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Home Bargains operates a rapidly growing chain of discount stores in the United Kingdom. With more than 280 locations nationwide, Home Bargains ranks among the largest privately owned companies in the country. The discount retailer sells a wide variety of merchandise from prominent brands at the lowest prices possible. Home Bargains employs more than 10,000 entry-level workers and experienced professionals. The second-largest independent grocer in the nation, Home Bargains oversees one of the fastest growing retail chains in the United Kingdom and plans to open roughly 400 additional stores by 2018 and create thousands of new jobs.

Available Home Bargains Positions and Salary Information
Home Bargains jobs come with competitive pay and excellent opportunities for professional advancement. The chain of discount stores features an exclusive programme designed to put entry-level workers on the fast-track to careers in management. Job seekers must meet the minimum hiring age of 16 to qualify for employment at Home Bargains shops. Popular job titles available include:

Store Assistant – Entry-level store assistants work part-time or full-time on the Home Bargains shop floor. Major job duties include filling store shelves with merchandise, locating items for shoppers, and cleaning shop locations. Workers also ring up customer purchases, collect payments, and finalize sales transactions on the tills. Applicants for store assistant jobs need no previous work experience as Home Bargains provides detailed training for new associates. Prospective employees need dedicated work ethics and the ability to perform all necessary job duties within fast-paced, high-volume retail environments. Home Bargains hiring managers usually prefer candidates with flexible schedule availability. The discount retailer typically pays store assistants between £5.00 and £6.00 an hour.

Management – Like most large retailers, Home Bargains maintains a team of managers at each store location. The Home Bargains management team generally includes various assistant managers reporting to an overall store manager. Larger stores also employ supervisors ranking just below assistant managers. Specific managerial responsibilities vary by job title. Supervisors train and develop new workers, oversee work shifts, and perform store assistant duties as needed. Assistant and store managers focus on the daily aspects of business operations critical to commercial success. Essential job responsibilities include driving sales, analyzing budgets and other financial reports, monitoring inventory levels, and ensuring storewide customer satisfaction. Managers also interview and hire new associates, generate employee work schedules, and delegate daily jobs to shop assistants. While previous management experience certainly benefits managerial job seekers, Home Bargains frequently promotes from within and offers comprehensive training programmes to prepare inexperienced candidates for retail management careers. Prospective managers should possess the ability to work extended or irregular hours when necessary and the flexibility to relocate during training. Salary options for Home Bargains managers start around £16,000 per year for supervisors. Assistant managers typically earn between £18,000 and £19,000 yearly, while store managers often secure annual salary rates upwards of £23,000.

Benefits of Working at Home Bargains
Home Bargains store associates enjoy access to several attractive employment benefits. Upon hire, employees take advantage of flexible schedules, safe and dynamic work environments, extensive training, and professional development opportunities. Home Bargains assists entry-level workers with career advancement via the exclusive Fast Track Management programme, which puts motivated associates on an accelerated path toward careers as store managers.

The discount retailer also furnishes eligible employees with 28 days paid holiday per year, with an additional five days offered after five years of employment with Home Bargains. Available financial benefits include merchandise discounts and company pension schemes for qualified associates. Home Bargains recognizes worker accomplishments with quarterly awards and organizes annual staff parties to promote workplace camaraderie.

More Information
As indicated by the company name, Home Bargains offers great deals on a vast assortment of everyday household items. While specializing in low prices, the discount retailer primarily sells nationally recognized high street brands. The Home Bargains inventory changes frequently and allows shoppers to purchase newly stocked, branded products on a regular basis. Home Bargains also attracts customers by positioning stores in highly visible locations on major streets or in popular shopping centres. Store locations remain especially concentrated in Central and Northern England.

In addition to making discounted merchandise easily accessible to consumers across the country, Home Bargains serves as a major source of employment for British job seekers. The discount retail chain plans to increase the number of Home Bargains stores in the United Kingdom to approximately 700 by 2018. Consequently, Home Bargains needs to hire new workers to fill the roughly 10,000 jobs created by such rapid expansion. The large retailer also routinely hires new employees at existing store locations. Each Home Bargains store requires entry-level associates to work on the shop floor and experienced managers to oversee daily business operations.

Tom Morris founded Home Bargains in 1976. The first store opened in the Old Swan area of Liverpool, England, and operated as Home & Bargain. By selling branded goods at the lowest prices possible, Home & Bargain quickly gained an expanding customer base and started opening new locations at a rapid pace. In the late 1990s, the thriving chain of discount stores dropped the original Home & Bargain name in favor of the current Home Bargains banner. Home Bargains continues to rank among the fastest growing discount retailers in the United Kingdom. The successful company maintains more than 280 stores across the country and plans to increase the number of locations to roughly 700 by 2018.

Products and Services
Home Bargains shops sell an extensive range of merchandise at discounted prices. Commonly available products include health and beauty supplies, toys and games, sweets and snacks, and everyday household items. Home Bargains also offers seasonal products, furniture and home decor, beverages and alcohol, packaged foods, and limited selections of clothing. The discount retailer prominently features famous high street brands across all product categories. Home Bargains customers often enjoy discounts of 50% or more in relation to typical retail prices.

Parent company TJ Morris Ltd maintains ownership of the Home Bargains chain of stores. The company remains family-owned and operated, with Home Bargains founder Tom Morris serving as managing director. Privately held, Home Bargains generates roughly £900 million in revenue per year. The popular discount retailer keeps corporate headquarters in Liverpool, England, UK.

Minimum age to work at Home Bargains: 16

Official Site: www.tjmorris.co.uk/jobs/

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