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More than 1,700 associates work for the Flybe airline company. Jobs continually open for entry-level and career-seeking individuals, while myriad apprenticeship and graduate programmes offer valuable experience for aspiring airline employees. Hired associates may expect competitive salary packages accompanied by desirable job benefits, which increase in number and quality as labourers achieve seniority. Positions remain widely available in various departments, including flight control, ground operations, and in-flight services. Job security remains high, as the successful company continues to grow.

Flybe Positions and Pay Scales
Some positions prove requirement-intensive. Travelling employees must possess valid passports and related travel documentation to satisfy expectations from certain countries abroad. The company may ask for drug testing and administer personality tests, as well. Common requirements also include full, valid driving permits, minimum education benchmarks, and basic health proficiency. Job hopefuls often find roles in part- and full-time capacities within the list of roles below:

Material Controller – Daily duties include loading and unloading luggage and other cargo from aircraft. The nature of the job involves driving vehicles around busy airport lanes and accurately completing responsibilities in specific timeframes. Ideal material controller candidates possess logical reasoning skills and the ability to maintain careful paperwork documentation. Daily roles may vary, though training encompasses each role available. Workers should note the expectation to complete daily tasks in all weather conditions. Typical wages hover around £13,000 per year.

Cabin Crew – Aspirants must stand at least 18 years of age and fall between 157cm and 188cm in height. Labourer weight must remain in proportion to height, while upholding excellent grooming standards and shielding tattoos out of sight. Company mandates require crew to live within 60 minutes of work locations and demonstrate comfortability with swimming in water. Travelling to and from destinations, cabin crew serve meals and beverages to passengers throughout flights, which requires first-rate customer service skills. Safety demonstrations continue as normal responsibilities for cabin crew as well as professionally handling unexpected emergencies. Usual salary earnings hover around £6.00 per hour, with commission possibilities upping total income to about £14,000 annually.

Manager – Flybe managerial roles require extensive experience in particular departments. Typically, managers must create labourer work schedules and tend to various staff needs like requests for time off and performance evaluations. In addition to tending to subordinates, managers communicate with superiors and implement working plans based on trend analyses. £50,000 remains average for managerial role salary schemes. Lengthy tenure coupled with excellent performances often increases pay grades into six-figure potential.

Flybe Job Benefits
Labourers with the airline company regularly take advantage of discount airfare and hotel rates. Also included in reduced travel rates, transportation and dining experiences allow employees to fully enjoy holidays at manageable prices. Reduced pricing usually remains valid for friends and family, as well. New labourers typically receive complimentary work clothes in addition to 15% off purchases on the company website. Pension schemes, extended holiday packages, and sabbaticals also remain favourite job benefits of Flybe staffs.

More Information
Competitive job markets make gaining employment with the small company moderately difficult. Candidates should avoid mistakes during the hiring process to overcome competing parties. Applicants turning in applications alongside resumes fare well amongst other applicants. A professional entity in service to the public, Flybe routinely seeks potential labourers demonstrating knowledge of providing top-tier service for customers. To receive serious consideration for roles, applicants should express long-term interest and follow up with hiring staff after submitting applications materials.

Hired employees typically live within close proximity to large cities, as the company operates out of major airports. Work hours vary greatly for each position, though generally newly onboarded labourers work late shifts and through weekends. Holiday work proves regular, as well. Associates become eligible for promotion after some time with the company and expressing leadership qualities. Advancement opportunities persist in great number for qualifying associates.

Flybe began as Jersey European Airways in 1979 and finalised the current name in 2002. Three years later, the successful company ordered 26 new aircraft and celebrated the CEO as Executive of the Year at the Low Fares and Regional Aviation Summit. The airline received the worldwide renowned Air Transport World Regional Airline of the Year award in 2009. Going public just before 2011, the airline trades on the London Stock Exchange with the ticker FLYB.

As a U.K. airline, Flybe provides standard air ferrying services to 12 countries through approximately 200 routes. Patrons may fly to a number of European locations while enjoying first-rate services aboard one of the many aircraft available. Prospective travellers may search for tickets online where economy and economy-plus tickets await purchase. Passengers holding economy-plus tickets receive one complimentary beverage and snack per flight, reserve entry to executive lounges, and enjoy priority check-ins. Travellers may purchase consumables in-flight as well as various merchandise unique for each destination.

Flybe reported turnover of almost £1 billion in 2013, contributed in part through approximately 8 million passengers. One of the largest independent regional airlines in Europe, the public company reports record income each year. The airline maintains about 70 aircraft with orders for about 30 more in reserve.

Minimum Age to Work at Flybe: 16

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