as hotel employees regularly impart crucial information directly affecting guest travel plans. Highly personable and organised individuals with working knowledge of neighbouring localities usually pass into the latter stages of the hiring process.

Applicants interested in the hospitality industry or gaining relevant training in a variety of fields may take interest in available jobs. Positions available require workers to demonstrate noticeable talents and enthusiastic demeanors. Employees must respect guests and coworkers and exude professionalism at all times. Common vacancies include hotel kitchen, housekeeping, and front desk operations and career options in management. The U.K. hotel chain primarily carries entry-level staffs, with positions requiring little experience for employment comprising a bulk of available jobs. Regardless of position, most associates assume varied schedules upon hire to accommodate traditional 24-hour operations.

Founded in 1994, Hotel du Vin began as a joint effort between hospitality industry magnates Gerard Basset and Robin Huston. The two opened the first location in Winchester, England. Locations continue to open under the company banner, with plans to expand the brand in the near future. Plans for expansion fall under the direction of parent KSL Capital, which acquired the chain in 2013.

Hotel du Vin locations offer lavish accommodations in scenic settings, often surrounding wineries in rural parts of the United Kingdom. In addition to desirable scenery, the popular hotel chain provides outstanding amenities and lodging. Guests enjoy hand-selected mattresses situated in contemporary design schemes. Each room contains coffee and tea stations, vintage roll-top baths with power shower extensions, and exceptional views. The hotels also feature in-house bistros, health spas, and bars.

U.S. KSL Capital purchased Hotel du Vin in May 2013 and maintains the chain out of Denver-based headquarters. In the U.K., the hospitality company operates out of corporate offices situated in London, England. The acquisition of the European hotel company came at a price of nearly £200 million. KSL Captial operates as a private equity firm, with annual investment in surplus of $1 billion US.

Minimum age to work at Hotel du Vin: 16

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