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The concept of Frankie & Benny’s begins with a throwback to New York Italian restaurants of old. Locations feature red-brick and warm-wood interiors and low lighting typical of Italian restaurants in New York boroughs during the massive immigration eras of the 1930s as well as traditional Italian music and heavy portions. The interior of Frankie & Benny’s restaurants also feature photographs highlighting famous Italians throughout history and the history of the Italian heritage. Frankie & Benny’s restaurants represent ideal places to gather with family or friends over drinks or dinner. The restaurant chain boasts more than 200 locations across the United Kingdom.

Popular Frankie & Benny’s Positions and Salary Information
Entry-level job titles available at Frankie & Benny’s restaurants typically require no previous experience for employment consideration. Bartending and waiting positions prove the most accessible employment options available to Frankie & Benny’s job seekers. Career-minded workers may take interest in several managerial roles within the company, including kitchen manager, assistant manager, and restaurant manager. The following list provides detailed information for positions commonly for hire at Frankie & Benny’s restaurants.

Waiting Staff – Typical job duties of Frankie & Benny’s waiting staff employees include greeting customers, explaining menus and specials, taking and serving food and drink orders, and operating tills. In order to better reflect the concept of Frankie & Benny’s restaurants, applicants with strong, personable, and outgoing personalities often receive additional hiring consideration. Workers should possess the ability to work nights, weekends, and holidays. Most waiting staff associates work part-time at Frankie & Benny’s restaurants. On some occasions, waiting staff may assist in food prep. Restaurant locations reserve the right to opt into tipped wage programmes, although many restaurants often provide hourly wages without tips. Hourly pay scales generally start around minimum wage and range up to £9.00 or £10.00 with experience.

Chefs – Frankie & Benny’s chef positions require applicants to use heavy commercial kitchen equipment. Job applicants must possess some familiarity with commercial kitchen settings, through professional culinary training or previous experience in the restaurant industry, for employment consideration. Frankie & Benny’s kitchens often feature hot, fast-paced, and intensive work environments. Chefs must follow health and safety guidelines for preparing and handling foods at all times. In addition to preparing meals to-order, chefs maintain clean work stations. Pay for Frankie & Benny’s chef jobs largely depends on previous experience. Both part-time and full-time chef positions stand readily available.

Management – Applicants in search of Frankie & Benny’s careers may find work as deputy managers, kitchen managers, assistant managers, and general managers. The wide array of managerial employment opportunities provides sound avenues for entry-level associates to move up the company ranks. Frankie & Benny’s also uses the hiring process to outsource for motivated talent. Potential employees must hold previous managerial experience in a restaurant setting. Specific responsibilities include driving sales and maximizing profits, hiring and training new workers, enforcing company policies, protocols, and procedures, and motivated and inspire subordinate associates. Available managerial positions generally involve multitasking and labor-intensive job duties. Persistent, organized, and passionate individuals often represent ideal candidates for Frankie & Benny’s management positions. Starting pay for managers hovers around £18,000 per year. Annual salary rates may rise to as much as £40,000 for experienced general managers.

Benefits of Working at Frankie & Benny’s
Large restaurant chains care for employees to spur excellent job performance and retain motivated workers. Frankie & Benny’s jobs feature rewarding and supportive work environments in fun and entertaining themed atmospheres. Workers receive paid training and ongoing career development while employed, as well. Frankie & Benny’s parent company Restaurant Group plc also offers generous corporate career paths and annual salary options. An e-learning system allows aspiring associates to connect with potential job opportunities and learn from industry professionals to assume well-paying restaurant careers.

As a major restaurant proprietor, Restaurant Group plc provides outstanding employment benefit programmes for Frankie & Benny’s employees working full-time schedules. Job benefits generally include combinations of paid holiday, healthcare insurance, and pension schemes. Bonus schemes and discounts on meals at Restaurant Group subsidiaries also stand readily available to qualified Frankie & Benny’s workers. Find further details on Frankie & Benny’s employee benefits and available jobs by filling out an online application form now.

More Information
A prominent restaurant chain, the widespread presence of Frankie & Benny’s locations provides the company with accessibility to patrons throughout the U.K. Most Frankie & Benny’s restaurants operate in busy shopping centres and along high street promenades. Dining guests enjoy expansive and varied menus spanning every meal of the day. Guests may choose from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and specialty menus as well as dessert menus and lighter menu options. In addition to typical Italian grub, Frankie & Benny’s menu items also reflect the namesake heritage cuisine of New York City. Reasonable prices, fit menus, and authentic decor add to the allure of Frankie & Benny’s locations and establish the chain as a nationwide favourite.

Frankie & Benny’s also serves as an ideal place to find work. Job seekers looking for part-time or full-time positions should complete an application form now. Frankie & Benny’s regularly hires for entry-level jobs and professional careers in a variety of fields. Workers must stand at least 16 in order to fill most job titles. Some positions may require Frankie & Benny’s applicants to meet the minimum age of 18, such as managerial and supervisory roles. Contact a local Frankie & Benny’s to begin the hiring process and find excellent employment opportunities with a popular restaurant chain now.

The Frankie & Benny’s story historically includes two versions. The restaurant chain maintains a fictitious story on the company website stating Frankie & Benny’s began in 1924 in Little Italy, New York, NY. While the made-up tale lends to the overall theme of Frankie & Benny’s restaurants, the nationwide restaurant began in 1995 in Leicester, England. Parent company Restaurant Group plc opened Frankie & Benny’s on the heels of success garnered by fellow Restaurant Group concept chain Chiquito. By September 2013, the Frankie & Benny’s restaurant network consisted of more than 200 locations.

Featuring breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert menus, Frankie & Benny’s offers guests wide and varied selections of traditional diner food and authentic Italian cuisine. The restaurant chain relies heavily on Italian-American themes and primarily offers food inspired by Little Italy restaurants in early 1930s New York City. Favorites include pastas with marinara and meat sauces, pizzas, and calzones made with gourmet ingredients. Menus also feature New York-style hot dogs, burgers, salads, hot wraps, soups, appetizers, and regular specials. Breakfast menus stand extremely popular, as well. Customers may access Frankie & Benny’s menus through the company website.

Frankie & Benny’s operates as one of the principal subsidiaries of Restaurant Group plc. Along with other Restaurant Group brands, Frankie & Benny’s helps generate over £530 million in annual revenue. Sister brands include Chiquito, Filling Station, Garfunkel’s, Home Counties Pub Restaurants, Coast to Coast, and Brunning & Price. Restaurant Group plc trades publicly on the London Stock Exchange at RTN. Frankie & Benny’s maintains corporate offices in London, England, UK.

Minimum age to work at Frankie & Benny’s: 16

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