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Gourmet Burger Kitchen, frequently shortened to GBK and often stylized as gbk, maintains a chain of fast casual restaurants based in the United Kingdom. The burger chain operates roughly 60 restaurants throughout the country, with locations ranging from Brighton in the south to Edinburgh in the north. GBK also enjoys an international presence in Ireland, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. Gourmet Burger Kitchen uses only 100% West Country Beef to create products on the menu. Founded by three New Zealanders, the British restaurant chain retains a distinctive Kiwi heritage and spirit.

Popular Gourmet Burger Kitchen Jobs and Salary Information
GBK restaurants hire entry-level job seekers to perform customer service and food preparation duties. Experienced restaurant workers often gain employment as managers at Gourmet Burger Kitchen. The restaurant chain maintains a minimum hiring age of 16 years and allows job seekers to apply online for available positions by submitting personal CVs via email. Popular GBK jobs include:

Waiting Staff – Waiting staff jobs at Gourmet Burger Kitchen involve constant customer interaction. Workers relay customer orders to the kitchen, bring food and beverages to dining room tables, and fulfill special guest requests. Additional job duties include cleaning the restaurant and explaining the GBK menu as needed. Entry-level waiting staff positions require no related work experience, as Gourmet Burger Kitchen provides full training to new employees. Prospective workers need friendly, outgoing personalities and the flexibility to work a variety of shifts. Pay rates for GBK waiting staff associates hover around £6.00 an hour.

Kitchen Staff – As the job title specifies, kitchen staff work in the kitchens of Gourmet Burger Kitchen restaurants and prepare meals for customers. GBK kitchen staff jobs include kitchen porter, grill chef, and head chef positions. Kitchen porters mainly perform opening and closing procedures for the kitchen, clean work areas, wash dishes, and assist with cooking. Grill chef and head chef jobs primarily involve using restaurant kitchen equipment to prepare burgers and other menu items for guests. Head chefs also work closely with GBK managers to monitor food costs, maintain proper inventory levels, and ensure the quality of each burger prepared. While kitchen staff jobs all come with full training, Gourmet Burger Kitchen requires prospective head chefs to have previous grill experience. The ability to work under pressure in a busy restaurant kitchen also ranks among the key hiring requirements for GBK kitchen staff positions. Hourly pay for kitchen porters typically falls around the national minimum wage, while grill cooks generally earn between £6.00 and £8.00 per hour. Head chefs often receive salary options totaling about £17,000 annually.

Management – Management careers available at Gourmet Burger Kitchen come with supervisor, assistant manager, and restaurant manager job titles. Also called duty managers, supervisors lead entry-level associates during work shifts and oversee restaurant operations in the absence of other managers. Assistant and restaurant managers work to ensure the overall commercial success of GBK restaurants. Job duties include driving sales and monitoring costs, motivating employees to maintain high levels of customer service, ensuring the achievement of financial targets, and developing strategies to improve restaurant performance. Managers also hire and train new workers, coordinate employee work schedules, and handle customer issues. Previous related work experience, while helpful in securing increased hiring consideration, remains unnecessary for supervisor and assistant manager jobs at GBK. Prospective restaurant managers, however, need to have prior management experience and a proven track record of achieving sales goals. All managerial job seekers should have excellent interpersonal skills and attitudes that match the laidback style of Gourmet Burger Kitchen restaurants. GBK typically pays supervisors between £7.00 and £9.00 an hour. Assistant managers usually earn about £19,000 a year, while annual salary rates for restaurant managers often exceed £24,000.

Benefits of Working at Gourmet Burger Kitchen
Gourmet Burger Kitchen jobs commonly feature employment benefits as enticing as the burgers GBK customers enjoy. The restaurant chain offers several job benefits to all workers, regardless of position or career level. Upon hire, GBK associates gain immediate access to competitive pay rates, flexible work schedules, and a company uniform programme. Employees also enjoy relaxed work environments that emphasize collaboration and teamwork.

As a brand with favorable growth potential, Gourmet Burger Kitchen provides workers with abundant opportunities for career advancement. GBK enables professional development by offering extensive on-job training at every level of employment, from entry-level waiting staff jobs to restaurant manager careers. Full training gives employees the knowledge and skills necessary to excel on the job and potentially gain hiring consideration for more advanced positions at Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Other employee benefits available at GBK include a generous bonus scheme for eligible associates.

More Information
True to the company name, Gourmet Burger Kitchen specializes in burgers made with the freshest and finest ingredients. In addition to featuring beef from fully traceable West Country cattle, GBK burgers come with premium toppings like Cajun onions, gorgonzola cheese, pesto sauce, umami mayonnaise, and brioche buns. Gourmet Burger Kitchen works closely with world renowned chef Peter Gordon to develop and enhance the innovative menu of burgers. The restaurant chain pays homage to New Zealand by offering the Kiwiburger and donating a portion of sales to help save the endangered Kiwi bird.

With a focus on upscale burgers, GBK restaurants occupy the growing niche between fast food and casual dining. Fast casual restaurants consistently outperform traditional restaurant concepts in the United Kingdom, putting Gourmet Burger Kitchen in ideal position for continued expansion and success. In order to take advantage of the increased interest in fast casual dining, GBK regularly needs to hire new employees to serve growing numbers of customers at restaurant locations nationwide. Jobs commonly available at Gourmet Burger Kitchen include entry-level positions and restaurant management careers.

Brandon Allen, Greg Driscoll, and Adam Willis founded Gourmet Burger Kitchen in 2001. The three New Zealanders established the first GBK restaurant in the Battersea district of London. Over the next five years, Gourmet Burger Kitchen opened nine additional locations throughout the London area. In 2006, Clapham House Group plc acquired the emerging burger chain for £10 million. The parent company continues to own and operate Gourmet Burger Kitchen, maintaining roughly 60 GBK restaurants across the United Kingdom.

Predictably, burger selections dominate the Gourmet Burger Kitchen menu. GBK offers more than 20 varieties of burgers made from beef, chicken, fish, lamb, or veggies. The restaurant chain also features a range of organic burgers created with domestically sourced ingredients from the famous Laverstoke Park Farm. GBK burgers contain only 100% West Country Beef and come with flavourful combinations of gourmet toppings, including premium cheeses, fresh fruits and vegetables, and homemade sauces prepared from scratch daily. In addition to burgers, GBK restaurants boast extensive selections of fries and onion rings, salads, milkshakes, beers, and wines. The burger chain regularly consults with celebrated chef Peter Gordon to modify the menu and add new options.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen operates under the ownership of GBK Restaurants Limited. Originally listed as Clapham House Group plc, the parent company re-registered with the current moniker in February 2011. Nando’s Group Holdings Limited acquired GBK Restaurants Limited in March 2011 and continues to run the company as a wholly owned subsidiary. Gourmet Burger Kitchen generates roughly £45 million in annual revenue and remains headquartered in London.

Minimum age to work at Gourmet Burger Kitchen: 16

Official Site: http://gbkjobs.co.uk/

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